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This amazing gig was put on as a memorial to the Atats lead singer Alessio Adorisio. I found this tape by chance as originally I didn't want to clash with a proposed DVD that didn't materialise. Thanks Richie for giving the go ahead for this :)
11 Mar 2010
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Henry Waxman trying to get to the bottom of why the State Department's chief private contractor watchdog (the Inspector General) was running interference for Blackwater and Dyncorp rather than the taxpayers.
15 Nov 2007
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Tickets Please!!! ut how will the inspector do that with these number of passengers?Will he make it through before they reach the destination? You tell me..............?
1 Feb 2008
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An amazing flutist beat boxes the Inspector Gadget theme and Axel F from Beverly Hills Cop. If this talent doesnt impress the ladies, then I dont know what will.
2 Sep 2008
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Tahia Karioka one of the Egyption belly dance legends in the movie The inspector in 1956 with the singer called Mawaheb
3 Nov 2008
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None will challenge "Houdenny's Insane Entrapment" where Houdenny gets placed into a Posey Straitjacket like no other having his arms COMPLETELY crossed then has a Posey Transport jacket placed over top of the straitjacket. Then Houdenny has a Humane Blanket Wrap surrounding the two jackets in place and having chain wrapped in a shoe laced manner and padlocked throughout outside of his body. The padlocks are brand new out of the wrapper and they are all ducted taped. The head of Houdenny has a leather head harness, which is combined with a non-gaffed Darby Neck Collar Cuff. This neck-cuff is also padlocked in front and attached to the blanket wrap as-well-as ducted taped. Houdenny gets secured in a bag. The bag is also ducted taped and locked shut. Houdenny gets hoisted in the air upside-down by a crane nearly 75 feet and gets shot at by nearly 300 paintballs coming from high-powered rifles. This escape has been analyzed by experts throughout the world who claim that it would be impossible to tackle. Yet Houdenny gets out in less time than it took the inspectors to put the straitjacket on, which was less than 90 seconds. Houdenny calls this escape: "The Insane Torture Entrapment" and still to this day no-one will challenge it nor dispute his success of getting out.
24 May 2009
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7 Apr 2009
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Full action on the tracks: The inspector temporarily releases the duo(small type thieves/cheaters) to fight with the decoits with the condition of do not escape!
1 Feb 2010
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*******www.cchrint**** Whistleblower Allen Jones gained international press coverage after uncovering pharmaceutical industry payments to government officials for the purpose of implementing a national mental health screening/psychotropic drug treatment plan. In this video interview Jones describes the pharma funding and psycho/pharma agenda behind mental health "screening" of schoolchildren. He is a former investigator for the Pennsylvania Office of the Inspector General.
27 Aug 2009
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The Monster In The Box is the latest addition to Ruth Rendell's classic and beguiling Inspector Wexford series. In this enthralling new book, Rendell, "the best mystery writer in the English-speaking waorld" (Time), takes Inspector Wexford back to his days as a young policeman, and to the man he has long suspected of murder -- serial murder. Outside the house where Wexford investigated his first murder case -- a woman found strangled in her bedroom -- he noticed a short, muscular man wearing a scarf and walking a dog. He gave Wexford an unnerving stare. Without any solid evidence, Wexford began to suspect that this man -- Eric Targo, he learned -- was the killer. Over the years there are more unsolved, apparently motiveless murders in the town of Kingsmarkham, and Wexford continues to quietly suspect that the increasingly prosperous Targo -- van driver, property developer, kennel owner, and animal lover -- is behind them. Now, half a lifetime later, Wexford spots Targo back in Kingsmarkham after a long absence. Wexford tells his longtime partner, Mike Burden, about his suspicions, but Burden dismisses them as fantasy. Meanwhile, Burden's wife, Jenny, has suspicions of her own. She believes that the Rahmans, a highly respectable immigrant family from Pakistan, may be forcing their daughter, Tamima, into an arranged marriage -- or worse. In The Monster in the Box, the twenty-second book in the Inspector Wexford series, fans will be thrilled to meet the now-aging inspector in the robust early days of his career. For new readers, no introduction to this spectacular writer and her compelling protagonist could be finer.
29 Sep 2009
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This mug is the Inspector Gadget of the promotional sports bottle market *******tinyurl****/yazojag. This custom sports bottle has a stainless steel exterior, plastic twist top/flip top and a Carabiner.
15 Dec 2009
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The inspector talks about things that can make you sick in your house.
29 Jun 2010
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