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Author Jean Reynolds Page talks about her latest novel, The Last Summer of Her Other Life.
9 Jul 2009
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Its me during the last summer holidays jumping in the water and showing off some Jesus Christ - like poses.
29 Jan 2007
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Jess (18) and Moss (12) are second cousins who have spent their summers together since either of them can remember. Without immediate families that they can relate to, and lacking friends their own age, all they have is each other. Through a series of memories and vignettes, 'Jess + Moss' recounts the events of the last summer they shared together. Shot entirely on location with a variety of expired and often degraded film stocks, 'Jess + Moss' captures the evocative and haunting character of the dark fire tobacco fields of rural Western Kentucky.
15 Feb 2011
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Memorization 7 hours, execution 1:45 hours. Multi BLD Old Rules FTW :D - Why 54? I have 18 rooms in my memory system. By 54, I use 3 sets of them. For the first set, I give autumn environment. For the second, winter. And for the last, summer. It was really fun :D - You sat there for 7 hours? Of course not, 7 hours was including having dinner, watching TV, taking bath, and shalat. - But 7 hours is like, very very long time. I recalled a lot. The beauty of Multi BLD Old Rules is that you go for 100% accuracy. And FYI, Ryosuke Mondo memorized 50 cubes in 10 hours. - You have no life! If I ever going to do this one more time, no I don't. - What is the secret behind Indonesians BLD skills? Rice. - Why are you going to break from cubing? Are you serious? I need to focus on graduating from college right now, so yeah. See you again! :)
19 Sep 2011
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Best part of Dirty Dancing movie. DIRTY DANCING is a film about change. The evolving nature of relationships within the family, the changes in one's view of the world during their coming of age, etc. The story takes place during August of 1963, the final weeks of the last summer of innocence for the American people. The many personal changes experienced by the characters reflect the many changes in American society that would be marked by the Kennedy assassinations and Vietnam. Female movie go'ers adored this film and repeated trips to the movie houses made it the world's most successful dance movie. As a male I find the romantic pairing of ultimate stud Patrick Swayze with very plain Jennifer Grey very hard to accept. This would be fatal for most romantic dramas, and it also may have create the intense dislike expressed by most male reviewers. The film's soundtrack found #1 status before the release of the movie. To this day it is nearly impossible to attend a wedding reception without hearing a DIRTY DANCING song. Near the midpoint of the film Baby's mother wakes up and asks Baby's father, "Is anything wrong?" Baby's father, the anti-change family member, attempts to keep all that is happening a secret. He tells his wife to go back to sleep. However, resist as one can, change is unstopable. DIRTY DANCING is the story of one person waking up just at the final moments of our country's last sleep in innocence.
25 Jan 2012
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Para descarga: ***********/mx/album/un-minuto-mio/id496870333?i=496870354 Disco completo: ***********/mx/album/no-te-quiero-perder/id510222028 CLIPS: Una plegaria por Bobby, Ciao, Shelter, Amor crudo, Amnesia, Come Undone, Half a Person, Contracorriente, The Last Summer, Amor en la Montaña y The Hardest Part. El autor de la canción se llama Alonso y pueden consultar su página en my space, como alonso1911. La letra de la canción es la siguiente: UN MINUTO MIO Se que jamás será tu corazón Un minuto mío. Sé que jamás yo podré conocer el sabor de tus besos, tus caricias Tu cuerpo. Pero no renunciaré a dejar de amarte como ésta vez, Pero no renunciaré a decir que te amo una sola vez. Sé que jamás yo podré despertar Una vez en tus brazos Y sé que jamás te hablaré de este amor pues es solo mío, Para siempre mío. Pues yo sé que tu corazón no podrá amarme como te amo yo Pues yo sé que tu solo ves en mi un buen amigo que te es siempre fiel. Pero no renunciaré a dejar de amarte como ésta vez, Pero no renunciaré a decir que te amo una sola vez. Una sola vez (2).
