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King Khan & The Shrines perform "Land of the Freak" at Scion Garage Fest 2010. For more information and content visit us at scionav****/​garage
16 Apr 2011
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King Khan & The Shrines perform "Land of the Freak" at Scion Garage Fest 2010. For more information and content visit us at scionav****/​garage
16 Apr 2011
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Before Kristen Bell took the stage as the first-ever host of the 24th Annual SAG Awards, the nominees and soon-to-be winners walked the red carpet at the Shrine Auditorium in LA.
22 Jan 2018
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Interview with King Kahn at the Pitchfork Music Festival 2008. See more videos at boostmobilecommunity**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
15 Aug 2008
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The Ponys are interviewed at Scion Garage Fest 2010. For more information and content visit us at www.scionav****/garagefest
17 Apr 2011
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Grammy-nominated, Nigerian musician Femi Kuti explains the importance of African unity and awareness given the continent's colonial history and current political systems as the impetus for his new album, Africa for Africa.
17 May 2011
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If you meet someone from Ghana, just ask the person if he/she knows where Mankessim is located? One thing that even most Ghanaians do not know is that there are three of the Mankessims in Ghana. There is Mankessim the Borbor, Gomua Mankessim and the old Mankessim in the Brong Ahafo region near Takyiman. This is a footage of the borborfantse Mankessim, famous for its market centre and the shrine. Want to visit Ghana, dont forget to visit the place, it is worth the experience. This video is an introduction to a documentary of the community. It is a project of the GHANA SPACE YOUTH media project. Support for this program is by OBAATANPA House of Hope International Ministry and ICACA-Ghana.
12 Nov 2007
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This year, for the first time ever, nominees for the 34th Annual People's Choice Awards were celebrated with an official Crest + Scope People's Choice Nomination Announcement Party. The event also kicked off voting for Crest + Scope's three finalists from the 'Smile Bright in the Spotlight' search, on SmileSpotlight****. The winner of the 'Smile Bright in the Spotlight' contest will be announced on Monday, December 10, 2007. The lucky contest winner and five friends will get to experience all the glamour and excitement of Hollywood and the red carpet. The winner will also take the spotlight as the official Miss/Mister People's Choice, presenting trophies onstage at the 34th Annual People's Choice Awards. The 34th Annual People's Choice Awards will air from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Tuesday, Jan. 8 (9:00-11:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network. As the first award show of 2008, The 34th Annual People's Choice Awards honors fan favorites in television, movies and music. Produced for P&G
29 Nov 2007
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Honeyspace is an oasis of fresh thinking about art and its presentation — it is closer to the process of making it than to the process of selling it — despite its location in the midst of Chelsea’s booming commercial galleries. This is largely because the space is run not by a dealer, but by an artist: the sculptor Thomas Beale. The gallery is unmarked, no one is guarding the space, it has no sleek white walls and no commercial purpose. The building owner donated studio space to Beale and supported his radical idea to open an unmonitored gallery. Since it first opened in February of this year, Honeyspace has gained a lot of attention for its provocative ideas and shows. Honeyspace’s fourth show is called Portrait of Silvia Elena, a memorial to 17-year-old Silvia Elena Rivera Morales who was killed in 1995 — one of the first victims of the unsolved femicides taking place in Juarez, Mexico over the past 10 years. The installation is a collaborative project by Swoon, a New York artist, famous for placing her wheatpaste cutouts on the streets of New York as well as showing them at MoMA, Brooklyn Museum and Deitch Projects, and Tennessee Jane Watson, a documentarian and social activist. Most visitors stumble upon the unmarked gallery, where a small framed note on the wall invites them into the raw basement to see the piece. Shabby stairs lead viewers underground and one cannot help but be submerged in the somber mood of the installation. Such a departure from a safe guarded gallery in the rest of Chelsea drastically changes the usual gallery experience. The installation includes sound recordings by Watson, shrine elements and an intricate cut out portrait of Silvia Elena by Swoon. The only explanation of the piece is in the corner of Honeyspace’s street level. The shrine on the table is made out of flowers, candles lighting the posters of the disappeared women, photographs of the commemorative pink crosses spread along the roads of Juarez and snapshots of the girls among their friends and family before their tragic disappearances. To date, over 500 women and girls have been confirmed killed in Juarez, and more an 1000 have disappeared. Most of the victims are young, poor, and have been sexually assaulted prior to their deaths. The local police has been extremely ineffective in solving the 10 year old terror. Earlier this year, during the trip to Juarez, Swoon and Watson met Silvia Elena’s mother Ramona Morales. They recorded Ramona’s recount of Silvia’s disappearance, traveled together to Silvia’s grave and brought back photographs of Silvia. By inviting us to mourn together with them, Swoon and Watson bring emotion into the cold news stories we read and hear everyday of events taking place in Mexico, a place so far away, yet so close.
