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I thought I'd put my basketball hoop next to the tramp and try some dunks.
28 Dec 2017
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A Funny or Die spoof of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo starring Emma Roberts and Joe Manganiello.
14 Dec 2011
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jumping like a ninja..better watch yo self
13 May 2007
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A dynamic and sensational performer in film, Charlie Chaplin was a pioneer of comedy in filmmaking, leaving an important and lasting influence. Kid Auto Races in Venice is a precious piece of Chaplin’s history, as it was the first time he ever appeared in his now iconic “Tramp” costume. The short comedy is flush with Chaplin’s charm, as he plays a dunderheaded tramp that continually interrupts the making of a movie. This meta-filmmaking was extremely innovative. Guided by one of the greatest film producers in history, Mack Sennett, this picture marks the birth of Charlie Chaplin as a pillar of cinema.
16 Mar 2008
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Twilight, Lady and the Tramp, Harold and Kumar
8 Feb 2012
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Some of the "more mature" people may not watch this, but I had fun making it.
8 May 2006
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Taken from the EA SPORTS website, here is one of the tutorial videos that will feature in FIFA 10. a look at the nice new trajectory of shots (what's that you say, shots that don't rise over the arsenal aston Villa Tim Lovejoy trailer reviews FIFA
8 Oct 2009
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Todd tackles subjects he might not be ready to understand in this weeks newest releases to DVD/Blu-Ray/Streaming for the week of 3/27.
28 Mar 2012
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Us doing some random tricks and stunts on the tramp!
27 Sep 2006
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Ronnie the tramp dancing the can can in a park in exmouth for his dinner
26 Dec 2006
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Chaplin was also one of the most creative and influential personalities in the silent film era. He acted in, directed, scripted, produced, and eventually scored his own films. His working life in entertainment spanned over 65 years, from the Victorian stage and music hall in England as a child performer, almost until his death at the age of eighty-eight. Chaplin's high-profile public and private life encompassed highs and lows with both adulation and controversy.His principal character was "The Tramp" (known as "Charlot" in France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Turkey). "The Tramp" is a vagrant with the refined manners and dignity of a gentleman. The character wears a tight coat, over sized trousers and shoes, a derby, carries a bamboo cane, and has a signature toothbrush mustache.
10 Aug 2007
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Porcelain and the Tramps - My Leftovers AMV Mainly dedicated to Yuna and Tidus from FFX
22 Aug 2007
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The dead dog jump on the south coast of england world class riders from the tramp team mixing it up to heavy music.. See to beleave
30 Jan 2009
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Written and arranged by me. I would encourage any viewers out there to use my lyrics to compose their own version of my song and post as a video reply!! ==== == Lyrics: She comes out the ghetto without any friends Rolls to the Mall in her Mercedes Benz Side to side pony tails and smackin' gum Cut off shorts, black and white pumps She turns around and drops to bend down And what do you see trying to fight its way out Start at the clamp Ride the flap to the crack Discover the prize down on the back The Tramp Stamp (I love tramp stamps) Nice colors and contrast because there's no tan Can't tell what it is, you can only see half Is it an angel or Disney cartoon? Heart with thorns? Sun and a moon? Pull down those jeans, 'cause I wanna see That rainbow and butterfly flapping its wings Start at the clamp Ride the flap to the crack Discover the prize down on the back The Tramp Stamp (I love tramp stamps) She might be shy or not bashful at all With a sign like that there's no need to talk A message to you and your buddies too Let's have fun, easy for you Skip dinner and drinks, no need for cash Just give her the time and see the other half. Start at the clamp Ride the flap to the crack Discover the prize down on the back The Tramp Stamp (I love tramp stamps) (And so do you)==
5 Jan 2009
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Directed And Written By Charles Chaplin / Clyde Bruckman. Starring: Charlie Chaplin, Jackie Coogan, Edna Purviance. Charlie Chaplin's first starring role in a feature film was also written and directed by the star himself and took a whole year to make. The Tramp (Chaplin) discovers an abandoned baby and eventually adopts it as his own. Years later, the mother has become famous and begins looking for her son. The Tramp and The Kid (Jackie Coogan) live in the tenements and manage to enjoy their poor but happy life together. Circumstances arise that bring the mother and our duo together for a touching finale.
17 Nov 2009
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Some nice jumps off the tramp Distributed by Tubemogul.
29 Jan 2010
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