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Driving should be taken more seriously and sincerely than this, one wrong move and it might be game over for the passengers or driver or any passerby on the road.
19 Feb 2018
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Good Landing time
30 Sep 2007
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the video is made by different movie-sequences
5 Jul 2009
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You can download it here: *******tapeattack.blogspot****/2011/02/timur-und-seine-trupp-das-sind-wir-demo.html Careful: If you download the archive the names of titles are wrong! Read blog comments for right titles.
24 Apr 2011
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The FedEx carrier trailer was just crossing the track of the local passenger train and suddenly it integrated and crashed the carrier trailer in a full destructive way.
31 Jan 2018
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The world's first vertical drop roller coaster. 200 foot vertical drop at an 87 degree angle into a black hole in the ground, putting 4.5 G's on all the passengers.
17 Oct 2006
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It's a story familiar to most of us from school. And in many ways, the story of the passengers on the Mayflower is like that of every immigrant who has come to America to start a new life. Yet the true story of the Pilgrims is far more complex than the one most of us learned as children -- and also more intriguing. This is a decades-long epic tale, filled with real drama, tragedy, and inspiration, revealed in the three-hour special DESPERATE CROSSING: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE MAYFLOWER, a World Premiere on The History Channel on Sunday, November 19 at 8pm ET/PT.
26 Dec 2006
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actual footage of a gas station that blew up...luckily the passengers of the car escapes in time....
24 Nov 2006
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A video taken from the passenger window after queing up behind 3 large planes to take off. It rained that day. In the later part of the video you can see the plane retracting its airleron retracting back to the wing. An excellent video of a take off and a view of Bangkok International Airport from above...
20 Feb 2007
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A strange incident on a public city bus gets the attention of the passengers leading to their varied reactions.
27 Feb 2007
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Passengers stuck on planes. Passengers stuck on planes stuck on the tarmac. Airline delays. Lost bags. Lost luggage. Passengers stuck on Jet Blue for ten hours. Passengers need a Bill of Rights. Sure Jet Blue apologized. But did American Airline and Northwest when they stranded their passengers on planes delayed and stuck on the tarmac. Passengers on Jet Blue had no water. Had no food. Had no clean airplane toilet facilitiesPassengers who have been delayed. Passengers who have lost baggage. Passengers who are stuck on planes are mad as hell and arent going to take it any longer. Passengers are fighting the airlines back. Passengers are insisting on a Bill of Rights. What do stranded, delayed passengers hope to get from the Passenger Bill of Rights?...Airline passengers are lobbying congress to come up with a Passenger Bill of Rights. What doers the Passenger Bill of Rights do? The Passenger Bill of Rights insists airlines explain exactly why a flight is delayed, and insists that airlines provide adequate food, water, sanitary facilities and access to medical attention for passengers left stuck on planes.The Bill of Right demands airlines return passengers to terminals when delays occur and under no conditions should a plane sit on the tarmac for longer than 3 hours.
5 Mar 2007
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