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frm the movie The Piano - Soundtrack by Michael Nyman
4 Oct 2009
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The soundtracks i put ARE NOT ARRANGED IN ORDER cause its just impossible. Gladiator (soundtrack) - Rasel crow Schindler's list (soundtrack) - Liam Neeson Braveheart (soundtrack) - Mel Gibson Memories of a geisha (soundtrack) - Ziyi Zhang Beautiful mind (soundtrack) - Rasel crow Forrest gump (soundtrack) -Tom Hanks Stardust (soundtrack) - Michelle Pfeiffer The piano (soundtrack) - Sam Neill House of flying daggers (soundtrack) - Ziyi Zhang I Am Legend (soundtrack) - Will smith The Village (soundtrack) - Adrien Brody Sweeney Todd (soundtrack) - Johnny depp Requiem For A Dream (soundtrack) - Jennifer Connelly ,Jared Leto Back To The Future (soundtrack) - Michael J. Fox Cast Away (soundtrack)- Tom hanks Van Helsing (soundtrack) - Hew jackman
7 Aug 2011
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..::Fallen Angel::.. Poem by Jennifer Rondeau Music by Pure Moods The Piano Soundtrack - The Heart Asks pleasure first - Michael Nyman
25 Aug 2010
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