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The clip leaving the balloon from The Mummy Returns (2001) with Brendan Fraser, Shaun Parkes We're gonna go get my son. Then we're gonna want to get out of here fast, so make this work, Izzy. You don't understand. This thing was filled with gas. Not hot air, gas. I need gas to get this thing in the air. Where am I gonna get gas around here? Bananas? Mangoes? Tarzan's ass? Maybe I could finagle it to take hot air. But do you know how many cubic meters I'd need? It's too big! If anybody can fill this thing up with hot air, Izzy, it's you. Come to Daddy. So, Rick, what's the plan? Let's find some higher ground. I must go. Where? To tell the commanders where we are. If the Army of Anubis arises- I need you to help me find my son. Then first I shall help you. Thank you.
7 Dec 2011
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