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Nobody does a screening party quite like Hef. Stars Eddie Cibrian and Laura Benanti of NBC’s hot new fall drama The Playboy Club turned out, along with a roomful of Playmates and celebs, to enjoy the pilot. “The Playboy Club” series premieres September 19 at 9/10 p.m. EST. *******www.playboy****/nightlife/hefs-playboy-club-mansion-screening.
11 Aug 2011
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August 2, 2011 (1:59) NBC's new show gets mixed reviews early-on, some wondering if it's appropriate for network television.
4 Aug 2011
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BY BRICE SANDER ANCHOR JENNIFER MECKLES You're watching multisource entertainment news analysis from Newsy Playboy in primetime? A new NBC series could see its actors pulling the ‘Full Monty’ on your TV this fall. NBC’s ‘The Playboy Club’ follows the lives of the bunnies working inside the famed Chicago club in the 1960s, and the men who, well, ogle them. (YouTube/HollywoodStars) In an attempt to keep the show authentic, Variety reports execs added a “nudity clause” into the actors’ contracts. According to The Hollywood Reporter, that clause got the Parents Television Council riled up. “The TV watchdog group says the Comcast/NBC merger is to blame for attempts to ‘obliterate any remaining standards of broadcast decency’ because the media company ‘either cannot distinguish between Showtime and broadcast television, or they are choosing to ignore those differences.’” So, yeah, the show might be a little racy. But Deadline Hollywood argues, your kids shouldn’t be watching anyway – if they even get the chance. “OK, first NBC has not agreed to air the pilot, it has ordered it for series consideration and will air it only if the project is picked up to series … [and] given it’s setting, a Chicago Playboy club in the 1960s, and its subject matter, The Playboy Club would certainly be a sexy drama that no one envisions as a 8 PM show.” And the New York Post suggests, if the Parents Television Council wants to get angry at anyone, it should be the actors. They’re the ones who decide if nudity makes the cut. “The actors, however, can't be forced to shoot nude scenes. If it came to pass that nudity was included, the particular scene in the script must be given to the actor(s), allowing them the opportunity to consent or decline…” While these clauses are rare, they’ve popped up before. Remember NYPD Blue’s butt-baring days? As gossip blogger Perez Hilton notes, the chance of us seeing anything more than PG on TV is slim. “We doubt we’ll see anything more than side boob on primetime though because the contract gives 20th Century Fox TV the right to shoot ‘graphic scenes’ to use in DVD versions of the series.” And comedian Eric Cunningham gives NBC a little something to think about before it has any of the actors drop trou. “The NBC show, ‘The Playboy Club,’ will include a nudity clause in its contracts, that will allow them to show nudity on the DVD extras. So, uh, feel free to skip the TV show, perverts.” FYI, the show’s pilot episode features no nudity. NBC will decide whether to pick up the series in May. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
9 Apr 2011
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Metacafe TV looks ahead to Fall 2011 to break down what’s coming up on NBC: - Are You There Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea - Awake - Bent - Free Agents - Grimm - The Playboy Club - Prime Suspect - Smash - Up All Night - Whitney
18 Jun 2011
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Author Dr. Charlotte Laws and Cameron Turner (of Turner's Two Cents) discuss the issues of the day on The Filter with Fred Roggin. Hosted by Roggin. NBC. Aired September 2, 2011. Topics: 1) Should the death penalty be abolished, 2) Should illegals get tax-payer funded school loans and grants, 3) Should the new & controversial show "The Playboy Club" air? Laws and Turner don't seem to agree on anything.
3 Sep 2011
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Can Two and a Half Men live up to its earth-shattering premiere? Plus The Playboy Club, 2 Broke Girls, Dancing with the Star, and Terra Nova’s price tag!
27 Sep 2011
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This provocative new series captures a time and place that challenged the social mores, where a visionary created an empire, and an icon changed American culture.
28 Mar 2012
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Blurred images from my shoot at The Playboy Club at The Palms
19 Oct 2008
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America's Got Talent Season: 6 Episode: 32 Watch LeAnn talk about her performance and NBC's The Playboy Club!
15 Sep 2011
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The 67th Annual Tony Awards 2013 Hosted by Neil Patrick Harris Atmosphere and performances from The 67th Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall on June 9, 2013 in New York City. The awards were hosted by Neil Patrick Harris - Neil Patrick Harris' 2013 Tony Awards Opening Makes It 'Bigger' With Help From Mike Tyson - The Camaraderie: Is that a tear in Tom Hanks' eye? The first-time nominee looked as if he was tearing up during his co-star Courtney B. Vance's acceptance speech, when he took home the prize for Best Featured Actor in a Play for The Lucky Guy, Nora Ephron's last B-way outing - The Kids: Tap dancing in A Christmas Story, FIERCE singing and dancing in Annie and Matilda, and one heck of a Michael Jackson impression in Motown—These. Kids. Are. Talented - The Gowns: Yes, Jane Krakowski joked that she and co-presenter Jesse Tyler Ferguson would make the perfect "Straight Wedding" cake topper, but seriously, can this be my future wedding dress? - The Presenters: Scarlett Johansson, who was wearing a Saint Laurent dress, & Alan Cumming grudgingly (and hilariously) presented an award after not being nominated themselves. - The Hidden Gems: While any Jane Lynch fan worth their salt knows that she can sing (hello, have you SEEN A Mighty Wind?) it was still nice to see her belting her little curls off. Annie who? - The Audition To Be The Next NPH: Before launching into a "Our-TV-Shows-Were-Canceled-Wah-Wah-Wah" sing-a-long with Smash's Megan Hilty and The Playboy Club's Laura Benanti, Andrew Rannells pretty much secured next year's hosting gig by palling around with NPH and being generally adorable. - The Slang: After having some trouble reading the teleprompter as he presented with Anna Kendrick, Cuba Gooding Jr. referred to his glasses as his "Pimp Shades." - The PDA: Is there anything cuter than a boy making out ferociously with the dog from Annie? - The Cameos: Mike Tyson killed it in the opening, then proceeded to take no less than 4 jabs to the juggular from host Neil Patrick Harris. Takin' the jokes like a pro! - The Memories: Cyndi Lauper, who earlier took home a statue for Best Score for Kinky Boots, sang her classic "True Colors" while the "In Memorium" reel played behind her. - The Speeches: After peppering her Best Leading Actress in a Play acceptance speech with several dramatic pauses, Cicely Tyson capped it off with the most sincere line of the night: "... 'Please wrap it up' it says... Well that's exactly what you did with me. You wrapped me up in your arms after 30 years, and now I can go home with a Tony. God Bless You All, and Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" - Broadway Bodies: Take a look at the arms on Patina Miller, who took home the Best Leading Actress in a Musical Tony for her role in Pippin. Damn girl! - The Governor: Fred Armisen nailed his Michael Bloomberg impression yet again. - The Closer Fake Out: Y'all didn't think he would really leave us hanging without a proper goodbye, did you? Thankfully at 11:03, we were gifted with NPH's signature singing recap, set to the tune of "Empire State of Mind," with 5-time Tony Winner Audra McDonald knocking the chorus out of the park, and properly dropping her mic like a pro.
21 Jan 2014
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