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In the spirit of all the sports happening right now, Gav and Dan come up with slightly more entertaining version of tennis. Follow Gav on Twitter - ********twitter****/GavinFree Follow Dan on Twitter - ********twitter****/DanielGruchy Shot at 2500fps with a Phantom Flex camera.
9 Aug 2012
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Follow Gav on Twitter - ********twitter****/#!/GavinFree Follow Dan on Twitter - ********twitter****/#!/DanielGruchy Gav and Dan practice the world famous Happy Gilmore drive, with mixed levels of success. Shot at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex.
13 Sep 2012
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A heck of a lot of people asked Gav and Dan to film this in slow motion. CAN'T LET DOWN THE PEOPLE, CAN WE? Follow on Twitter - ********twitter****/GavinFree ********twitter****/DanielGruchy Inspired by this video - ***********/watch?v=eCMmmEEyOO0&feature=related Filmed at 1600fps with a Phantom Flex
3 Oct 2012
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Gav and Dan give you a brief insight into what they get up to in their free time. Oh... and there's some slow mo too. Follow us on twitter: Gav - ********twitter****/GavinFree Dan - ********twitter****/DanielGruchy Filmed at 1000fps with a Phantom Flex
19 Oct 2012
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Gav celebrates good times by firing corks from champagne bottles into the side of Dan's head. Dan felt pretty sore afterwards, but after he'd downed all the leftovers, he felt great again. Strange how that works.
14 Nov 2012
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Gav and Dan reenact a scene from Inception... except in a back garden in South England. Watch in HD! Follow us on Twitter! Gav - ********twitter****/GavinFree Dan - ********twitter****/DanielGruchy Filmed at 1600fps in with a Phantom Flex high-speed camera.
20 Nov 2012
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In this Easter Special, Gav with the help of his neighbours trash a bunch of eggs in the messiest way possible. Happy Easter and all that. Egg to the face at 2500fps Golf club and air pistol at 5000fps
2 Jan 2013
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Gav and Dan repaint the garden the only way they know how... With slow motion explosions! Filmed at 1600fps with a Phantom Flex. Follow Gav on Twitter - ********twitter****/GavinFree Follow Dan on Twitter - ********twitter****/DanielGruchy
15 Jan 2013
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Gav and Dan find an interesting way to paint ceilings 600 times slower than you can see with your regular human eyeball! Follow Gav on Twitter - ********twitter****/GavinFree Follow Dan on Twitter - ********twitter****/DanielGruchy Filmed at 15,000fps with a Phantom V1610
12 Apr 2013
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Over the months you lot have been asking us a lot of questions. Finally, Gav and Dan sit down and give answers to the questions as well as discuss other behind the scenes aspects. Visit the channel for the entire slow mo guys backlog!
30 Apr 2013
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Gav makes Dan chew up 3 Digestive Biscuits really fast. What a crummy video.
1 May 2013
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It's Wednesday of Banger Week! Wednesday sounds like a good day for Gav and Dan to destroy childhood memories. Follow Gav on Twitter - ********twitter****/GavinFree Follow Dan on Twitter - ********twitter****/DanielGruchy
2 May 2013
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Gav ruins some perfectly good beverages with a crossbow IN SUPER SLOW MOTION! Follow on Twitter - ********twitter****/GavinFree Shot at 2500fps with a Phantom Flex
19 Jun 2013
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Gav and Dan show you what happens when a TV from the late 80s meets a hammer from the late 90s.
30 Jan 2015
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not my video i uploaded for entertainment only :D Messi gets hit in face with a football The Legend of Lionel Messi - Lionel Messi Dribbles and Skills - Messi VS Maradona - Messi - messi skill fantastique - Ronaldinho Gaúcho (SHOW IS BACK) vs. Lionel Messi - Messi VS C.Ronaldo VS Ronaldinho Vs Henry VS Zlatan - Kaka, Lampard, Messi, Henry, Arshavin Afrique du Sud - UNBELIEVABLE FREESTYLE TRICKS [HQ] Messi en los Simpsons - messi & ronaldinho 2008 - FIFA 12 Goals of the Week Messi Special - ball in face - Little girl gets DESTROYED by ball - Foot 2007 (Rémi GAILLARD) - Foot 2008 (Rémi GAILLARD) - Foot 2009 (Rémi GAILLARD) - Foot 2010 (Rémi GAILLARD) - Making of Foot 2010 Rémi GAILLARD - Urban Touchdown Rémi GAILLARD - Rugby (Rémi GAILLARD) - Final Cup (Rémi GAILLARD) - The Stupid Cup (Rémi GAILLARD) - Ronaldo Vs Rémi Gaillard - LIONEL MESSI TOP 30 GOALS!!! - Lionel Messi - the longest goal ever in history - You can watch this 100 times and still laugh - Messi impresionante desde niño - Joga Bonito - Messi con 10 años - NEYMAR AOS 13 ANOS JA ERA FAMOSO - Lionel Messi se burla de Mourinho - Messi Humillando a Grandes Jugadores - messi cars V c.ronaldo Cars - CRISTIANO RONALDO RACING A BUGATTI - Football to the Face in Slow motion - The Slow Mo Guys - Comedy Football- Messi and his Girlfriend Swimming with Dolphins - Mourinho provoca a Messi - Robinho and his Son - Messi's shot on the Madrid fans [HQ] - reportera recibe balonazo - ¿Se estaba riendo Messi después del pelotazo al público del Bernabeu?- NEW FOOTBALL COMEDY BEST FUNNY FOOTBALL - Comedy Football - Worlds Fastest Player!!!!! -
24 Dec 2011
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Gav shows you the deepest innards of his right eyeball. Is it for science? Is it because it's disgusting? Who knows. Shot with a Phantom Flex at 1000fps My Iris Wobbles! - The Slow Mo Guys
4 Nov 2012
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