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The clip Arwen arrives from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) with Billy Boyd, Viggo Mortensen Look, Frodo. It's Mr. Bilbo's trolls. Mr. Frodo? He's going cold. Is he going to die? He's passing into the Shadow World. He'll soon become a Wraith like them. -They're close. -Sam, do you know the Athelas plant? -Athelas? -Kingsfoil. Kingsfoil, aye, it's a weed. It may help to slow the poisoning. Hurry! What's this? A Ranger caught off his guard? Frodo. I am Arwen I've come to help you. Hear my voice... Come back to the light. Who is she? Frodo. -She's an Elf. -He's fading. He's not going to last. We must get him to my father.
22 Nov 2011
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