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Shilaj is one of the upcoming localities in Ahmedabad. This small area has been predicted to boom in great value in the future and is in fact on the rise in terms of value right now.
29 Mar 2017
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Here's a little glimpse into the wonderful Kairali Ayurvedic Healing Village in Palakkad, Kerala - an Ayurvedic wellness retreat built according to the principles of Vaastu and is also a licenced Ayurvedic Hospital. The detailed post on this will be up on the blog soon but till then, check out the calm, serene resort where one is serenaded by birdsong and the soothing sounds of water flowing, where one does Surya Namaskar with the rising sun peeking out from behind the trees and where the Sattvik food is nutritious and flavourful at the same time.
1 Apr 2017
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PTFE Braided SS304 perform brilliantly under challenging environmental and industrial conditions and hence its commercial usage is on the rise..
15 Apr 2017
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Nowadays you can easily book a perfect Airport Transfers deal at much reasonable prices all because of the rising market competition. There are innumerous car rental companies operating that offer good deals on both airport bus services as well as car services. The Airport Transfers service is suitable for individual travelers or those who are traveling with their families. Call us to book now (724)737-805.
19 Apr 2017
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Balanced Health Today Call Now 1(888)277-4980 Exposure to heavy metals is on the rise. We are all repeatedly exposed to toxins on a daily basis, whether it is through the food we eat, the air we breathe or the products we use. Modern living and convenience carries a steep price. Toxicity is such a problem that babies are now BORN with toxins, due to the toxic load of their mothers. A 2004 study by the Environmental Working Group EWG found that blood samples from newborns contained an average of 287 toxins, including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and chemicals in non-stick cookware. Causes of Chronic Heavy Metal Exposures Heavy metal toxicity can result from either acute or chronic exposure to heavy metals. Chronic exposure commonly comes from mercury-based amalgam fillings, chemical residues in foods, mercury in vaccines and flu shots, toxins in personal care products, household products, industrial exposures, air and water pollution to name a few. Some professions carry a higher risk for heavy metal exposure such as anyone in the dental profession including dental office staff, hairdressers, artists, and lab workers. Individuals who have chronic conditions or weakened immune systems can be more susceptible in developing heavy metal toxicity, as they are not able to excrete these toxins as efficiently as someone with a stronger disposition. Many times, symptoms of metal toxicity are misdiagnosed as chronic illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, autism or depression. Causes of Acute Heavy Metal Exposures Mishandled metals at a job site Chemical and heavy metal spills even from a broken mercury thermometer Chronic exposure happens over a period of time, and includes: Having mercury amalgams silver fillings in teeth Living in a home built prior to 1978 that has lead-based paint Smoking and/or inhaling second-hand smoke Eating foods such as contaminated fish that contain high levels of heavy metals Living near a landfill
23 Apr 2017
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The Animals Version - House On The Rising Sun, Wish They Didnt Hear This!Check Back Soon For A Better Version & More Classic Songs {SLOW GUITARING}
28 Jan 2007
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A video with great message...against the rising threat of falling ethics in case of digital world...Man have started to live in a deceptive world,,, Lets join hands and pass this message... Rate this video... Because that bring this video to top and make this visible to a wider audience...
29 Aug 2007
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*******www.theindiastreet**** The Harley Davidson Motorcycles for India Mangoes deal is discussed (no we're not making that up) as well as the Rising Rupee. *******www.theindiastreet****
12 Oct 2007
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"The Rise of BlinkoGold" recaps one year of success of Buongiorno's consumer brand-BlinkoGold. The video presents "The BlinkoGold Wall", a huge photo mosaic representing the BlinkoGold logo, which entered in the Guinness World Records. www.buongiorno**** (more)
18 Oct 2007
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Part 1_ Venture Capital TV (VC-TV) covers the CATA Women in Technology Conference Start-up Ladies on the Rise.
19 Nov 2007
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Part 3 of 3: Venture Cap TV (VC-TV) covers Start-Up Women on the Rise featuring Roanne Levitt, founder of QualiSoft
22 Nov 2007
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Youth Crime on the Rise ******* id=34 HOLIDAY WONDERS,Best Gift for All! *******holidaywonders****/ *******bestchineseshows****/
7 Dec 2007
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John Boyd playing old Traditional tune "House of the Rising Sun"
23 Nov 2008
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The Rising Sun Quest takes a few minutes to speak with Adam Bernard about his career and his crew.
28 Feb 2008
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"The Rising" An American Bald Eagle carved from a single 3,000 pound log of red oak. Jason carved the Figure on site in Ernest Park in Kensington Maryland. The figure took 2 weeks to carve. It was created by Jason as a loving memorial to his Niece Katie. Special thanks to Russell Morris for permission to use his beautiful song in the video, "Wings of an Eagle"
3 Apr 2008
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My friends and I are big fans of GI Joe. What started out as a tiny trailer became a bigger than expected one. This is in no way affiliated with the new GI Joe film. Sorry if you thought this was the real trailer. I can't wait to see that too. Del from Hell Studios & NCL Studios present GI Joe - The Rise Of Cobra We hope you enjoy. Websites are under construction. www.delfromhellstudios**** www.nclstudios**** Or you can check out our friends' sites. www.thekimeleon**** {Baroness} www.zone3photo**** {Firefly}
23 Apr 2008
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