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BY CHRISTINE SLUSSER ANCHOR AUSTIN KIM You're watching multisource U.S. news analysis from Newsy. Imagine minding your own business in your apartment, when suddenly a helicopter comes crashing down Hollywood style overhead. It was a scene all too real for residents of Indiana, Pennsylvania. Pittsburg’s WTAE reports even though the helicopter crashed in a residential area, no one was killed. “We know that all the patients were pulled from the wreckage--as you’re looking at SKY 4 video, of this helicopter crash. We know that it crashed in a residential area, very close to the campus of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. We know all four patients were rushed to the hospital.” The Indiana Gazette featured this video shot by someone on the ground who got close enough to the crash to capture law enforcement helping people out of the helicopter. The chopper was filming for a reality TV show called Campus PD. CBS Pittsburgh-affiliate KDKA has the details. “...and it’s sort of a ‘COPS’ like program, or reality program where they follow police around. They said they chose this campus because of its diversity and also because, in so many words, of its party reputation.” Indiana, Pennsylvania residents took the the message boards to voice their feelings about the wreck. Here’s what one blogger wrote on an ESP forum: “That would suck if those people died for that stupid Campus PD show.” And here’s another perspective from someone on the extreme music forum LambGoat... “[I]t was the most exciting thing to happen to this town since.... well... yeah it was the most exciting [thing] to ever happen to this town.” ...but now the excitement is over--it’s time to figure out how to clean up the wreckage. The Pittsurgh Post-Gazette reports- it won’t be easy. “Concerns about fire remain as high-octane fuel continues to leak from the downed chopper, and students living in two buildings near the scene...have not been allowed to return, borough fire officials said.” And according to Pittsburgh’s WPXI- the FAA is looking into the accident. REPORTER: “The FAA is in town conducting an investigation, and we spoke to a student, who lives in the apartment building the chopper crashed into.” STUDENT: “We heard a lot of people like screaming and pointing at it, and I look out the window and, like five seconds later, we heard it crash.” Follow Newsy on Twitter- or Like us on Facebook- for more US news. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy
3 May 2011
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BY LINDSEY WOLF ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY You're watching multisource US video news analysis from Newsy. The helicopter used in the mission to kill Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden has aircraft experts geeking out. The chopper is almost impossible to see or hear- and as MSNBC explains- the state-of-the-art aircraft is even radar-repellent. “Experts studied these crash images noting the tail rotor’s unusual design as you can see here. It’s said to be a Black Hawk modified to reduce rotor noise and make it more difficult to detect by radar. One source also adding, its windshield night have been specially coated to help evade radar detection as well.” ABC News shows the noise difference between an original Black Hawk and a stealth version of the chopper and adds- the aircraft used in the Abbottabad raid was even quieter than either of these. “Neighbors in Abbottabad told ABC News they did not hear the helicopters Sunday night until they were directly overhead. This is what a standard black hawk helicopter sounds like... [sound of Black Hawk] This is the sounds of an earlier experimental version of a stealth helicopter... [sound of stealth helicopter] It would be a vague sound. It might be the sounds of a helicopter that was going in the opposite direction.” According to The New York Times, one of the two helicopters used in the raid lost its “power lift” during the mission- forcing it to make a hard landing and accidentally clip its tail. Navy SEALs attempted to destroy the aircraft, presumably to hide the top-secret technology, but not everything was destroyed. HLN explains where the rest of it is now. “There are photographs where it shows Pakistan’s army taking away the parts of the helicopter that remain - the parts that weren’t burnt out by the fields when they left it destroying the valuable technology. But this is a very high-tech looking aircraft. There are bits of micro caviats still lying in the fields around it, bits of hydraulics. But the large parts that weren’t destroyed are in the Pakistani Military custody as far as we know right now.” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asks - should this news worry U.S. officials? A national security expert says yes, especially since Pakistan and China have a history of technology exchange. “You really do worry about them sharing it with China, who also may reverse engineer and try manufacturing and distributing. You know, you can’t get that technology out of U.S. companies because it’s export controlled. And so, this represents a real vulnerability in the proliferation of this kind of material in a very uncontrolled way for the United States for it could be used against us.” The stealth helicopter wasn’t the only state-of-the-art technology on board. Venture Beat explains - weapons, surveillance gear and real-time communication were all key to the mission’s success. “...equally interesting was the ability for the U.S. military to communicate in real time with soldiers on the ground during the attack. It shows how much information can be processed in a short period of time when money isn’t an issue.” According to The Christian Science Monitor, the military’s last known stealth helicopter program spent $6.9 billion to make two prototype choppers in 2004. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for updates in your stream. Get more multisource US video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
