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Are you ignoring your health? You know that you should be working out regularly but something always comes up to stop you from doing it. To make matters worse, you do not know where to start and therefore never start. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a buddy who would tell you exactly what to do and give you a gentle push to do your workouts? Kaa-Yaa is that buddy. You can tell Kaa-Yaa, what your fitness goals are and how long and often you want to workout and it will create a well-balanced workout for you. If you are unfamiliar with the exercises Kaa-Yaa will show you exactly how to perform them. You can add the workouts to your calendar and Kaa-Yaa will remind you to perform your workouts and hold you accountable through the pledge feature. As your fitness buddy, Kaa-Yaa will make sure that as you get busy with your everyday life, your health does not end up on the back seat. Your health is your biggest wealth. Do not ignore it. Take action! Download our app from Google app store and start living a fit life.
1 Dec 2017
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Destructoid Anthem (The Pledge) I. There occurs a God We are but humans and surely doomed when Destructoid begins to march He's got a scanner for good gaming manners he may let you see his private robot parts Don't be scared He's a gentle god don't be afraid just try his website on we've been inclined to resist from time to time no way we'll win he's got lazers in his eyes when it's time to join we'll raise his standard high and shout Destructoid to you we pledge our lives II. From his mouth we are (in)formed Oh puny humans you're so amusing when you see I burn with epic win I trade in awesome and gaming gossip while the others lie or just pretend Lift up your hands present to me each blistered fist Callused thumbs and aching fingers true gamers never rest let go of fear and anger and be my, be my newest guest III. Sermon I have known you since you were but a small child wild with games and glee was proud of every painful smile even when you faced defeat Every quarter your small hand dropped or console proudly displayed Every wish you made for one more life it was to me you prayed I have seen your long and lonely nights battling last the boss Even though you were fatigued you would bare not one more loss So I welcome you unto my domain my good and faithful servant Love, Destructoid IV. Paradiso Profundo We've got boards we've got blogs about gaming where the women are so hot that it's famous also cocks Vocals - T. Fenchurch Howard Guitar and arrangement - Darrin Johnson Drums - Frenchy Mudwhistle Bass and Keys - Periwinkle Fondlenobs
24 Jul 2007
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the pledge, along with 10-year-old Will Phillips and thousands of others who want to take action for full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people. lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer lgbt equality equal rights action will phillips
18 Mar 2010
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Tony Dungy & Jerome Bettis are working with Campbell's Chunky soup to help dads take their game to the next level with the Campbell's Chunky Soup All Pro Dad Pledge! Join the pledge at facebook****/chunkysoup, and you could win a trip for your family to the 2011 NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii!
24 Sep 2010
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LCBO's "Deflate the Elephant" campaign launches new solutions to help prevent drinking and driving this holiday season. *******
14 Dec 2010
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December 2nd is the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery as designated by the U.N. in 1949. We're asking our friends to help us promote this day by signing The I.D.A.S. Pledge found here: FDFF****/ThePledge It will take only a few minutes of your time and may provide precious assistance for the cause. Thank you, Frederick Douglass Family Foundation
3 Dec 2008
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Overcome fear when facing injustice
19 Jul 2009
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Professional golfer Jeff Klauk discusses his experiences with epilepsy and how those with this condition can manage their epilepsy. He is joined by Dr. Selim Benbadis who will discuss his involvement with the Pledge campaign and encourage others affected by partial-onset seizures to speak candidly with their doctors and loved ones, and go online to take their own Pledge.
25 Jun 2013
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Simplify your own life while helping others around the world. .. The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN ***********
6 Mar 2009
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dont view if you dont want to see the ending.. contains spoilers..
21 Sep 2010
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He learned the pledge at daycare, and surprised me one night as we were eating dinner. I just had to show it to the world, I am so proud. We live in a great nation, and the sooner our children learn how great it is, the better.
