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0:55 1805 Royal Lane, Suite 102 Dallas, TX 75229 1-866-778-7719 Capture The Market is the first producer of quality video production marketing solutions for the multifamily industry nationwide. CTM is dedicated to effectively communicating the property's message to property's target audience while working with property's ideas, timeline and budget. We accept nothing less than their complete satisfaction.
18 Sep 2009
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Weekly Wrap Up of the Markets S&P 500 DOW Jones NASDAQ Crude Oil MARKET WRAP: S&P500, NASDAQ, DOW, CRUDE OIL, Gold
10 Oct 2009
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10/13/2009 FOMC Meting Minutes to Move the Market
6 Nov 2009
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Weekly Wrap Up of the Markets S&P 500 DOW Jones NASDAQ Crude Oil MARKET WRAP: S&P500, NASDAQ, DOW, CRUDE OIL, Gold
18 Oct 2009
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this weeks past bullish patterns that are showing up in the market, Inverted head and shoulder, channels, and wedges
21 Oct 2009
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0:43 In the market for business file storage? You do dozens of things on your computer everyday- whats keeping your files safe? These days, its a digital world. If your files flared up tomorrow, would you have a secure solution? Save your companys assets- Backup your business with MozyPro and make sure you never get stranded! Get unlimited business data storage for your important documents for only 4.95 per month at
29 Oct 2009
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0:34 - - The latest RC Motorbike 2 hit the market from Danbar toys. Take control of your Trans Rider.
5 Nov 2009
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Located between Park City Coffee Roasters and Molly Blooms -The Market Hall in Kimball Junction is now open for business. The Market Hall consists of local vendors, many of which you'll recognize from the Park City Farmer's Market. Each week in the center of the Market Hall you'll find new vendors showcasing their products on display. Open Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday 10am-7pm Some of the local vendors you can find at the Market Hall: Flying Fish Co. 801-699-2579 Silver Rose Gourmet 435-714-1657 Tree Hugger Foods 801-792-6891 Wild Willow Natural Artisan Soap & Body Care 435-783-6416 LuAnn's Cupcakes Delivery 801-688-7468 Canyon Meadows Ranch Natural Beef 435-454-3494 **************************************** ***** music by
9 Nov 2009
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The unemployment rate shot up to its highest level in 26 years and yet the market is pressing to new highs. Our panel of experts discuss this phenomenon.
10 Nov 2009
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It has been an interesting few weeks for stock investors, they are doing their best to predict what can be expected of consumers in the fourth quarter, but for now, it’s still hard to tell. And the famous Cash for Clunkers program caused an explosion in car sales and made it hard to tell how the economy was truly doing under all these temporary boosts in sales. It’s been a whirlwind in the market last week, and the majority of the concerns come down to the consumer. Will we be able to lift ourselves out of this economy? That’s what investors are dying to figure out. CIT was a participant in the Troubled Asset Relief Program and received $2.33 billion in December. This bankruptcy is the first government loss from TARP. However, CIT plans to stay in business and hopefully return from bankruptcy next year. High profile clients like Dunkin Donuts and Dark Castle Entertainment are counting on it. To view more from the ladies please visit,
12 Nov 2009
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0:49 No Loss Robot .The No Loss Robot.One of the most advanced Forex Robots on the market today, this robot is famous for not having any losses. Multiple time frames, trend detection, advanced algorithms, incredible profit! Hot seller! Our robot trades automatically while you sleep, watch a movie, or travel!
18 Nov 2009
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Weekly Wrap Up of the Markets S&P 500 DOW Jones NASDAQ Crude Oil MARKET WRAP: S&P500, NASDAQ, DOW, CRUDE OIL, Gold
13 Dec 2009
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1:46 At Chichicastenango, Guatemala, we found an amazing market. We also discovered that we are the giants from the North. We loved the market at Chichicastanango, Guatemala and highly recommend you visit it on any trip to Guatemala.
10 Jan 2010
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Wondering what the best bowling balls on the market are today? Let's Richard Carrubba show you the way. When you're ready to purchase, head over to
14 Jan 2010
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0:55 - FAP Turbo Honest Review - Is it Really the Best Forex Trading Software in the Market? - Forex trading has been one of the most lucrative businesses so far with people making money sitting at home using forex trading software available in the market today. It is becoming easier by the day in operating the software because the software does all the important things that any person with some knowledge of currency trading would do. The software opens the deals and closes them just when the forex rates are the most suitable for the deal to close. In the bargain, the owner of the forex trading software would have made some good money with the pair of currency that is being traded on. This has been going on for quite sometime now, in fact ever since trading in foreign exchange became a legal speculative activity. There are various forex trading software available in the markets today in the world and the FAP Turbo is one that is gaining popularity by the day. It is the software that is developed by a team of professionals from Ivy League who have all the knowledge that is required to make any foreign exchange trading a profit-making activity. The guys have researched and found that the software can be dedicated to perform the trading with four pairs of currency instead of the traditional one pair, which humans and other such software in the market are doing at the moment. This increases chances of profitable deals being made four times and so are the increased probabilities of speculative earnings coming in. This is the main reason why FAP Turbo is the most widely acclaimed forex trading software in the trading of Forex world today. The software has been put on use after extensive practical research demos and it was found during the demos that the software far exceeded the normal expectations around which it was built the first time. So much so that reviewers and users of the software say that they switch on the trading throughout the day allowing the software to function on ... (more)
2 Feb 2010
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12:27 One way of understanding what the market is feeling is to look at how price reacts to stimuli in the market such as economic data and central bank speeches. On an intraday basis, price is simply too random to predict because price movement is dominated by import and export transactions. During the short window of time surrounding an economic stimulus however, the price is so speculative in nature that it gives vital clues about which direction the market is biased toward and how much conviction it has. This video will go over a specific system for identifying the correct bias to put the odds in one’s favor.
11 Feb 2010
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