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Check out a video review that features best and worst scenes and quotes from the movie Dark Knight of the Scarecrow. Southern Lynch Mobs, Beer and Guns never amount to anything good...
14 Apr 2008
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The Black Cat Bones is a South African rock band formed in Silverton, Pretoria in 2007. The group consists of founding members Kobus de Kock jr (vocals) and Andre Kriel (guitars) with Chris vd Walt (bass) and Jason Oosthuizen (drums) rounding off what is considered to be one of the current top performing acts in the country. Performing a Felice Brothers cover "Don't wake the Scarecrow" live at one of South Africas biggest alternative music festivals, Oppikoppi.
3 Jul 2016
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13 Dec 2007
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A beautiful black and white animation of a sad scarecrow
24 Jan 2008
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Animated short done using paper cut outs
26 Apr 2008
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very short film of a genuinely scary scarecrow witch
26 Aug 2008
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Robin, Tom, Kendra, Tyler, and me. Damn that stolen raincoat!!!
11 Dec 2008
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Click here *******alturl****/uuqu . The lifespan of recently released movies titles are often very short as they are removed often due to copyright issues. So kindly hurry, before Messengers 2 videos are even taken down from my site. Enjoy Messengers 2!
26 Jul 2009
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7 May 2010
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The human alikes: President Georgi Parvanov (Gotse), Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev, Parliamentary Speaker Georgi Pirinski, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivaylo Kalfin, Minister of Finance Plamen Oresharski, Minister of Interior Rumen Petkov, former chief secretary of the Ministry of Interior and current Mayor of Sofia Boyko Borissov failed to take into account and still escape any human moral sense, any conscience. Yes, they do resemble humans, but in fact are freaks behind human-faced masks. They impudently override the Bulgarian constitution and the Convention on the Rights of the Child - and fail to meet the court rulings. Ladies and Gentlemen European citizens, Bulgaria is plagued with state banditry, which is worse than any kind of mafia known to the world. Therefore, on 21 September 2007, at 12:00 o’clock, in front of my house, at the neighborhood where Savestin (his name means conscience!), I will demonstratively set on fire the scarecrows depicting those seven in-humans I mentioned above. They bear the guilt for the abduction of my son and for the existing human and child trafficking in Bulgaria – their lack of activity is beyond any doubt criminal. THE BULGARIAN STATE HAS FAILED TO ORGANIZE THE SEARCH AND HAS NOT RETURNED HOME ANY CHILD PROCLAIMED MISSING, INCLUDING SAVESTIN.. Accept this as an invitation to attend my protest.
21 Sep 2007
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! A Commuter Costume as The Commuter does the Scarecrow!
2 Nov 2007
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Just an experimental animation test made only from still photos by Carlos Lascano. (Animation director of "The Legend of the Scarecrow"). I'll appreciate you rate it!!.thanks
3 Jan 2008
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Sprankelende en meeslepende musical over Dorothy Gale, een weeskind uit Kansas dat bij haar oom en tante in een grauwe streek in Kansas woont. Wanneer hun boerderij wordt getroffen door een tornado, wordt ze geraakt door rondvliegend puin. Als ze weer bijkomt, bevindt ze zich in het prachtige land van Oz, een magische plek met heksen, dwergen en tovenaars. De enige die Dorothy kan helpen om weer naar huis terug te keren, is de Wizard of Oz. De reis naar zijn kasteel, over de yellow brick road, is een enerverende tocht waarbij ze wordt bijgestaan door een aantal onverwachte vrienden, zoals The Scarecrow, The Tin Man en The Cowardly Lion.
1 Dec 2011
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The clip The scarecrow from Batman Begins (2005) with Tom Wilkinson, Cillian Murphy Dr. Crane, thanks for coming. Not at all. He cut his wrists? Probably looking for the insanity plea. But if anything should happen... Of course, better safe than sorry. Yeah, Dr. Crane, I can't take it anymore. It's all too much. The walls are closing in. Blah, blah, blah. A couple of days of this food, it'll be true. I wanna know how you're gonna convince me to keep my mouth shut. About what? You don't know anything. I know you don't want the cops to take a closer look at the drugs they seized. And I know about your experiments with the inmates of your nut house. See, I don't go into business with a guy without finding out his dirty secrets. And those goons you used. I own the muscle in this town. Now, I've been bringing your stuff in for months so whatever he's planning, it's big, and I want in. Well, I already know what he'll say. That we should kill you. Even he can't get me in here. Not in my town. Would you like to see my mask? I use it in my experiments. Now, I'm probably not very frightening to a guy like you. But these crazies, they can't stand it. So when did the nut take over the nut house? They scream and they cry much as you're doing now. Well, he's not faking. Not that one. I'll talk to the judge and see if I can get him moved to the secure wing at Arkham. I can't treat him here.
10 Nov 2011
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The clip the scarecrow sings the crow anthem from The Wiz (1978) I gotta sing that thing again? You gotta libretti it 'til you get it Elucidate Reiterate And syncopate You can't win You can't break even And you can't get outta the game People keep sayin' Things are gonna change but they look just like They're stayin' the same You get in way over your head And you only got yourself to blame You can't win, child You can't win, child You can't break even You can't get outta the game You can't win The world keeps movin' And you're standin' far behind People keep sayin' Things'll get better Just to ease your state of mind So you lean back And you smoke that smoke And you drink your glass of wine Sayin' you can't win child You can't break even And you can't get outta the game You can't win You can't win no way if your story stays the same You ain't winnin' Oh, no But I'd like to see you I'm awfully glad you came Better cool it 'cause it ain't about losin' Then the world has got no shame You can't win, child Can't break even Can't get outta the game
15 Nov 2011
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The clip the scarecrow sings the crow anthem Part 2 from The Wiz (1978) You can't win You can't break even Ain't the way it's supposed to be You'll be spendin' your little bit of money Oh, no While someone else rides for free Learned your lesson Ooh! Refuel your mind before some turkey blows out your flame And you can't win, child No, you can't win You can't win, child No, you can't win You can't win, child No, you can't win You can't win, child No, you can't win You can't win, child Can't break even And you can't get outta the game You can't get outta the game You can't get out Ooh! Of the game No, no, no
15 Nov 2011
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