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Day 8, Rich, Kris, Dara and Toby come to terms with there last day at Disney before the go on the last ride in Florida, the plane. Episode 8; The Last Day After spending a week at the most magical place on earth the Disney vacation comes to an end. The group decide to take a last minute trip back to the Magic Kingdom and MGM Studios reflecting on the Disney experience they embarked before rushing to the airport to fly back home, New York. Special thanks to our fans at the end in the credits!
4 Apr 2009
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1905 German band organ at the Myrtle Beach Pavilion playing on 30 September 2006 during the final day of park operations, the Last Ride celebration. The organ placard claims some of the cardboard programming goes back to 1905, but this is Ob La Di Ob La Da. The band organ is the frist thing I recall from the Pavailion in the 1960s. Surprisingly the end figurines are partially topless.
6 Sep 2009
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Considered one of the sexiest women in 2004 and 2007, at least by Maxim, and called one of the ten actors to watch for 2005 by Daily Variety, Nadine Velazquez is a sight for lovers of skin. Sadly the sight of her naked skin is still in the future tense. While she’s graced My Name Is Earl in a bikini and got sexy in such features as The Last Ride (2004) and House of…
20 Jan 2011
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nascar movie ...
28 Mar 2009
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From the movie The Last Samurai - Algren (Tom Cruise), Katsumoto (Ken Watanabe) and the samurai make a final charge on the Japanese Imperial army.
23 Aug 2011
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Join TPR for one final boat tour in Amity on Jaws the ride at Universal Studios Orlando with Skipper Jacob. Filmed on January 2nd, 2012. R.I.P. Jaws! *******www.themeparkreview**** *******www.facebook****/themeparkreview
18 Feb 2013
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Funny video you should see it even though is old.
3 Jun 2013
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Contribute with a donation to help this channel live: ******* Download link, music list and my blog are in the description. *******footdresser**** - Кроссовки и спортивная одежда. Follow me on blog for the additional info on my videos and much more: *******idesignatua.blogspot**** This video was finished and uploaded on Feb. 3, 2013, just hours before the Super Bowl XLVII kickoff. The story behind it is even more interesting. In short I've had an idea of making a Football video but I wasn't quite sure when I'd have time for it. So a couple of days ago I've received an YT message from Marcus (***********/user/MrLimannen). He suggested couple of ideas for a football video and asked me if I could do it, because he insisted that Super Bowl was coming and at the same time it turned out to be Ray Lewis' Last Ride. I was familiar with Ray Lewis' motivational speaches before and I found them brilliant and genious, not to mention that I had a huge respect for his athletic accomplishments. So I thought to myself 'What a hack? I'm gonna show this Game and Ray in particular my appreciation with a video of mine!'. Music: Hanz Zimmer - Time (OST Inception) John Murphy - Surface of the Sun (OST Sunshine) Download link (better quality video): *******shareflare****/download/49609.4d39d8ba17ebbd6edcc8fba3881e/NBA_ft_Beethoven_in_Ultra_Slo_Mo.mp4.html or ******* You already know how it all ended. Enjoy the show in HD 720p quality :) All the NFL footage used in this video belong to it's respective owners. This video falls under the fair use exception, no copyrights infringements intended.
13 Sep 2013
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Take a ride on a some of the largest stern steerer iceboats (35-40ft) around. "Rainbow" (2nd)is over 100 years old and now presides on White Bear Lake. "Country Woman" is a hot ride...and really fast! This may have been the last ride on these great boats until the next season. ...
25 Mar 2009
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WWE SD HCTP ARMAGEDDON in a Cell!! Featuring The Game Triple H ( in the red trunks ) vs. "Big Evil" The Undertaker vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg.Winner take all Lord of the Cage competition. Music is from the anime Soundtrack of Hokouto no Ken Things to watch for: HHH pedigres The Rock, Undertaker hits the Last ride on Goldberg, Stone Cold Stunner off the top of the cage falling head first to the floor! Credit and Copyrights for WWE Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain by THQ ,Yukes, and World Wrestling Entertainment 2003
6 Sep 2009
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A melancholy and elegaic shot of the setting sun glinting off the mirrors of the Myrtle Beach Pavilion antique carrousel as the Last Ride celebration of the final day of park operation wound down on 30 September 2006. The music is from the nearby 1905 band organ.
6 Sep 2009
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This is the 1905 German band organ at the Myrtle Beach Pavilion playing during the Last Ride celebration, 30 September 2006. The organ is colorful and loud! It is the first thing I ever recall from the Pavilion back in the 60s. Surprisingly, the end figurines are partially topless..