7 May 2011
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BY TRACY PFEIFFER ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy. He’s been dubbed the “Crown Prince of Terror” -- Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza has been appearing in al Qaeda propaganda videos since he was just fourteen years old. And according to the latest reports, he might have escaped U.S. and Pakistani security forces. BILL HEMMER, ANCHOR: “This is a picture, said to be when he was 20 years old, with wreckage from a U.S. helicopter. Now there are reports that three of bin Laden’s wives, who are in Pakistani custody, are telling investigators that one son has not been seen since the raid that killed bin Laden. Hamza was believed to be the closest confidante of his father.” (Fox News) A security analyst tells the UK’s Daily Mirror, if Hamza did indeed escape that night -- it could be very, very bad news. “This young man could be extremely dangerous because of who he is, and because of what he knows. If he has gone missing he will be fired up with the desire for revenge and held up as a figurehead for the entire al-Qaeda franchise... If it is true that he is at large then the fact that he was there during the raid means he holds huge credibility for the jihadist network.” But former White House counter terrorism advisor Richard Clarke tells ABC, the nickname of “Crown Prince” doesn’t mean he was set to take his father’s place. "Unlike a lot of Arab governments that are dynastic ... al Qaeda has not been and his sons have never played a real operational role of any significance. They did not appear to be groomed for leadership roles in al Qaeda." And a national security analyst for CNN focuses on a different issue -- the idea that Hamza could have escaped during the raid. She calls it quote- “inconceivable.” FRANCES FRAGOS TOWNSEND, CNN NATL SECURITY CONTRIBUTOR: “You know, it’s not like every SEAL who landed on these helicopters went into the house at the same time. There were SEALs who would’ve stayed with the helicopters, they would have formed a perimeter around it. You have to imagine, this 19-year-old kid, in pitch black of night after 1 o’clock in the morning, he’s gonna scale 18 or 10 foot walls all by himself, miraculously get over them, and get away while you’ve got a perimeter of Navy SEALs watching.” Finally, a reporter for Times of India Now says, the conflicting stories over Hamza’s possible escape further highlight problems in the U.S. government’s communication of information after Osama’s death. REPORTER, OVER PHONE:“Keep in mind that this White House has come under a certain amount of criticism for coming out with too many details of the operation too soon and then finding that some of those details were confused or not reported adequately and officials here are now indicating that even the speculation about this missing son might be a result of that confusion.” Hamza bin Laden hasn’t just been a figurehead for al Qaeda. In a posthumously published book, assassinated Pakistani leader Benazir Bhutto accused Hamza of organizing attempts on her life. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy
14 May 2011
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AWESOME! Credits to BBC. Prince William performed a "waterbird" landing in a helicopter for the first time. The Duke of Cambridge has landed a Sea King helicopter on water as part of his tour of Canada with his wife, Kate. The RAF search and rescue pilot had requested the exercise ahead of a day of activities on Prince Edward Island. Enjoy Real Life Flying On 120 Different Planes & aircraft at *******www.proflightsimulator**** Prince William - reverting briefly to his alter-ego as Flight lieutenant William Wales of the RAF Search and Rescue service - proved that a Sea King helicopter also has an alter-ego, as quite a handy boat. He was practising a technique known as "waterbirding", perfected by the Canadian marine rescue service for use in emergencies. He brought the boat-shaped belly gently down onto the surface of the lake more than a dozen times. It was a rather incongruous sight: a half submerged helicopter powering across the lake. Watching it all from the shore was Kate. Canada is the only country to train its pilots to perform "waterbird" landings, in which the helicopter's engine is cut before it is landed on water. The couple later went head-to-head as they steered teams of dragon boat racers across Dalvay Lake. William was guided through the tricky manoeuvre in the Sea King by Col Sam Michaud from the Canadian Forces, who described the royal as "relaxed and professional". At one point, he hovered around 40ft (12m) above the water, then plunged quickly out of the sky, sending spray up into the air. Col Michaud said the duke told him his colleagues back home would be jealous he got to do it.
