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3 months after I made my first Buster Keaton video, I decide to go back to the old black and white and film a sequel. You know, cause the 2ed one's always better. In this version I lose my last beer, and look around frantically trying to find more. I like making these types of videos because I think that just because we can now make videos with sound doesn't mean we should just rely on dialogue. You can still be entertained by visual storytelling (At least I hope so)
24 Sep 2017
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Mercury is the most poisonous, non-radioactive, naturally occurring substance on our planet. There is no safe level of mercury because even one atom of it in your body is doing some harm to it. There is no debate about the toxicity of mercury and every knowledgeable scientist and health professional understands how poisonous mercury is. Yet even today the American Dental Association (ADA) and pro-amalgam dentists who support its insane, logic defying position, continue to say that the mercury released from these fillings is not a health hazard. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that there is no safe level of mercury. That means that no amount of mercury is safe, not even one atom. Even if enough mercury hasn't accumulated to manifest a symptom directly or indirectly related to chronic mercury poisoning, it doesn't mean you are not being poisoned by it. The straw that broke the proverbial camel's back wasn't the last straw, it was the sum total of the weight of all of the straws. The fact is that mercury can directly or indirectly cause, contribute to, or make worse every health issue we will ever deal with. Chronic mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings takes time to accumulate and express a related symptom. Because mercury is found in every cell of the body, and there are trillions of cells, it may take years for enough mercury to accumulate for a symptom to appear. Chronic mercury poisoning is not a disease but an accumulative problem and during the period of time it is accumulating it is poisoning you every step along the way. I find it very ironic that regulatory agencies require that the materials that make up an amalgam filling, such as mercury, silver, zinc, copper and tin, must be placed in a hazardous waste container when enters the dental office. The old amalgam filling pieces that are removed from a tooth must also be placed in an hazardous waste container. Yet there is no regulation of an amalgam filling when it's placed in a tooth! Isn'
21 Oct 2017
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*******swtormmo.blogspot****/ The first video for Star Wars: The Old Republic is out now. *******swtormmo.blogspot****/
1 Jan 2009
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*******swtormmo.blogspot****/LucasArts and BioWare have released a second video developer diary for their upcoming MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic. This time we get some new infomation about the Bunty hunter class. *******swtormmo.blogspot****/
27 Feb 2011
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This is a collection of all the gameplay footage shown so far for The Old Republic.
21 Jun 2009
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The Sith have come back to reclaim their throne in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
10 Aug 2009
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New gameplay footage revealed in this documentary of Star Wars: The Old Republic.
12 Aug 2009
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26 Aug 2009
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A broken bowl and a trough help a young boy teach his uncaring parents how to treat their elders. Adapted and Directed by: Walker Williamson Adapted from the Brothers Grimm Short story "The Old Man and His Grandson"
28 Apr 2010
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The old west was nice and simple, all you ever did was drink and go to brothels.
31 Oct 2009
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This is a collection of all the gameplay footage shown so far for The Old Republic. For more information about release date etc. got to *******www.swtorstrategies****/
14 Feb 2010
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*******www.swtorstrategies****/This is a collection of all the gameplay footage shown so far for The Old Republic.For more information about release date etc. got to *******www.swtorstrategies****/
14 Feb 2010
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