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Since their inception,the italian LAST CALL BACK HOME has evolved from a run-of-the-mill core band into a fluid, dynamic, and energized rock group that adeptly blends emotive melodys, charged punk rock rhythms, and chunky, engaging bottom end. LAST CALL BACK HOME formed in early 2010 in their vocalist's studio.they needed some months to work out and find their perfect formation and in the meantime they wrote a handful of Alternative-rock songs that get on well with indie taste they'll get in the recording studio in july and they'll be working on their very first ep , the one with which they'll come out , the one with which they'll to get into your mind and to burst your eardrums
A few cars (F355, Maranello, S2000, Evo VI..) on a track day and on the way back home.
31 Aug 2006
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3 guys...bored one the way back home ;)
14 Feb 2007
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have you seen this bird? it maybe too drunk to find the way back home
14 Oct 2007
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14 Oct 2011
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Anne "Red" lives happily with her Mom somewhere at the end of town... until, quite suddenly, she gets into the mysterious, magic Ghost Forest. Looking for the way back home, she is forced to get through many difficult situations, to fight dangerous opponents and, what is most important, to learn how to make true friends. While she is struggling to overcome the fantastic and dangerous obstacles she is constantly confronted with, she slowly realizes that everything in this magic world depends on the answer to one single question: "Who are the ghosts ... and where do they come from?" Firmly determined to resolve the mystery, Anne starts a long and rather dangerous journey ...
12 Mar 2012
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HORSE THAT NO ONE OWNS M. Selander got my eyes wide open sand in my boots and broken heels all these roads, I have walked on but I m still here I have seen many seasons I remeber some sunny days and I know, that there can be thunder and rain and I know, that there can be thunder and rain CAN´T FIND THE WAY BACK HOME DON´T KNOW WHERE IT GOES I FEEL I ´M JUST RUNNING ON LIKE A HORSE, HORSE THAT NO ONE OWNS skies are blue, wind blowing it moves my hair, it touch my soul now it shows me, the direccion, to go on I have seen many reasons many ways, to survive and I know, there´s a one place, I have to know and I know, there´s a one place, I have to know CAN´T FIND THE WAY BACK HOME DON´T KNOW WHERE IT GOES I FEEL I ´M JUST RUNNING ON LIKE A HORSE, HORSE THAT NO ONE OWNS THAT NO ONE OWNS, THAT NO ONE OWNS CAN´T FIND THE WAY BACK HOME DON´T KNOW WHERE IT GOES I FEEL I ´M JUST RUNNING ON LIKE A HORSE, HORSE THAT NO ONE OWNS
11 Apr 2013
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