6 Sep 2009
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Just found an old videotape I had of the last ride of Dale Earnhardt. I wasn't able to see the race that day, so I taped it. I didn't even realize what had happened that day until my sister called me that night and asked how I felt about it. I'm editing down what I have, including the beginning of the Rockingham race the next week. No cheesy tribute, just the video as it happened that day - I even kept in a couple of older NASCAR commercials.
3 Aug 2010
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MV for Lyrically Deranged Poets' "Three Years in the Making" Lyrically Deranged Poets: Rjay Ty Alex Omiunu Raymond Abracosa myspace****/lyricallyderangedpoets Shot for UPFI Cinematography Workshop May 2009. Supervisor: Melissa dela Merced Group: Raf Palencia, Julius Cena, Ayo Supangco, Misha Balangue, Jippy Pascua, Jeffrey Dublado and Vinna Lague. LYRICS: (Rjay) Check out the style and the swag, the lines in the rap coming through to put the Philippines back on the map baggin' it are three poets on the stage who be rappin' it hard since we's underage not here to dismay, but we're here to display sounds that'll lead cats who were all lead astray groundbreaking, deranged, yeah remember the name lyrical, not typical, you know that we're just insane three years since we entered the game and from where we set foot, we came a long way from cipher to studio sessions from listening to songs to make everybody listen to what we say every time the mic's near beat-break tracks to songs that make you shed a tear we chillin right, we kill it live spit is so hot that saliva's like lava used to shout out our names up to the sky now they shout out our names when we arrive the three poets that stay focused just like soldiers, we march forward elevating and we never fail cause we're united every time that we tip the scales of course we deserve an applause you wanna know why it's all because (CHORUS) We're lyrically deranged, that's how we do it check out the style we bring i said we lyrically deranged, that's how we do it check out the style we bring now watch us do out thing (Abra) Dila ng maangas pinagpuputulputulan nang inilabas kami ng hip-hop sa sinapupunan at ang aming katumbas parang iilang puhunan upang maiangat ang kulturang nauubusan na ng kredibilidad na para bang kalamidad kapag nagrap ang mga bobo na walang abilidad wala narin sa edad, so im about to be loud shout out to the world that i am proud to be brown pure Filipino at walang katulad kayang kaya magrap na kahit walang panulat three years in the making, napiling gamitin ang utak upang makasulat ng sariling awitin at maaaring aminin ako'y walang konsensya titigil ka na parang ala singko sa edsa kapag nagrap ako, nako sinisipulan kapag ikaw naman parang sinisipon lang kasi tagalog ko ay bibihira maabot ayaw mo sa aming wika? tumira ka sa abroad kung iniisip mo na ang rap ay bulok sa bayan natin oh subukan mo na munang makipagsabayan sa'kin ako ang batang bago na batong bato parang joaquin bordado 'to pero walang tattoo makatang hibang na nakakalibang na may kakaibang katangian At sa mga salitang na para bang talagang ako'y sinasapian (Alex) It took three years to run my victory lap three years in the making now we're getting a handclap they used tot alk smack, now they can't say jack arosen from the dark, LDP is back 3 brothers, 3 poets, triple threat, bring your opponent Put the pieces to the puzzle side by side through the struggle hustle to make it, with the passion for music Lyrically strapped, we ain't afraid to use it it ain't just a lyrical story, it's a lyrical anatomy let the anger on my mind fill in the lines for me the patience tank draining and i'm running on empty short fused the ni**a so you better not tempt me brainwaves immensely so you know the rhymes authentic emotions immensely that it gon' get you psychedelic heavy on the chest cause my heart is somewhat a ferric flaming locked in and block the outside endangered mock me but i mock the last ride silence says it all but i'm ripping 'til i die the soul of this song, the sound syndrome the longest walk of my life as i fall into the abyss of oblivion, welcome to my danger zone welcome to the one and only, my death defying dome sitting angered on the throne, yeah, i'm sitting alone increasing the metronome, the sound goes monotone
5 Nov 2011
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The clip Chadwick Vs. Skarrat Part 4 from Blue Crush (2002) Oh! Anne Marie's taking a heavy beating out there. Grab my hand. I got you. Hang on. Not that she cares right now, but thejudges' scores havejust come in... and they've awarded her a 4.6 for the last ride, which will move her into the next round over Skarratt. Anne Marie!
11 Nov 2011
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It's the last ride for Ezio and Altair in the game Assassin's Creed Revelations.IGN gives its review for their final adventure. Get more AC Revelations at IGN: *******ps3.ign****/objects/093/093900.html
14 Dec 2011
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