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All Around Us - Signs of the Last Day !
8 Jun 2018
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Jan Louter * The Last Days Of Shishmaref * AFI Film Festival
28 Nov 2008
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Synopsis: GOSSIP GIRL "The Last Days of Disco Stick" Season 3 Episode 10 - Hoping to impress the elitist theater kids at NYU, Blair (Leighton Meester) sets her sights on landing a private concert with the hottest musical performer of the year, Lady Gaga. Dan (Penn Badgley) and Olivia (guest star Hilary Duff) sign up to write and star in a school play, based on an idea by Blair and directed by Vanessa (Jessica Szohr). With Blair out of the picture, Serena (Blake Lively) turns to Nate (Chace Crawford) to help her get through a difficult situation. As a favor to Chuck (Ed Westwick), Jenny (Taylor Momsen) agrees to hang out with Damien (guest star Kevin Zegers), the son of an ambassador who is staying at Chucks hotel, but the experience proves to be a lot more intriguing than she expected. Kelly Rutherford and Matthew Settle also star. Tony Wharmby directed the episode written by Leila Gerstein
17 Nov 2009
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The Last Days On Mars (2013) First Five Minutes
10 Dec 2013
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The Last Days on Mars, which was previously titled The Animators, “follows the story of an astronaut crew on Mars on the verge of a major breakthrough, having collected rock specimens that reveal microscopic evidence of life. In their last hours on the planet, two astronauts go back to a cavernous valley on the surface of Mars to collect further evidence for their discovery, but a routine excavation turns deadly when one of them falls to his death and his body is taken as a host and re-animated by the very life form they sought to discover.“
11 Dec 2013
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Found in our archive - the last days of steam from Perry's Movies.
17 May 2008
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Day 8, Rich, Kris, Dara and Toby come to terms with there last day at Disney before the go on the last ride in Florida, the plane. Episode 8; The Last Day After spending a week at the most magical place on earth the Disney vacation comes to an end. The group decide to take a last minute trip back to the Magic Kingdom and MGM Studios reflecting on the Disney experience they embarked before rushing to the airport to fly back home, New York. Special thanks to our fans at the end in the credits!
4 Apr 2009
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Are we living in the last days? Watch this video and see.
7 Sep 2009
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29 Dec 2009
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Last Day 21 March 2010 - Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival *******simurl****/db55 ANNUAL EVENT AT PRECINT 2, PUTRAJAYA, MALAYSIA. Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival is from 19-21 March, every year. This video is the festival held on the last day 21 March 2010 where patrons served with various great events; Helicopter ride, Hot Air Balloon ride, Putrajaya Lake Cruise, 'Sampan' boating, Pocket ride, KMX biking, Zorbing ride, Waterball ride, etc.
21 Mar 2010
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This is my message to everyone about the last days, the rapture of the church, the great tribulation, and being ready to meet Jesus Christ. I decided to make this video while waiting for my truck to unload, I hope it motivates people to get closer to God. Please pass it along! My website is neo104****
12 Sep 2011
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The last day – but not settled at all. More then 4200 exhibitors and some hundreds of visitors had been on the CeBIT 2012 and even on the last day there had been some highlights to show.
13 Mar 2012
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