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Rock Guitar Solo to the Scorpions Rock You Like A Hurricane
23 Aug 2007
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Same kind of spider as in the scorpion in a spiders web video that i did, but not the same spider. I was outside havin a smoke and saw the spider. i had a praying mantis fly by me grabbin moths outta the air that were flyin around the light. Got my camera and outta 30 min of video captured this for yall to see.
4 Oct 2007
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Pirates sail on Singapore River It was a visual treat when students and staff in pirate costumes competed in the Inter-SP School Bamboo Warriors Race at this year's Singapore River Raft Race. Read on to find out who was the winner. Pirates ruled the Singapore River on Sunday, 20 May. Eight rafts, manned by students and staff dressed as pirates, battled it out during a spectacular 100-metre race called 'Bamboo Warriors' at the annual Singapore River Raft Race. The event was inspired by the movie 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. The raft from the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering emerged the winner, followed by UN Pirates from Singapore Maritime Academy while the raft from the School of Chemical & Life Sciences came in third. It was not an easy task propelling the raft forward using bamboo poles to push against the river bed, remarked participant Captain Frederick Francis from Singapore Maritime Academy which took the Most Innovative 'Pirates Raft' title. This year's event at Clarke Quay saw more than 100 rafts from secondary schools, ITEs, international schools, tertiary institutions and private companies taking part. The guest-of-honour, Dr Amy Khor, Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, flagged of the first race. Another highlight was the inaugural 'Walking on Water' event for secondary schools which was a 50-metree race using special floatation devices. Whitley Secondary School came in first in this event. For a similar event but this time for Singapore Polytechnic students, the first prize went to Tan Wei Kiang of the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. SP was the biggest winner this year, with rafts from the School of the Built Environment clinching the second and third places in the fastest race contest. This helped SP to emerge overall champions, sharing the victory with ITE College West. ITE Dover took the Most Innovative Raft title with their raft 'The Scorpion' while the Most Colourful Raft title went to 'Chilli Crab' of ITE Balestier. As fund-raising is very much a part of RRR, a sum of $83,724 was collected for this year's beneficiaries - Autism Children's Centre, The Salvation Army Haven Children's Home, Clementi Student Service Centre and Singapore Polytechnic's Overseas Community Service Programme. This year's event also featured various fringe activities including a special sail-past featuring characters from the 'Pirates of the Caribbean', canoe display, art contest, Food and Heritage Tour, in-line skating demonstration as well as rock-climbing, netball and floorball competitions.
19 Nov 2007
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rock you like a hurricane- by the scorpions......enjoy
29 Nov 2007
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(Rinse and Repeat on the other side) The Scorpion Thrust (a variation of the one-legged squat thrust) will work your lower back, fry your quads, hamstrings and of course your glutes. Tips - (1) As you kick your legs back pause briefly and squeeze the glute of the leg in the air. *NB* Please consult a doctor before starting any new exercise programme.
17 Jul 2008
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22 Nov 2008
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3rd day back to Evansville's festival where we sample the Scorpion Lollipops, ride the Ferris Wheel, and discover a bad ass boy band sensation: Captain Krunch & the Cereal Killers. Watch more Fall Festival videocasts on Tripodder****
1 Oct 2008
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Sit in on a fascinating behind-the-scenes story of how inspiration created a hydrogen eco-friendly super sports car as well as created a viral marketing movement. Meet Ronn Maxwell, who designed the Scorpion for Ronn Motors, as Joe Vitale interviews him
26 Nov 2008
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Joe Vitale interviews Ronn Maxwell about his hydrogen sports car, the Scorpion, and discusses the Tesla, governments, car guys, etc.
26 Nov 2008
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Jeri Ryan as Seven Of Nine in Star Trek Voyager episode 4x01 The Scorpion, Scene 01
30 Mar 2009
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Meet Kanchana Ketkaew, aka 'The Scorpion Queen', who's spent 33 days locked up with 5000 scorpions.
27 Mar 2009
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*******tinyurl****/free-tattoo - 1000's of AMAZING TATTOO DESIGNS AND FLASHES Scorpio the scorpion is the most intense, profound, powerful character in the zodiac. Common strong points are determination, strong emotion and intuition, power and passion and also excitement and magnetism. But, if you know any Scorpios, you also know that they have their weaknesses too
19 May 2009
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