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The Alien Steel Grey Marriage of Eppidox & Forgatael a Sci Fi Rock & Roll Phantasm Opera Eppidox & Forgatael travel to the Celestial city of Starchapel for their wedding and onward to earth for a honeymoon weekend at Lenny Wiles Lionstar Marshal’s house who wrote the musical program for their wedding. From there they travel through the star systems for a Honeymoon dream vacation.
1 Mar 2017
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In Phoenix, Arizona a radio station called Power radio is working illegally with Uber to advance self driving car technology. They are paying people, right now, to drive around and listen to their station. The streetlights are programmed to be in time with the music on Power radio. It's part of some experiment to push new music and automotive technology. They're testing it on the unknowing population here. They do this in all of Phoenix. This video was shot on Priest Drive. Anyone could come see it going on all day long. I'm not sure what their goal is, however here's what I've learned. If you understand music theory this will make sense, if not, hopefuly it does: They want to control time itself The main speed of the whole group is 80bpm or beats per minute Their main accent is on the and of 3 for example when counting in 4: 1, 2, 3(&),4 - 1, 2, 3(&), 4 This is when they "act" or "move", the most, the and of 3. If you're curious: Call Power Radio about this - 602-648-9800 or the Street Transportation Dept, that owns the lights - 602-262-6021
5 Mar 2017
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collection of Taylor Swift quotes about music in this video. Taylor Swift is an American singer and Songwriter. one of the most famous female recording artist. In this video Taylor Swift's quotes about the music are presenting, she said that her songs are her autobiography. Her quote is My definition of country music is really pretty simple. It's when someone sings about their life and what they know, from an authentic place. Subscribe my channel for more quotes videos All Quotes.
14 Mar 2017
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Just a little video I shot for Cregeen's. The best place to go out and have fun on the weekends. Go check them out in downtown Jonesboro, Ar. I do not own the music, it is royalty free.
18 Mar 2017
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In 2016 the Red Wolves of Arkansas State had a terrible start to what many thought would be a magical year. After an 0-4 start man fans gave up on them, but Blake Anderson and his staff and players pulled together and ended up co-champs in the Sun Belt and a bowl win. It all changed in one game. 2017 will be the year of the wolf. Beware. (I do not own any footage and no copyright issues intended. Links to the music used is below.) Nightsky by Tracey Chattaway Heroes by Randy Dominquez
18 Mar 2017
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Enjoy The Music..!! I Mean Enjoy The Video.. ;p
24 Nov 2006
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bonjour à tous c'est ma création avec les moyens du bord,soyez indulgent merci. le clip décrit les etapes allant de l'obtention du permis de conduire au déces d'un jeune homme qui aimait boire en soirée.... La musique à été créé par moi ,pareil soyez indulgent s'youplait.... . . . hello everybody!! it is my creation with the means of the edge, are lenient mercy. the clip describes the stages active of obtaining the driving licence to the death of a young man who liked to drink in evening€¦. The music at summer created by me, similar be lenient itself please€¦.
6 Jan 2007
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Will.I.Am is the founding member of The Black Eyed Peas and Head of Marketing at Musicane. Hear what he has to say about independent artists, the future of the music industry and Musicane.
8 Feb 2007
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Listen Up: Starting march 28th, the slogan for the this year music fair's "Live for the music"! Besides alot of celebraties, there will be about 1600 companies, presenting the latest technical hits and newest instruments. For the first time on board: record labels, music labels and marketing companies!
1 Apr 2007
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The Music from Estilos de Vida:capitulo uno(Piloto)
15 Apr 2007
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A joyful, tuneful and romantic song of love, with lyrics that attempt to describe a realism that can happen to any and everyone, perhaps, once in a lifetime. Or at least in one's fantasies and dreams. Song Story: Two people meet for the first time, one lonely summer night. They are captivated by each other's charm, mysterious aura and quiet reserve.Thus, they become entrapped in the sentimentality of the music, the seductive ambiance of their surroundings until the early morning dawn appears.An impromptu encounter that turns into a lifetime together.
6 May 2007
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ฟ้าจรดทราย นัท มีเรีย Fahjarosai The musical
20 May 2007
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ญาญ่า หญิง ฟ้าจรดทราย Fahjarodsai The Musical
20 May 2007
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Vídeo promocional da peça SALAZAR THE MUSICAL, em cena no Teatro Villaret.
28 May 2007
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Join Voice Over Expert Marc Cashman of Cashman Commercials as he discusses "Finding The Music in Copy". By taking a musical approach to copy you'll have a better understanding of the music hidden in scripts.
8 Jul 2007
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Stomach Parasites Dance To The Music Beat! after having some kryptonite drinks ;) Weird enough to some...hahhh!
14 Aug 2007
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