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The clip The Neighbors Find The Money Part 2 from Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) with Lenny McLean We'll count it upstairs. I don't want them to see you fingering the money when they walk through the door... Dog, look... Give it us here... dozy bastard. Check your guns. Get yourselves well hid. You wait till they get right inside the door, then you give it to'em. Give me them shooters, you can use your own. Yeah. That's no way to answer the phone. Is that you, Dean? No, it's Lord fucking Lucan. Who do you think it is? What can I do for you? You know those guns I sold you, I need them back. Not likely I'm afraid. I don't think I'll be seeing them again. Look, I've got the money to pay for them. I'm sure you do. But don't think you understand. I ain't gonna be seeing them or the guns again. We can't get them. If we can't get them, we can't get them. Well, you'll have to fucking get them. We made a fucking deal for everything inside the cabinet. Inside, out-fucking-side - I don't give a shit. You get those guns because if you don't... Oh yeah, Bazza, or what? Have you heard of Harry Lonsdale? Otherwise known as "Hack You Up With an Hatchet Harry"? Well, this is... James Bond, need-to-know time. When you dance with the devil, you wait for the song to stop. Know what I mean? I mean find 'em, torture 'em and kill 'em. And bring back what belongs to me. Because if you don't, your family's bang in trouble. Who was that? That was Harry Horrible Hatchet. Jesus, I've heard of him. Shit, they were his fucking guns we sold. We've got to find them. Now no fucking about now, Nick. Where can I find those guns?
28 Nov 2011
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