12 Jul 2011
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******* - HORRIBLE! Three members of a TV news team - including a veteran reporter - are believed dead after a helicopter crash in South Australia, police say. Reporter Paul Lockyer, cameraman John Bean and pilot Gary Ticehurst are all employed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). The helicopter went down in the Lake Eyre region. The cause of the crash is being investigated. ABC described the men as "news gatherers at the peak of their craft". Paul Lockyer is one of ABC's most experienced journalists "This has been the longest of nights and we fear it will be the saddest of days,'' ABC managing director Mark Scott said. "Paul, Gary and John have each given decades of service to the ABC. They are passionate about their work and finding great stories from all over Australia to bring to the public." It is believed the aircraft crashed on Thursday evening local time. Three bodies were later found at the scene of the crash - however, the victims' names have not been officially released. The cause of the crash is not known. Investigators from the Australian Transport and Safety Bureau were due at the site late on Friday. The news crew was working on news and feature projects in the remote region. ABC described Lockyer as one of its most experienced reporters, who had worked in Washington, Singapore and throughout Asia in a career spanning more than 40 years.
20 Aug 2011
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See through the eyes of one 1st Lieutenant Army aviator, during the early US military commitment to support the Republic of South Vietnam in its counter-insurgency operations against North Vietnam's campaign to reunite Vietnam under communist rule. Thunderbird Lounge depicts the daily life of these soldiers and aviation crew members as they went about proving the importance of the helicopter in modern warfare. Major General Robert J. Brandt, AUS Ret describes in detail how the helicopter was employed and puts you in the pilot's seat. He talks about death and humor, and the frustrations encountered. But more than just a record of real events, Thunderbird Lounge is a tribute to those soldiers and airmen who paid the ultimate price.
13 Oct 2011
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BY JESSICA SIBERT You’re watching multisource global video news analysis from Newsy. The city of Rome really was burning on Saturday as a group of hooded protesters took to the streets with rocks, bottles, and fireworks in hand. Euronews has more. “What started off as a peaceful protest against government cutbacks and economic inequality has turned into rioting in the streets of Rome. Earlier in the day on Saturday, demonstrators gathered in the shadow of the coliseum to show their support started by movements by the ‘Indignados’ in Spain and the Americans in Occupy Wall Street. However, fears about a repeat of trouble and protests from last December have come true.” Part of the “Occupy Wall Street” protests that have spread worldwide, the Italian protest was not intended to be violent -- even on the “global day of rage.” According to MSNBC, Rome’s mayor blames a small handful of rioters for the trouble. “Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno blamed the violence on ‘a few thousand thugs from all over Italy, and possibly from all over Europe, who infiltrated the demonstration.’” A writer for Time says the violent protesters are actually an embarrassment to the now worldwide movement. “Judging by comments on blogs and social media, many of the protest's young sympathizers share the mayor's analysis, condemning the violence as counterproductive … Indeed, the rest of the protest movement around the world looked on the Roman violence with dismay.” The protest was originally planned to be a peaceful demonstration against the Italian government and the crumbling economy. The country’s debt burden is second only to Greece and its people are suffering from high unemployment rates, high taxes and high health care costs. (Video source: Al Jazeera) But one reporter told the BBC the protests won’t be able to address any of these problems if the government shuts them down. “I think that the government will not take any message from that. They have just closed the doors with any kind of argument at the moment. As you can hear above me, you can hear the helicopter--they’re still trying to find people. So this isn’t a moment for dialogue.” The damage is already estimated to cost more than $1.4 million.
