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The Perfect Storm           10.1 When my colleagues and I play together. Happy Valley, Shenzhen, China
25 Oct 2008
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Oct. 30, 2009 The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore is in Gloucester, MA looking back 18 years to what is remembered as "The Perfect Storm"
1 Nov 2009
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The Perfect Storm movie edited by RexRed to a RexRed original song titled Blue Summer (and Green Waters)
15 Jan 2010
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The Perfect Storm 666
11 Oct 2007
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14 Dec 2006
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Some guy films a huge wave during a storm. It's pretty amazing. But what he sees next, is even crazier!
12 Sep 2009
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1 Nov 2011
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9 Apr 2013
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8 Aug 2008
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The popularity of tight, low-cut jeans, cropped tops, and clingy knit dresses has created the perfect storm for “middle management” by women of all ages, shapes and sizes: No matter how young, fit and slender you are, a so-called “muffin top” or tummie bulge will rear its ugly head. Enter Yummie Tummie™, the new leader in shapewear. Not only will Yummie Tummie visibly slim, shape and smooth you, it’s the first shapewear on the market that is actually comfortable enough to wear all day and evening, and so sexy that you never have to worry about that awful moment of truth when undressing in front of your spouse, partner, or even a first date! It’s actually meant to be seen. Yummie Tummie was created by Heather Thomson, a fashion designer and celebrity stylist. The creative force behind P. Diddy’s Sean John line, the several labels launched by Beyoncé Knowles as well as Jennifer Lopez’s Sweetface brand, she understands the needs of both celebrities and consumers. When she became frustrated with the existing shapewear options available to her and her clients – all of which compressed the bust, didn’t stay in place, were horribly uncomfortable and hideous to behold – she schemed, sketched, cut and sewed to come up with an ingenious solution to a universal problem. Within six months on the market, Yummie Tummie has become the go-to solution for celebrities and their stylists, who rely on it to look smoother and sleeker in everything they wear. For more info visit www.newsinfusion****
20 Oct 2008
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*******www.whatawaytogomovie**** presents another clip as part of the "Why Are Things Falling Apart?" series. In this clip Richard Heinberg returns, discussing the perfect storm of the current economic crisis, global climate change, and peak oil. He warns of polar ice melting and global population growth-- a "horrendous catastrophe" for industrial civilization!
3 Oct 2008
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15 Oct 2008
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