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9 Feb 2009
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(www.gty****) So Luke is telling us the story of Zacchaeus, but it's really the story of God. It's really the story of the purpose of God fulfilled in Jesus Christ. But let's meet the sinner, okay? Then we'll meet the Savior. And then we'll talk about salvation. Distributed by Tubemogul.
4 Sep 2008
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Nike Torque Titanium Men’s Watch WC0068-502 ($64.99) Jomadeals: Deal of the Day - August 14, 2009 High-end Digital Sportswatch with sleek Titanium case and band. This deal of the day is $64.99 (67% off the $199 retail price). Time runs out on this sale at midnight tonight (EST). Leave the stainless steel to Martha Stewart. Real men need titanium (grrrr, I’m flexing my muscles, can you tell? No? …sigh…). This sleek, sporty, titanium dream is a fantastic watch at a huge discount. If you don’t buy, I’ll personally come over to your house and body-slam tackle you into the ground (actually, I’ll probably hire someone to do it; we’ve already established my lack of muscles, and thanks for bringing it up again, btw). This is a quality, Haute Couture Sports watch if there ever was one (just try to imagine T.O on the catwalk; I heard he has nice legs). It’s tough and sporty, yet sleek and fashionable. Try to imagine, when these athletes finish a game and leave the field/court/bowling ally, they don’t go straight to the gym to blast their quads again (I honestly don’t know what that means, I heard it at the gym the other day…okay, I heard it walking by a gym…okay, fine! I heard it watching a TV show that had a scene in the gym while I sat on the couch eating chocolate-covered bacon ice cream and fell asleep with the spoon in my mouth. Happy?!). They put on a killer suit and drive their sports cars to the best clubs and restaurants, all while using their Nike Torque to remind them of how much time they’ve wasted (of course Nike gave them theirs for free; the best we can do is sell it at a steep discount for almost free; when you learn to throw a 100 yrd touchdown pass or tackle a 300-lb linebacker, then we’ll talk about free). By the way, chocolate covered bacon is delicious. It’s only a matter of time before Ben & Jerry’s buys the ice cream rights.
14 Aug 2009
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