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20 Apr 2018
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The Main Thing featuring Ms. Barbara Mamabolo at UMA NOTA Nov. 27th 2009, Gladstone Hotel Ballrooom. Toronto, Canada.
20 Dec 2009
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THE MAIN THING: LIVE! Performing the timeless tracks you only wished you'd found yourself!
19 Dec 2009
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Live Wrongbar April 15th. The Main Thing deepfunk soul ensemble with DJ General Eclectic SuperSoulSound Funk Revue Dance Party.
9 Apr 2010
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Wanna see us in colour? Come to WrongBar Feb.4 2010.
17 Dec 2009
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The main thing - RESOURCE!
17 Jul 2007
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HALLOWEEN IS ALMOST HERE! HAVE YOU GOTTEN YOUR PUMPKIN YET? Pumpkin Breeder Talks About What People Like in a Pumpkin For adults and children alike, one thing comes to mind when thinking about October: Halloween. And one of the most popular traditions during Halloween time is picking out the perfect pumpkin. Whether at a pumpkin patch or the local grocery store, Americans across the country will be looking for the perfect pumpkin to decorate the front yard or turn into a jack-o-lantern. But what really makes a perfect pumpkin? Dark orange, vibrant color, smooth skin and a long, strong stem (handle) are the main things to look for when choosing your holiday pumpkin. Once you have those key elements, the rest is up to you! Some facts about pumpkins: 80% of the pumpkin supply in the United States is available in October. Americans spend about $100 million this time of year on pumpkins. This year consumers will spend nearly $5 billion celebrating Halloween.
5 Nov 2006
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Amazing facts about the main thing that keeps us alive !
5 Sep 2007
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Jordan Kothe 918-948-7095 Hey everyone! A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I saw an amazing movie, Evan Almighty. When we got to the theatre, I wasn't sure if I was going to like the movie or not. The previews were funny but I wasn't sure if I would like the movie as a whole. When the movie was over, I was smiling from ear to ear! The movie was great! I love movies that you can take lessons/things away from and this was definitely one of those movies. The main thing that I took away from this movie was that when we ask for things...we don't always get what we ask for...instead sometimes, maybe, we get opportunities to exercise the things that we do ask for. If you're spiritual/religious and you pray and ask God for courage or love or might not "get" courage or love...instead you might get the opportunity to be courageous or to be loved/love someone. And the same thing applies if you aren't religious or spiritual. We are always looking for new opportunities...opportunities to make more money, opportunities to make new friends, opportunities for everything! It's like that movie The get exactly what you are thinking about. So if you are thinking about that new job or how to make more money or how to make new friends...that is exactly what you will get. That's all great...but what I want to emphasize on is not letting those opportunities pass you by. See, a few months ago I prayed and asked God for him to give me courage in some areas of my life (business and personal). Now that I look back on that situation I see SO MANY opportunities I had to be courageous but I didn't take those opportunities because in my head I thought "it's not the right time, God is going to give me courage and when He does...I'll know" instead, He was giving me those opportunities and I let them pass me by! So I want to encourage you to always keep your eyes and ears open for those opportunities that you are looking for. Like I said, it could be opportunity to make more money, make new friends or maybe you want to start a home based business or if you are involved with MLM, network marketing, pyramid scheme, direct sales, traditional business, online business, whatever you want to call it ;) Or if you are associated with any of these companies... Quixtar, Sango, Pre-Paid Legal, Vemma, CAN, SGR, Costal, fhtm, Road to Riches, VM Direct, Herbal life, 5linx, Isagenix, zrii, goji, ytb, xooma, xango, monavie, freedom rocks, uvme, costal, youngevity, Watkins, vitamark, international, usborne, books at home, silpada sterling silver jewelry, reliv, pampered chef, oxyfresh, muskin, nikken, nht global, melaleuca, mary kay, mannatech, market America, life force, international, freelife, ffsi, financial freedom society inc, eniva, discovery toys, cognigen, arbonne, business opportunity, ameriplan usa, jerky direct, our book business or any other company and you are looking for new opportunites...don't let them pass you by! Jordan Kothe 918-948-7095
21 Oct 2007
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Magic With Rubberbands. I like this because its non-cards and its something thats very visual, it can be performed at anytime. This is one of the main things i do in a routine or at a gig.
30 Oct 2007
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Here's something I wrote around 1990, when I was studying Yngwie's guitar licks... Not a lot from Yngwie here - the main thing is the switch from E Major to C# Minor Harmonic in the verses. It was in studying his licks on the minor harmonic scale that I noticed you can combine the minor harmonic with the major scale and only one note changes...easy transitions (for example in E Major, the B becomes C in C#Minor Harmonic... the rest of the notes are the same).
15 Jun 2008
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The parachute has not revealed. What to do? The main thing to not panic
1 Feb 2008
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