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The Whole Teams' Players Get In Trouble When The Grass Is Wet By Rain , But When Talking About Street Football And Rainy Road Bad Thing Usually Happen Puppy Shot
7 Jun 2007
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The clip The Kung Fu Master from Shao Lin san shi liu fang (1978) Sir Behold, the Buddha says Emptiness is the Eternal Five No sight, sound, smell, taste, sense The five flavours dull the taste The five tones deafen the ear The five colours blind the eye It can also not be seen But it won't pass away Being at one is eternal But all things will come to you Without wisdom... without... Leave! No wisdom, no gain Gaining is not continuant All men will come to me one For there lies rest And happiness and peace It's invisible and inaudible And it's inexhaustible Can you hear the sound of bells? The heart is calm. We hear nothing How often do you recite the sutras?
13 Nov 2011
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