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My spill on the latest craze of girls that are having instructional videos on twerking. I explain why it grind my gears. Check out my facebook page at: facebook****/gstargell
7 Jan 2014
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This is part 2 of the series. You should check out part 1 if you have not already. I tell about the tale of the other extreme, the clumsy humpty dumpty wild donkey butts. Check out my facebook page at: facebook****/gstargell
8 Jan 2014
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Instructional Video for The Plank. This is back exercise and helps for back pain relief and strengthening.
16 Dec 2009
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Learn more: *******www.Free-Ab-Workout**** . The Plank is one of the best core exercises. Achieve your own six pack abs! Go to: *******www.Six-Pack-Solutions****
4 Feb 2010
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*******www.FrancescaKotomski**** Get your ABS WORKOUT! Great abs workout in the plank position, multitasking your shoulders, chest and triceps too! BE sure to do this every other day, along with a healthy diet, eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks. And you will have awesome abs, and lose weight too! You can lose weight over 40 and over any age! The next video... well, it's your choice! Let me know what body part you want more sculpted! Visit my website for free Shakeology and free support to help you lose weight!
3 Feb 2013
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Check out our newly uploaded Winter 07 videos... Snowboard - Distributed by V.A.S. Entertainment Our videos are also now on Itunes and Amazon!!!!!
5 Oct 2007
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******* presents this series of four low back pain exercises for preventing and rehabilitating low back pain. Alex demonstrates the most effective back exercises for core stability including The Plank, The Side Bridge, The Back Bridge and The Cross Crawl. Are you one of the 10% of all Canadians that suffers from chronic pain? Check out our back and neck community at *******!
12 Aug 2012
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A crazy old man starts dancing in the middle of a fast food resturant, all the while people are sitting down to eat. The old guy is drunk as hell and therefore thinks of no better way of showing it than to start spanking the planks.
27 Feb 2007
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Roll Outs are similar to the plank posture in yoga where you isometrically engage your abdominals and core to stabilize and control anterior pelvic tilt thus preventing hyper-extending your lower back.
25 Mar 2007
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There's allways alot of pranks going on in the Army, this clip is from the Norwegian Armed forces where our cameraman has removed the planks wich support the madrass in the top bunk of the bed. Prvt. Ullriksen is the guy falling through the bed. Spoken language is Norwegian, but we all know that he's pretty pissed off ;)
22 Apr 2007
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This construction worker in India works in the most dangerous working conditions. No safety devices at all. If you closely notice, you'll see that the plank he stands on, is not actually supported by the weak bamboo pole. The base of the pole is hanging freely!
5 May 2008
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A kid, whos getting owned by his OWN bed ;D, i removed the planks... just watch ;)
16 Oct 2008
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Personal Trainer in Luxembourg demonstrates the form to the plank leg raise. This is an excellent core exercise that also works glutes and thighs. For more go to *******
13 Aug 2010
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Daniel Wretström (October 15, 1983 - December 9, 2000) was a young Swedish boy who was brutally murdered in Salem, a suburb to Stockholm by a multicultural gang consisting of up to as many as 15 immigrants and at least 1 Swedish. Daniel was waiting for the bus at the bus stop on Säbytorgsvägen, he is on his way home from a party, suddenly a multicultural gang shows up and screams and is shouting "Racist" as they approach Daniel, a Swedish girl with a foreign accent screams "racist! Do you dare to stay? Are you scared" "Beat him to death". The gang, encouraged by the knowledge that it is OK to assault Swedes who they suspect are racist. Only a few days earlier, the Swedish Prime minister Göran Persson stated in an article of one of Swedens largest newspapers that racism has to be crushed, the multicultural gang was determined to make these words reality. After being hit with sticks and other objects, and kicked a dozen of times, a car comes passing by on the road, Daniel tries to escape the gang by throwing himself up on the cars hood. "Please, help me" he says, hoping that the driver will keep on driving and take him to safety, instead one of the gang members shouts to the driver that he is a racist, and the car driver starts driving back and forward to try to shake off Daniel. Finally, the