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On the doorsteps of Comic-con comes our exclusive, behind-the-scenes video exploring how the game came together -- starring Chris Evans.
22 Jul 2011
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Team Ninja invites us behind its studio doors to see what elements comprise this hardcore action game in the making.
10 Jan 2012
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Behind the scenes look at the making of Fantastic Four. Great costume design for her invisible scenes.
27 Oct 2006
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6 Year Old New Zidane in the Making Tracked by Europe's Elite.
14 Apr 2009
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Take a behind the scenes look at the making of the latest summer comedy from the guys that brought you 'The Hangover' and 'Wedding Crashers'. The Change-Up is in theaters August 5th.
4 Aug 2011
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Behind the scenes video of Tomboys in Fishnets' "I Like My Boobies"video. By Tomboys in Fishnets*******TomboysinFishnets***********TomboysTV***********Myspace****/TomboysinFishnets
17 Jul 2007
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Viggo Mortensen and the rest of the cast and crew of "The Road" take you behind the making of the movie.
23 Nov 2009
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The masked magician is back out of hiding revealing the highly guarded secrets of magic,even after other magicians are against it...He shows how street magicians like Criss Angel can produce money from a coffee cup picked (not) at random from a coffee shop..Enjoy, comment, subscribe and rate high as I obtained these original videos with much difficulty, have the entire series...Now the masked magician will also come in a graphic novel which is in the making,as he told me..See the repeated telecast of the show on AXN Thursdays at 10pm..If anyone knows how to upload flash games,tell me as I will try to upload some good ones
10 Nov 2009
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The new Acura RDX spot, "Wall Art," reveals the turbocharged crossover SUVs city prowess—darting through alleys, ducking around corners, navigating the urban landscape. In fact, its the landscape that really sets this spot apart. Enlisting the director duo of Chris Hopewell and Ben Foley of Collision Films (previous work includes music videos for Radiohead and Franz Ferdinand), this RDX commercial uses stop-frame animation techniques while plugging into the street art phenomenon. Famed Bristol, UK-based street artist Sainty (Henry St Leger), along with a team of 17 graffiti artists and painters, brought this idea to life on a massive 100-foot by 40-foot wall. All art was done by artists, not CGI. "Wall Art" opens with an RDX parked in front of a blank wall. This same wall is painted and repainted with cityscape scenes, hundreds and hundreds of times, to animate the background behind the vehicle. The 10-day shoot for "Wall Art" used more than 450 gallons of paint and 500 cans of spray paint, resulting in more than 400 layers of paint on the wall. "Wall Art" is premised on the RDXs turbocharged engine, agile handling and sporty stance—the RDX is perfect for the city. The spot instills a sense of artistry and upscale sophistication in the brand. Featuring a combination of large-scale street art and stop-frame animation set to Elias Arts composer Kenny Segals track, the commercial literally illustrates that the RDX is equipped for anything the city can create. Collision Films Site: *******www***llisionfilms**** Henry St. Leger’s Flickr Site:****/sainty_what David Whittle’s Flickr Site:****/people/davidwhittle/
6 Apr 2009
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some scenes during the making of tokyo drift fast and furious
31 Mar 2007
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The four best beer bottle tricks that I know. Combined the make a perfect routine that can entertain a table for quite some time.
14 Dec 2007
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Candace Bushnell invites you to step inside The Broadroom. Check out this new web series created by the Sex and the City author and presented by Maybelline New York. The latest episode, Inside the Broadroom, lets you peek behind-the-scenes at the making of the series. From the green room to the red carpet, you’ll see the stars, the set, the makeup and more! Check it out at *******maybelline****/TheBroadroom.
29 Oct 2009
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