18 Oct 2011
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*******www.shure-step**** Check out the sturdy step stools used at the helicopter expo in Dallas, February 2012. Clients looking at all types of helicopters were surprised with how easy it was to get into the helicopters even when the step on the helicopter was a bit too high. *******
20 Feb 2012
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Classic Game Room reviews MEDAL OF HONOR: SPECIAL EDITION for Playstation 3 PS3 from Danger Close, DICE and EA. Is this the Call of Duty Modern Warfare killer it was hyped up to be or is Medal of Honor just another first person shooter? The game takes place in Afghanistan where you play as several U.S. Military soldiers fighting waves of bad guys with a variety of machine guns and sniper rifles. Awesome visuals and sound design aren't quite enough to really make the game stand out though as predictable gameplay and jerky cut-scenes make this a "me-too" effort. CGR loves the helicopter scenes though, MORE HELICOPTER!! This CGR review of Medal of Honor has gameplay from Medal of Honor Special Edition on PS3 showing Medal of Honor video game play in HD action. Medal of Honor Special Edition comes with Medal of Honor Frontline remastered.
22 Jul 2012
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Classic Game Room HD reviews CHOPLIFTER! for Atari 7800 ProSystem! This side scrolling shmup style game mixed with a rescue mission has intentionally difficult shooting controls to challenge the gamer to dodge or fire at enemy aircraft and hot air balloons while saving hostages and transporting them back to a post office to be parcel posted home. Remember kids, when you rescue hostages from evil villains you have to use regular mail or Priority Mail, not media mail! Humans do not count as media. Choplifter was designed by Dan Gorlin and originally published by Broderbund. This version on Atari 7800 is not one of the better versions of this fun old school retro video game but still entertaining to revisit (it's my game from back in the day!). This CGRHD review of Choplifter has gameplay from the video game Choplifter on Atari 7800 from 1987 showing the helicopter shooting bad guys, landing on rescued hostages and saving them too! Too bad it doesn't have more than one level! The maximum score is 64. If you want a real score then get another version of Choplifter (like the Sega Master System version). Choplifter! should not be confused with Chopper Command from Activision, they are 2 different games.
8 Aug 2012
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Our tours show you the sites of L.A. from a perspective like non-other. From the Hollywood sign to Santa Monica pier, you will be stunned by the beautiful views from the helicopter! Call us 310-355-1959.
7 Nov 2012
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*******www.helicopterflightsimulatorx**** - If you want to have a very enjoying, realistic and very unique flight experience, you should definitely try to use the Helicopter Flight Simulator. Who would have thought that it is actually possible for you to manage your very own flights right in your very own computer. For More Details Please Visit Our Website *******www.helicopterflightsimulatorx****
7 Dec 2012
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1:28 : Delta Force Paintball Tsawwassen is about to open in Vancouver, Canada. The showpiece, the helicopter from the classic film Rambo II, arrived today after trekking through the streets of Vancouver.
4 Feb 2013
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Delta Force Paintball Tsawwassen is about to open in Vancouver, Canada. The showpiece, the helicopter from the classic film Rambo II, arrived today after trekking through the streets of Vancouver. More info:
6 Feb 2013
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LINK DAY 2: ******* Texture pack is Sphax pureBD craft, Techic 7 Plugin is called: Monster Apocalypse. Day 1: Our Helicopter is out of fuel, and we are stuck in a city none of us recognize, we are trapped in a glass dome with no means of escape, we must find fuel for the helicopter if we have any chance of escape. But first we must prepare for the hordes of savage beasts beating at our door. Video Tour of this map: ***********/watch?v=c0Ix8p7CX2s Map Download Page: ******* Apocalypse Mod: *******
12 Mar 2013
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This video was me testing the FPV camera when I lost control of the helicopter and crashed hard in a neighbor's tree. It sounded and looked much worse in 3rd person. Broken Parts from the Crash: - Tail Boom - Main Gears - Main Shaft - Main Rotor Blades - One Way Bearing - Elevator Servo - Battery Holder - Rotor Linkage Ouch!!! Parts are on the way and she'll be ready by next week. Don't forget to subscribe at ***********/user/lntoMars/... as I progress my RC Helicopter's FPV system.
20 May 2013
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