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Beat done by my boy Dustin and help by Matt.Audio will be fixed shortly. Enjoy!
25 Mar 2010
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Oral contraception, or the Pill, is the birth control method preferred by over 12 million American women! Why is it so popular?
6 Oct 2009
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******* Know if is it possible to get pregnant on the pill and to have regular baby or twins
3 Oct 2010
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Music Video for San Francisco area band, Dr. Evazon. Produced and Directed by Mike Quick, Edited by Tony Lupoi, Cinematography by Johnny Ching.
14 Sep 2007
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7 Dec 2007
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In the pilot episode of Satacracy 88, Angela's humdrum life is invaded by strange nightmares and terrifying assailants.
21 Apr 2008
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San Francisco Bay Area Rock Band Dr. Evazon. Produced by Quick ONE Media, Directed by Mike Quick
9 May 2009
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Plastic daily pill boxes will soon be a thing of the past.
25 Mar 2010
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There were protests over it, songs dedicated to it and it’s even credited with spurring the women’s liberation movement! Check it out here and celebrate its 50th Anniversary with Prentice on today’s What the Hell? only on X1FM****
14 May 2010
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31 May 2010
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Worried that he has gotten the free-spirited Mindy pregnant after an unprotected one-night stand, Fred feigns romantic interest and sticks by her side for twelve hours to make sure she takes both doses of the morning-after pill.
19 Jan 2012
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BY JESSICA GOODWIN ANCHOR JIM FLINK Has that sexy spark fizzled between you and your partner? Or in the words of the wise Carrie Bradshaw- lost that ‘zsa zsa zsu’? A new study suggests that you may have the contraceptive pill to blame. Researchers from the University of Stirling Scotland found that- “...Women who use the pill when they meet their partner are less sexually satisfied or attracted to their partners but more satisfied with other aspects of the relationship and so less likely to separate.” They went on to say- “Women’s preferences subconsciously change over time so that during non-fertile stages of the menstrual cycle they are more attracted to men who appear more caring and reliable – good dads.” So the pill doesn’t exactly stifle the spark, but makes you look for a more stable partner. Hosts for Good Day LA think that’s not too bad- “Your body thinks you’re pregnant so of course you’re going to look for someone who you would think would be a good dad. I think most people assume ‘hey im on the pill, woohoo good times and sex with anybody’ but thats not true, you look for a man who is more stable because you’re body thinks it’s pregnant.” “I don’t like that they wrote boring because stability to me is sexy. A man who wants to take care of a child is really exciting and sexy.” So if the pill is controlling what kind of man pushes your buttons, how can you be sure ‘he’s the one’? Dr. Craig Roberts, a researcher from the study, offers this tip. “Choosing a non-hormonal barrier method of contraception for a few months before getting married might be one way for a woman to check or reassure herself that she’s still attracted to her partner.” A blogger for Baby Center notes -- this theory doesn’t always hold up. She says the study neglects a certain unorthodox love test... “One researcher suggests women who are on birth control put their man to the test by going off the birth control before they get married just to make sure she’s still attracted to him. Sounds like a recipe for a shotgun wedding to me.” But the editor of the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care isn’t convinced. She says the study fails to take into account personality distinctions among pill-users. “ was ‘impossible’ to draw any conclusions from the study, simply because women who take the Pill are different from those who don’t.”
15 Oct 2011
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