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1:32 is back on the Skype wiretap with Sean Connery and the zombies from Resident Evil 4. Listen to this hilarious conversation between a legend and some not so friendly zombies. Watch and see if Connery can smooth talk the zombies like he does with the ladies.Creative Director & Executive Producer: Spencer Striker, written by Jordan Gershowitz and voiced by John Quick. Intro by Austin Lord and Zac Foutz.
10 Apr 2009
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"Time of the Season" is a song by The Zombies, featured on the 1968 album Odessey and Oracle. The song was written by keyboard player Rod Argent and recorded at Abbey Road Studios in August 1967. Several other songs from Odessey and Oracle were released as singles prior to "Time of the Season." Columbia Records supported the album and its singles at the urging of new A&R Rep, Al Kooper. One of the singles Kooper pushed for was the quite-uncommercial sounding "Butcher's Tale," which he and Columbia thought might catch on as an anti-war statement, at the time a popular trend. "Time of the Season" was only released at Kooper's urging, after previous singles flopped, and made its breakthrough in 1969, over a year after the band split up, reaching #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 early in the year. The song's characteristics include the unique voice of lead singer Colin Blunstone, the memorable bass riff, and Rod Argent's fast-paced psychedelic improvisation. The lyrics are an archetypical depiction of the emotions surrounding the Summer of Love. It is famous for its call-and-response verses "What's your name? (What's your name?)/Who's your daddy? (Who's your daddy?)/(He rich?) Is he rich like me?". Its riffs also are similar to Ben E. King's hit single "Stand By Me". In 1998 Big Beat Records released a CD of Odessey and Oracle containing both the original stereo and mono versions of Time of The Season. It also contained a newly re-mixed alternate version containing instrumental backing underneath the vocals during the entire chorus. These instruments were mixed out one of part on the original 1968 stereo and mono versions to create an a cappella vocal section...pls. enjoy!!!
17 Apr 2009
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BobbySoFamous, Dave, Alicia, and Madeleine are taking a road trip in a Ford Fiesta from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, the zombie capitol of the world. Their mission: spot some zombies. Nothing can possibly go wrong here, right? The song "Free Radio" is by the super talented Dan Gober, check out his stuff here: *******www.dangober****/ Check out my sites: *******youtube****/famousony0utube *******fiestamovement****/agents/view/80 *******twitter****/BobbySoFamous
28 Apr 2009
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Here's the review of the PSN game Burn Zombie Burn! In Burn Zombie Burn, the object is to kill the most zombies as fast as you can with an arsenal full of weapons at your disposal! You start off with a semi-auto pistol and a torch and the more zombies you exterminate, the more weapons you get to choose from! Check Out The Blog: *******www.Extreme-Days**** Follow Me On Twitter: *******Twitter****/Godismyrock Join Me On Facebook: *******www.Extreme-Days****/facebook.html Your pack of weapons ranges from a chainsaw to a gatling gun to a speaker that makes the zombies stop and dance so you can mow them down or light them on fire! There are three game modes included with the PSN game. The first is classic arcade mode, in which you go on until you die and take out the most zombies as you can before dying. The second mode is a time challenge, in this mode, as you kill zombies they occasionally drop a timer that when you pick up adds time the countdown clock and you go on for as long as you can before the timer runs out. The third mode is protect Daisy, this is where the zombies are after Bruce's girlfriend Daisy and they all go after her and you have to protect your dear girl before the zombies get the best of her! There is one final mode in which you have to complete the round with certain handicaps placed on you. The gameplay is a bit like Super Stardust HD, where the object is to destroy the things coming at you, pick up the powerups they drop, and last as long as you can, but the theme is a bit different. Instead of burning up asteroids and collecting the various upgrades dropped, you light zombies on fire and finish them off in whatever way gives you the most pleasure. While playing this game I found myself yelling and laughing out loud as I annihilated thousands of zombies! This game is a good one to have saved up on your PS3 and a must have for zombie fans! I also liked how they included a good bunch of trophies with the game as well. Some of them fairly hard to get, increasing the length of game play by a long time! I have to admit this game is providing me quite a bit of a challenge in acquiring the gold medals, I think I will have to have a friend over and beat it in the co-op game mode because I've tried too many times on my own! The graphics are great, the gameplay is great, the replay value is great, the price is great, and the entire game is great! The one and only complaint I have is that you can't play your own music library while playing the game. The other thing that would be nice is if they lowered the price, but hey, people need to get paid for their work, so I'm happy to support them if they do as good a job as has been done with Burn Zombie Burn! *******www.themodelship**** *******www.powershelfoutletcovers****
7 May 2009
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I was surprised at how much they actually smelled. Wait for the zombie crunch!!!!!
8 May 2009
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In a world where zombies rule and humans are but mythical monsters, there's been an outbreak. Will the zombies survive the attack of the savage humans? For more information vistit: www.myspace****/pocketknifedentistry
14 May 2009
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this is the first part of the Zombie Film a show made by the jl crew made enjoy
16 Jun 2009
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Download: ******* ******* ZombievilleUSA is a fun side scrolling shoot-the-zombies games from Mika Mobile. Blog: *******LaneVids**** Twitter: *******twitter****/Lanevids LIVE SHOW: *******blogtv****/people/lanevids Other YouTube: *******youtube****/l4anyrat
28 Jun 2009
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The scenery beyond is deader still.And unexplained phenomenon has caused the recently dead to reanimate and seek the flesh of the living. In a matter of weeks, the walking dead outnumber their living counterparts. Those who survived the initial apocalyptic events are now forced to defend themselves against hordes of the undead and, often times, the living as well."Broken Road" is the first short film in the Deadscapes series by writer / director Kristofer Velasquez. In this installment, an unlikely trio of survivors must decide whether to trust in each other for survival or let deception seal their fates. A militant vigilante-type named Eric has survived the zombie chaos armed with a gun and an RV camper. Greg and Jesse encounter Eric after their vehicle breaks down in a land overrun by the dead. "Broken Road" takes us on a dizzying trip of death, undeath, murder, and lies.
3 Jul 2009
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The Zombies return in the newest DLC pack for Call of Duty World at War: Shi No Numa.
10 Aug 2009
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The Dead have risen again! The zombie outbreak infects a new town in Dead Rising 2.
12 Aug 2009
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Check out the zombie slashing, head bashing, ripping off limbs, opening sequence for Left 4 Dead.
13 Aug 2009
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This is our vid of the zombie walk held during the last day of music under the stars. music by zombie girl
21 Aug 2009
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The King of the undead marries the Queen of the Zombies
4 Sep 2009
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Three witches on a haunted hill have just created a very special brew. A concoction so toxic it will turn the city's bums into blood thirsty zombies. Disguised as bottles of wine, the bums are sure to bite, and bite they do! They bite arms, legs and any other spare body part they can sink their teeth into. The mayor of the city has a plan. Armed with venom soaked bullets obtained from a skeleton puppet, he will battle to the death with the zombie horde. Lookout zombie bums, the mayor is out for blood and he's not screwing around (one look at his wife and you'll know why!)
20 Sep 2009
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Infiltrate the squalid hell-hole of zombie town in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles...and be careful of the zombies.
26 Sep 2009
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