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The clip the inspector visits gwen from The Wolfman (2010) Miss Conliffe, good morning. Inspector. May I impose? I must ask you directly, have you seen Lawrence Talbot? I'm sure by now you've heard of his escape. Yes, I've heard. And, no, I haven't seen him. Miss Conliffe, I cannot stress to you enough the mortal peril you're in should you find yourself in his presence. Thank you. I'll be careful. Miss Conliffe, I admire your noble intentions. You think you can save him, but you can't. I must insist you come with me. Insist? He's not... Carter! He's not here, Inspector! Take your hand off me. Come on! Take your hand off me! Come on now, woman! Talbot? Raise your arms and step out where I can see you. Talbot? No! Come now! Come along! Now there's some bad luck for you.
10 Nov 2011
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