gang comes and drags him off the cars hood, and whilst the car just drives away the battering continues. The gang keeps on kicking and hitting him repeatedly with planks and sticks against Daniels head and body. The boy is now almost lifeless, lying in the ditch. One of the attackers grabs a 1.5 meter long plank and hits the boy in the head with it over and over again, he does not stop until a teenage girl who passed by screams hysterically at him and begs him to stop. One of the girls who are participating in the battering of the boy then shouts back to the protesting girl that "The racist deserves it" and the gang member who is holding the plank is raising it towards the witness in a threatening gesture. They jump on the head and neck of the almost lifeless boy. Out of my way, I have got a knife! one shouts as he rushes forward towards the almost lifeless boy holding a carving knife. The other gang members leave place for Khaled Odeh who sits astride on the boys back. He raises and lowers the large carving knife again and again. After stabbing the boy at least four times in the back, the blade brakes in half. Khaled then takes the boys head with his left hand to pull it backwards. He feels a raging hatred for the mutilated young boy; a boy that he knows threatens democracy; a boy who murders small children, he knows that the boy must be crushed. So he decides what to do. I will kill him. The words go through his mind as he forces what is left of the knife into the throat of the boy. Satisfied that he has liberated society from a racist he elatedly gets up on his feet. The blood, which is covering his hands, is still warm. He looks around and shouts to the people standing around him that no one has seen him. Then he runs away with his brother after him. The rest of the gang members walk their separate ways and disappear. Crush racism, someone shouts among the shadows. But Khaled Odeh has been seen. The Swedish girl who witnessed the brutal assault approaches the boy with tears in her eyes. The boy is trying to raise his head but fails. His clothes are drowned with blood which is pumping out of his slashed neck artery. He is trying to gasp for breath, out of his mouth is heard a wheezing sound, when his head again falls to the ground in the cold ditch. The life runs out of Daniel Wretström as the girl desperately tries to save him. The legal consequences have been described as a farce, where judges and jurymen declared Swedish youth outlaws and with no legal rights. The killer, Khaled Odeh, was sentenced for manslaughter to psychiatric care since the court came to the conclusion that he suffered from temporary insanity when he committed the crime. When the verdict is formulated this way it is not unusual that the convicted is declared healthy after about a year and is released. Only six of his companions were prosecuted. Three of them were sentenced to forty hours of community service and contact with the social services. Two of those remaining were ordered to pay 1800 Swedish crowns (about 200 Euros) in fines and the last one was released on parole and ordered to pay 1800 crowns in fines. Is a Swedish boys life worth that little? Less than a speeding ticket. To keep the memory of one of the Swedish young citizens whose blood has been spilled upon the sacrificial altar of the establishment, alive, there is an annual memorial march, around the anniversary of the murder. The year of 2001, 1400 demonstrators gathered to protest against the accelerating violence against Swedes.
17 Nov 2008
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This is a variation on the Plank. I do believe it is safer and more effective than the conventional plank.
1 Dec 2008
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Strength & Conditioning Specialist Michael Behnken, MS, CSCS SMFR is a great way to help release muscles from adhesions due to hypertonicity. Hypertonicity cuases your muscles to be less elastic than they should and you develop knots which interfere with your range of motion. The inner thighs are a chronically tight muscle in women because of women's seated posture (legs crossed). You can see if you really need to do this SMFR technique. Stand on one leg and start to squat down. If your knee starts pointing inward in relation to your toe, you have tight adductors. Your knees may not hurt now, but they will. Lie down in the plank position, and bring one leg out. Position a foam roll perpendicular to the leg which is out. Put your inner thigh on the roll. Start with the inner thigh all the way up the leg towards the groin. Roll down towards your knee. Make sure the only points of contact with the ground are your forearms and back leg. Find the knot which is most painful and let it sit for at least 30 seconds. You can massage out multiple knots save them for later. Perform the static stretch for the same adductor right after you are done with the SMFR. This is a great technique to keep your muscles and joints healthy. If you would like more information about how your muscles can cause injuries to your joints, etc. check out this page.
27 Jul 2010
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