20 Jun 2008
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Just a short video that shows you our intro to the keynote, what was outside the Shrine, and how it was kicked off. Distributed by Tubemogul.
21 Jul 2008
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Ave Maria! In Stockbridge, MA at the Shrine of The Divine Mercy, Friar Roderic gets an interview with Dan Valenti. Dan speaks of his work as editor and senior writer for thedivinemercy**** and how its associated with the promulgation of the Divine Mercy message and devotion, emphasizing its universal message and importance especially for the world today. Ave Maria!
27 Aug 2008
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Another pullout The ongoing discussion within the Israeli cabinet to compensate settler's who voluntarily decided to evacuate their homes, has left the residents of both the West Bank and Gaza strip enraged. The plan emerged after Israel reportedly offered the Palestinians about 93% of the West Bank which means that dozens of isolated settlements will have to be evacuated. Majority settlers doubt the viability of the proposal and have refused to accept the same given the pitiable condition in which the evacuees of the 2005 Gaza pullout have been forced to live. Most of them are still facing resettlement problems in terms of housing and employment. Many believe that the issue stretches beyond compensation and has much to do with the values and ideology which the current government lacks when it comes to dealing with the Palestinians. The government fails to understand that it is displacing its own citizens to the detriment of its own national interest. How can the proposed pullout buy peace when a similar withdrawal conducted three years back failed to stop attacks from Gaza into Israeli territory? Kenyan turmoil Kenya has obvious reasons to celebrate these days. Reason being the 14 medal won by the country's Olympic team in Beijing and then watching Barack Obama, the son of a Kenyan civil servant accept the Democratic nomination to be president of the United States. But for how will this good cheer last when the country has yet to recover from the post election violence that ravaged the country and pushed forth a fragile coalition that is struggling to take decisions to tackle country's manifold political an economic problems. Since the bloodshed of January and February, the economy's progress has been jerky – whether its agriculture or tourism. Exports have been hit by high fuel prices. The country's stock exchange is trading flat. While the double digit growth seems unattainable the prevailing mistrust between Mr. Kibaki's Party of National Unity (PNU) and Mr. Odinga's Orange Democratic Movement is denting investor confidence. Both the parties must understand that much has already been lost to the mechanisms of fractured, ethnically divided politics in the past, their drift cannot be allowed to create hurdles in further progress. Rising stocks The Indo US nuclear deal is a boon for Indian power and construction firms. The shares of these companies rose this week on hopes of growing business opportunities, after the Nuclear Suppliers Group nations lifted a 34-year-old nuclear trade ban against India. This spells out good opportunities for the companies and the investors engaged in power, construction and power-equipment businesses. State-run NTPC Ltd, power equipment maker Bharat Heavy Electricals, Areva T&D, Alstom Projects, Tata Power, construction firms Larsen & Toubro, Hindustan Construction Co and Gammon India have since the announcement registered a rise in their stocks. The deal will certainly help the growth of few local firms with expertise in building nuclear power plants. Low competition and inadequate expertise could ensure strong business potential for companies already present in the segment. The construction of new nuclear power plants will also help generate economies of scale in terms of infrastructure, employment opportunities etc. Gods protecting geek gadgets In high-tech Japan, not only programmers provide protection from viruses and other computer bugs, but also the gods. At Tokyo's Kanda-Myojin Shinto shrine, the faithful can bring their computer and have the priests use centuries-old ceremonies to ask the gods for help and protection for their computer. The shrine is located near the Akihabara quarter, Tokyo's technology hub and popular destination for geeks and lovers of the latest electronic gadgets. Kanda-Myojin's religious protection services have proven popular among information-technology entrepreneurs in Japan's capital. Shinto is Japan's indigenous religion. Shrines offer protection to the faithful throughout their lives, be it at births or on the road. It is not unusual for priests for a little fee to conduct cleansing and protection rituals not only for people but also for objects, from houses to new cars.
9 Sep 2008
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