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A delightful forties family film, The Old Swimmin’ Hole sparkles with the cute smiles of adorable kids and the warm hearts of their parents. A widow, played superbly by the talented silent film star Leatrice Joy, is concerned that she won’t be able to send her brilliant son to medical school. A doctor, played by Charles D. Brown, can’t find love. Fortunately, this film isn’t about the adults! These two isolated adults are single parents for two outrageous and fantastic kids: Chris and Betty, who are adorably boyfriend and girlfriend. Chris and Betty plot to get their parents together and make everybody happy. Overflowing with classic American family values and touching moments of genuine emotion, The Old Swimmin’ Hole is a cool dip into nineteen forties culture, morals, and feelings.
19 Dec 2007
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Using Bible Code software we show two matrices in the Biblical Old Testament that show that Jesus Christ is the Old Testament Messiah.
27 Dec 2007
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Inside the Old Gaol, footage of inside !!!!
8 Feb 2008
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22 September 2002, my first day in Jerusalem. Walking through the tranquil steets of the old city as well the through the Western Wall tunnels and of course the Western Wall
25 Mar 2008
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Don't Forget To Click On That Orange SUBSCRIBE Button! Neighbor's Python Eats The Old Lady's Dog
28 May 2008
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CJ ventures off with his friends for a Sunday ride to Pie in the Sky. Once the old road was a real bike destination, but now it's only for a casual ride out. Laverda Jota, Corsa, Ducati 750GT, 900 MHR, ST4
29 May 2008
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Mark Sennett was an icon of comedy filmmaking in Hollywood during the early stages of talking films. Here with The Old Barn, Sennett shows his early promise as a filmmaker by putting together a fresh and quirky short comedy that’s still funny today. But aside from well placed gags and hilarious lines of dialogue, the movie also has a mystery quality, as the identities of the people meeting are not what they seem to be. As it builds to a surprising and enjoyable climax involving a (possibly) haunted house, The Old Barn keeps ups the laughs and the intrigue to the final reel ends.
29 May 2008
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The Old Man and the Tea - Same Template Vegas Author Anthony Stephen enjoys a cup of his favorite brew, Makino Green Tea, at where else? Makino's Premium Outlet, Las Vegas. Makino's is a highly senior and family friendly restaurant with fresh, healthy food served at affordable prices without surprises.
1 Jun 2008
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Im guessing you guys kill the new way. it isnt as original as killing with an ak 47. Song: Lost Prophets - We Still Kill The Old Way
30 Jun 2009
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There are several women in the Old Testament that, in their persons, revealed something about Our Lady. Dr Mark Miravalle uses some of the prominent strong women of the Old Testament to manifest how they prefigure the Woman of the New Testament: The Blessed Virgin Mary. Ave Maria!
4 Jul 2008
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This is the Introduction to my Video Walkthrough of the game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic for the XBox. This is the base introduction to the game.
23 Jul 2008
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This is the Introduction to my Video Walkthrough of the game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic on XBox. This is the base introduction to the game.
25 Oct 2008
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Noah of the Old Testament, has just been told to build the ark, and is discouraged because, he must first face a much larger challenge; convincing his wife. After a humorous conversation Noah gains the support of his sassy unbelieving wife.
7 Aug 2008
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Fire of device on the old Harbour in Marseilles, July 14th 2008....Marseille is the 2eme bigger city of France and the most ancient, capital of the south, the Phocean City shelters the biggest harbour of France...
4 Aug 2008
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the beautiful hymn the old rugged cross sang by david alexander
6 Mar 2009
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13 Sep 2008
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