24 Jan 2007
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Multi-year Partnership Announced with WWF to Conserve and Protect Freshwater Resources The Coca-Cola Company has pledged to lead its global beverage operations, including those of its franchise bottlers, to replace the water it uses in its beverages and their production. The Company will focus its actions in three core areas: 1) reducing the water used to produce its beverages 2) recycling water used for beverage manufacturing processes 3) replenishing water in communities and nature. The pledge was announced on June 5th, World Environment Day, at the annual meeting of WWF in Beijing, China, where the Company launched a multi-year partnership with WWF to conserve and protect freshwater resources. This $20 million (US) commitment from The Coca-Cola Company to WWF will be used to help conserve seven of the world's most important freshwater river basins, support more efficient water management in its operations and global supply chain, and reduce the Company's carbon footprint. For more information about The Coca-Cola Company, please visit: www.thecoca-colacompany****
6 Jun 2007
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I Pledge Allegiance . . .The American Dream Comes True for 1,000 Immigrants Sworn In as U.S. Citizens at Walt Disney World Resort, July 4 Gala July 4th Ceremonies Included Performances by Gloria Estefan, Lee Greenwood To streaking jets and daytime fireworks, more than 1,000 immigrants from dozens of countries realized their dream of becoming United States citizens Wednesday during a gala Fourth of July swearing-in at Walt Disney World Resort. For the first time in its 35-year history, Main Street, U.S.A. at Disney's Magic Kingdom theme park was the backdrop as Disney Parks and Resorts and United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) jointly hosted a swearing-in ceremony on the forecourt of Cinderella Castle. The event was open to park guests who led the cheering for the celebrants. Presided over by Director of USCIS Emilio Gonzalez, dreamers from more than 100 countries raised their right hand and took the Oath of Allegiance to become citizens. The ceremony featured the presentation of the colors, a keynote address by U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez, R-Fla., the national anthem performed by Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Gloria Estefan, the Oath of Allegiance and the Pledge of Allegiance. USCIS also recognized Estefan and her husband Emilio as outstanding "Americans by Choice" for being exemplary naturalized citizens.
5 Jul 2007
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Obama Takes on Question of Christian Faith Keywords: 2008 Election, Barack Obama, Barack Obama 2008, Christian Faith, Religion, Calling, Committed Christian, Christianity, Prayer, Barack Obama Muslim, Barack Obama Race, Democratic Presidential Candidate, Democratic Primary, Obama, Obama Muslim, Obama Muslim Email, Obama Muslim Smear, Obama Pledge Of Allegiance, Pledge Of Allegiance, Breaking Politics News COLUMBIA, S.C. — Barack Obama is stepping up his effort to correct the misconception that he's a Muslim now that the presidential campaign has hit the Bible Belt. At a rally to kick off a weeklong campaign for the South Carolina primary, Obama tried to set the record straight from an attack circulating widely on the Internet that is designed to play into prejudices against Muslims and fears of terrorism. "I've been to the same church _ the same Christian church _ for almost 20 years," Obama said, stressing the word Christian and drawing cheers from the faithful in reply. "I was sworn in with my hand on the family Bible. Whenever I'm in the United States Senate, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. So if you get some silly e-mail ... send it back to whoever sent it and tell them this is all crazy. Educate." Obama is referring to a debunked chain e-mail circulating widely on the Internet that suggests he is hiding his Islamic roots and may be a terrorist in disguise. It says he was sworn into the Senate on the Quran and turns his back on the flag during the pledge. There are some truths in the e-mail's details. Obama's middle name is Hussein. His father and stepfather were Muslim. And he spent part of his childhood in Indonesia, a largely Muslim country. But he attended secular and Catholic schools, not a radical madrassa. His campaign has been pushing back against the false rumors all year. His aides decried an incorrect news report that Obama was educated in a Muslim madrassa and a section of his Web site is devoted to correct that and other false rumors circulating on the Internet. But they are stepping up the effort now that the campaign has hit South Carolina and soon turns to other southern states where religion is so important to voters. The campaign distributed an open letter from seven Jewish senators this weekend condemning the attacks; aides are planning an event this week to respond directly to the e-mails; and campaign representatives blanketed South Carolina churches Sunday with literature that touted Obama's Christian faith. One piece features photos of Obama praying with the words "COMMITTED CHRISTIAN" in large letters across the middle. It says Obama will be a president "guided by his Christian faith" and includes a quote from him saying, "I believe in the power of prayer." A second piece, which like the first doesn't mention the Muslim rumor, includes photos of Obama with his family and a caption that says they are active members of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. It explains how as a young man Obama "felt a beckoning of the spirit and accepted Jesus Christ into his life." Obama says he's going to fight harder against other mischaracterizations about his positions that he says are being perpetrated by rival Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband, the former president. "When I see Senator Clinton, President Clinton distort my words ... that is not a way to move the debate forward, that is not a way to help the American people," Obama said during his rally at the Columbia Convention Center. "I am not running for president just to become president, I'm running to help the American people. I'm not willing to say or do anything just to win an election."
23 Jan 2008
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In this edition, Holly from Help Our World has some holiday suggestions. For starters, she has a New Years resolution that is simple, effective, and easy to keep. Simply take the pledge! Go to www.tcpi**** and click on the Change A Light Pledge.
1 Feb 2008
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Clinton's New Math Your Daily Politics Video Blog: With the pledged delegate lead now out of reach, the Clinton campaign is focused on the popular vote. In today's episode of TPMtv, Greg Sargent looks at the different ways to slice and dice the numbers and what it would take for Sen. Clinton to grab hold of the popular vote lead.
25 Apr 2008
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