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Host Logan Leistikow takes you on a journey as he redefines man on the street, celebrity interviews, and sketch comedy.
From Album - 1995 - Strictly Commercial...By STUDIO DELTA
29 Apr 2018
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Audiobooks & Classic Poetry for downloads - mp3 *******www.ipodity**** "The Yellow Wallpaper" is a 6,000-word short story by American writer Charlotte Perkins Gilman. It was first published in 1891 in New England Magazine. It is regarded as an important early work of American feminist literature, illustrating attitudes in the 19th century toward women's physical and mental health. The story is written in the first person as a series of journal entries. The narrator is a woman whose husband — a physician — has confined her to the upstairs bedroom of a house he has rented for the summer. She is forbidden from working and has to hide her journal entries from him so that she can recuperate from what he has diagnosed as a "temporary nervous depression — a slight hysterical tendency;" a diagnosis common to women in that period.[1] The windows of the room are barred, and there is a gate across the top of the stairs, allowing her husband to control her access to the rest of the house. Audiobooks & Classic Poetry for downloads - mp3 *******www.ipodity****
28 Sep 2009
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The Yellow Wallpaper was written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, who gained much of her fame with lectures on women's issues, ethics, labor, human rights, and social reform.
4 Jul 2009
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******* - Download The Yellow Hankerchief full movie right here in high quality. Get unlimited 24/7 download access to all the top movies.
12 Apr 2010
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Crushed by gambling debts, Gu-nam (Ha Jung-woo), an ethnic Korean living in Yanbian, China, loses his job. He plays mah-jong to make some extra cash, but gradually his life only becomes more complicated and pathetic. One day he meets a hitman named Myun-ga (Kim Yun-seok) and he reluctantly agrees to cross the Yellow Sea and kill a businessman living in Seoul, in return for repayment of his debt. At the same time, he hopes to be reunited with his wife, who has not contacted him since leaving for Korea in search of work six months earlier. Gu-nam crosses the Yellow Sea and arrives in Seoul. Just before he gets to make his move, his target is murdered right in front of him and he is framed for the killing. Although Gu-nam manages to flee the scene, the police are on his trail. Additionally, the person who ordered the hit is attempting to wipe out all evidence of the crime by eliminating Gu-nam as well as Myun-ga in Yanji City. Now Gu-nam is on the run for the murder he did not commit and chased by those responsible for this mess.
21 Oct 2011
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Shadowbox präsentiert mit dem Actionthriller THE YELLOW SEA den neuen Film des visionären Regisseurs Na Hong-jin (THE CHASER). Er erzählt die Geschichte eines Mannes, der nach einem missglückten Attentat auf der Flucht ist. Regisseur Nas meisterhafte Inszenierung ist eine temporeiche Erzählung mit einer bahnbrechenden Mischung aus Action, Suspense und dramatischen Elementen, die seinen Ruf als innovativer Regisseur weiter untermauert. Auf der chinesischen Seite der chinesisch-russisch-koreanischen Grenze gibt es eine Region, die „Autonomer Bezirk Yanbian der Koreaner“ genannt wird. Die hohe Anzahl der dort lebenden Koreaner hat dazu geführt, dass die chinesische Regierung Yanbian zum unabhängigen Verwaltungsbezirk ernannt hat.
24 May 2012
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Legendary impressionist and voice artist, Joe Alaskey (Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Tweety Bird, Pepe Le Pew, Yosemite Sam, Doctor Octopus, Plucky Duck, Grandpa Lou Pickles from Rugrats, etc.) goes on the Hollywood Blvd. to speak to the people!
21 Apr 2010
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A convict is released from prison for an old murder and contemplates returning to his ex-wife and his former life.
1 Dec 2009
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En la ciudad de Yanji, entre Corea del Norte, China y Rusia, la mitad de la población vive de actividades ilegales. Un taxista llamado Gu-nam debe pagar la deuda que contrajo con la mafia que permitió a su mujer viajar a Corea del Sur en busca de una vida mejor. Consciente de que deberá trabajar durante años para recuperar el dinero, su única solución pasa por aceptar el peligroso trato que le propone el jefe mafioso Myun: cruzar la frontera de Corea del Sur para asesinar a una persona. No obstante, lo que parecía un plan sencillo pronto se complicará hasta límites insospechados.
5 Jan 2012
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VERY FUNNY - The YELLOW Page Challenge...can you beat my colleague?
7 Dec 2006
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Veteran fly fishing guide Big Jim Dykstra of Banff Alberta tells the story of "The Man in the Yellow Hat". Jim designed the fly to make it easier for near-sighted and aging anglers to still enjoy a day on the world-famous Bow River in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Jim can be reached at flyfishingbanff****. For more info on travel in Banff visit the official tourism site at banfflakelouise****
26 Jun 2009
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16 Jun 2008
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