16 Apr 2012
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AVAILABLE NOW ON ZIPPYSHARE ! : *******www29.zippyshare****/v/26521185/file.html The best songs of Avicii remixed by Dj Stey Playlist : 1/ Disfunktion - Galette (Avicii exclusive) 2/ Avicii - Penguin 3/ Tom Hangs - Blessed 4/ Avicii - Levels (Skrillex Remix) 5/ Avicii - The Last Summer 6/ Avicii - Sweet Dream 7/ Tim Berg - Seek Bromance 8/ Avicii - Did a Bad Bad Thing 9/ Avicii - Dancing In My Head 10/ Avicii - Snus 11/ Avicii - Levels
24 Nov 2012
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AVICII - TOP 18 MIX [2011]-[FULL SET] I USED VIRTUAL DJ TO MAKE THIS MIX, PLEASE 'LIKE' and 'COMMENT' BELOW AS TO WHAT YOU THINK. LEAVE IT ON AND YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED ENJOY - LIKE - SUBSCRIBE For More AVICII and AVICII STYLE MUSIC, Please Click On My Channel. Thanx. TRACKLIST OF THIS MIX ---- 1. AVICII - Fade Into Darkness [Dj Nivek Penguin Mix] 2. Armin.V.Buuren & Laura V - Drowning [Avicii Mix] 3. Phonat - Set Me Free [Avicii Mix] 4. Tim Berg - Bromance [Avicii Arena Mix] 5. Tom Hangs & Shermanology - Blessed [Avicii Edit] 6. AVICII - Street Dancer [Midnight Sleaze Mix] 7. AVICII - Sweet Dreams [Sweeder Dreams Mix] 8. AVICII - Levels [Original Mix] 9. AVICII & Sebastien Drums - My Feelings For You [Original Mix] 10. Adele - Rolling In The Deep [Avicii Meets Philgood Saturday Mix] 11. AVICII & Sebastien Drums - Even [Original Mix] 12. AVICII - Freedom [Original Mix] 13. AVICII - Hello Miami [Official WMC Anthem] 14. Tiesto Ft. C.C Sheffield - Escape Me [Avicii Mix Night] 15. Nadia Ali - Rapture [Avicii New Generation Mix] 16. AVICII - The Last Summer [Original Mix] 17. AVICII Ft. Dj Nivek - Levels Of Bromance [Mash Mix] 18. AVICII - Good Morning Sweden [Avicii Coliseum Mix] CHECK Out 'AVICII STYLE MEGAMIX TOP 12 SONG' Here :- ***********/watch?v=W1urDcxjeX0 SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR MORE [OFFICIAL AVICII] and [AVICII STYLE MUSIC]
23 Dec 2012
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Order "Grinning Streak" on iTunes: ******* iTunes (CA): ******* Check us out on the "Last Summer On Earth Tour" with Guster and Ben Folds Five *******lastsummeronearth****/ Facebook- ********www.facebook****/barenakedladies Twitter- ********twitter****/barenakedladies Website- *******www.barenakedladies****
12 Jan 2014
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[MV] Mikey(마이키) _ Loving you (R&B ver.) (러빙유) *English subtitles are now available. :D (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function) The hit maker 'Double kick', who flamed the last summer with SISTAR's 'Loving You' made a new version of 'Loving You' into a R&B version, sang by Mikey himself. This music video is a made in to a whole new version of 'Loving You' and it definitely has different feelings from the original version. Mikey's sweet voice and the stylish music video works well to get the viewer's attention. Also, Girl's Generation Yuri's cousin 'Cha Hyun jung' joined in the music video as well, and with her beauty, we hope to see her more on screen. ▶ LOENMUSIC FB : *******www.facebook****/LOENMUSIC.official ▶ LOENMUSIC TW : ********twitter****/LOEN_MUSIC Mikey(マイキー)•Loving you(R&B ver.)(ラビングユー) 昨年、シスターの「Loving You」で夏を熱く盛り上げたヒットメーカー'イダンヨプチャギ'の作曲家マイキーが「Loving You」をR&Bバージョンに再誕生させた。 今回のミュージックビデオは、「Loving You」の新しい脚色、シスターの歌とは異なる魅力、そしてマイキーの甘いボイスを感覚的な映像に収めて人々の注目をひきつけている。また、少女時代のユリの従姉妹'チャ•ヒョンジョン'が出演して、さらに話題だ。今回のミュージックビデオを通じて綺麗なルックスを披露する彼女の今後の活動に期 待が集まる。 작년, 씨스타의 'Loving You'로 여름을 뜨겁게 달구었던 히트 메이커 이단옆차기의 작곡가 마이키가 'Loving You'를 R&B버전으로 재탄생 됐다. 이번 뮤직비디오는 'Loving You'의 새로운 각색과 씨스타의 노래와는 다른 매력은 물론, 마이키의 감미로운 보이스를 감각적인 영상에 담아 대중의 이목을 사로잡고 있다. 또한, 소녀시대 유리의 사촌동생 '차현정'이 출연하여 더욱 화제이다. 이번 뮤직비디오를 통해 수려한 외모를 뽐내며 앞으로의 활동이 기대된다.
28 Dec 2014
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