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The clip the judge confesses from Gau ngao gau (2006) Did you call Lam's wife? I dd. No matter what, the investigation must go on. Yes sir. Who'd want to murder your wife? Answer me! Did she owe anyone money? Or was she having an affair? Was she really so annoying? Leave him alone! Think about it. Mr. Lee, we found this photo in the killer�s pocket. It's of your wife. We found on the photo... Not just the killer�s fingerprints and his partner's. but your fingerprints, too. You gave this photo to them, didn�t you? You hired someone to murder your wife. Are any of you marred yet? We'd been married thirty-something years. But she still wanted a divorce. And she wanted to take all my money. How could I survive? This is the way to survive.
11 Nov 2011
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