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BY NICK ADAMS As of Friday morning, it’s final. The Chicago Cubs have a new manager. CBS Sports has the official announcement. “Next is his rare ability to hold players to high standards and hold them accountable, while also connecting with them and earning their respect and admiration... Next manager of the Chicago Cubs, Dale Sveum.” So exactly who is Dale Sveum? Even if you haven’t heard of him, ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian says Sveum has been around the block. “He learned the game Robin Yount and Paul Molitor. He’s been a bench coach. He was a third base coach in Boston, that’ll toughen you up. He was briefly a manager for the Brewers and he did that in the middle of a pennant race. And lets be honest about this, the Cubs are not going to contend in 2012, so what he needs to learn about his team and the game as a manager, he can do on the job.” But even with expectations low for 2012, people are considering this a good hire by the organization. While he might not have the big name, MLB**** says he has exactly what the Cubs need. “He’s got a old school type of philosophy but yet he is in tuned with the statistical analysis that is required of the job. He is a players manager also when you hear specifically in the past year in Milwaukee how he was really close with both Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder... I think all of those things that he brings as a unique skill set that makes him the perfect fit there in Chicago." However, some are going to wait and see before concluding Sveum is the right fit for the Cubs. A CNS Chicago Sportswriter says while Sveum said all the right things in the press conference, he needs to walk the walk. “I mean, it's one press conference, so I don't know. He hasn't done anything yet. The on-field play for the Cubs is still poor. They still lost 91 games last year. Sveum hasn't managed a game yet and won't for another few months.” Some of Sveums critics say he doesn’t have home grown roots but - he would make a big splash if he were able to help lure Prince Fielder to the windy city.
19 Nov 2011
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Σαν το σύννεφο φεύγω πετάω έχω φίλο τον Ήλιο-Θεό με του αγέρα το νέκταρ μεθάω αγκαλιάζω και γη κι ουρανό. Και χωρίς τα φτερά δεν φοβάμαι το γαλάζιο ζεστή αγκαλιά στα ψηλά τα βουνά να κοιμάμαι στο Αιγαίο να δίνω φιλιά. Λευτεριά στους ανέμους ζητάω έχω πάψει να είμαι θνητός ανεβαίνω ψηλά κι αγαπάω δίχως σώμα χρυσός αετός. Και χωρίς τα φτερά δεν φοβάμαι το γαλάζιο ζεστή αγκαλιά στα ψηλά τα βουνά να κοιμάμαι στο Αιγαίο να δίνω φιλιά. Σαν το σύννεφο φεύγω πετάω έχω φίλο τον Ήλιο-Θεό με του αγέρα το νέκταρ μεθάω αγκαλιάζω και γη κι ουρανό. I'm gone, flying like a cloud along with Sun God my friend Drunk by the wind's nectar* Embracing earth and sky I'm not scared, even without wings The blue sky holds me in its arms I sleep on high mountains I sent my kisses over to the Aegean Sea In search of freedom through the winds I'm not a mortal anymore I'm lifting way up high, I feel the love inside I'm a golden, bodiless eagle I'm not scared, even without wings The blue sky holds me in its arms I sleep on high mountains I sent my kisses over to the Aegean Sea I'm gone, flying like a cloud along with Sun God my friend Drunk by the wind's nectar Embracing earth and sky *******
16 Jun 2012
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21 Jun 2012
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Wat zou er gebeuren met families wereldwijd wanneer de immer stijgende economie in elkaar zou storten? The Domino Effect is een portret van enkele van deze families en de gevolgen van deze instorting. Zo is daar bijvoorbeeld Nick, die in de gevangenis heeft gezeten en de kans krijgt om in het restaurant van Kai en Antoinette te werken. In zo'n tijd van wereldwijde crisis is iedereen meer met elkaar verbonden dan je zou denken.
18 Oct 2012
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L'histoire de Munio Weinraub Gitai, jeune étudiant du Bauhaus qui, chassé par les nazis en raison de sa confession juive, se réfugie en Suisse. C'est là qu'il est accueilli et protégé par ce qui était alors le plus grand bureau d'architecture moderne suisse.
16 Jan 2013
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Actress announced as the face of Gemfields at exclusive London event
16 Mar 2013
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Two incredible kids with an extraordinary dream... to bring together a group of misfits and put the show of a lifetime in order to save their beloved youth centre. Told through a series of spectacular set pieces and fantasy sequences, All Stars is a heartwarming, funny and visually stunning take on the dance movie genre. *******www.allstarsthemovie******
18 Apr 2013
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More clips from our excursion to Vegfest october 2013.
8 Oct 2013
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22 Sep 2016
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this is me in bear lake utah and it is like my 3 time snowmobiling and i was trying to jump the thing lol yea it was hard i had to hit one of theos going 60
16 Sep 2006
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Enjoy naked artists and chicory trumpets orchestrated by a soundtrack, that is dipped into Dionysian delirium... A dazzling spectacle of idiotry and banality! An absurdist and hilarious photo/video report from the art project "Lof der Zot" at the Boszoom in Rotterdam, 2005. Written, cut and directed by: Helmuth Ziegenmalte and Hugo Lammerink. Cast, camera and voices: Wouter Bos, Theo Huijgens, Hans Kok, Hugo Lammerink, Andries Micke, Saskia Verschelling, "Moppi", Hieke Pars, Henri van Zanten, Helmuth Ziegenmalte, Larisa Zvezdochetova and other fools. Soundtrack: Helmuth Ziegenmalte
18 Mar 2007
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Once upon a time there were these dudes just jamming in a garage. One of them came up with a cool song idea. They made that into a cool song...then they came up with other cool tunes... Then the dudes came up with a few thousand dollars and recorded their 3 best tunes for a demo.... then they (or the hired somebody) took this demo to the Big-Shot Record Labels and after being turned down a bunch one label signs them. Millions of dollars pour into making a Super Cool Tune and then 11-14 not as cool tunes to go on a compact disk. The Big-Shot Record Label pays radio stations to play the Super Cool Tune, pays millions for an expensive video for MTV (often owned by the same parent company as Big-Shot Record Label), pays for posters, production, artwork, mastering, manufacturing, advertising, advertising disguised as interviews on radio, TV and in magazines. The put the dudes on tour with merchandising, ticket sales, refreshment concessions...etc etc...until the dudes recouped the millions of dollars fronted to them by The Big-Shot Record Label and live happily ever after.<br><br>This is a fairy tale this doesn't happen very much anymore. CD sales have plummeted and record labels a less willing to gamble on unproven acts (especially since 9 out of 10 albums fails to re-coup on the investment). The big labels are tightening their grip on what they release to the public attempting to maximize profit and control while minimizing investment and risk. The Big Shot Labels were releasing "product". The product construct is breaking down and giving way to "content". Product is a specific quantifiable unit like a compact disk..***ntent is a diffuse intangible mist of information which may include playable music files, digital graphics, text, self-referencing hyper-links, streaming video, blogs, webzines, discussion boards, etc... Content has a wealth of incarnations and forms but works at a fraction of the cost of "product".. Content does not conform to regulations or format restrictions, it is chaotic and free-flowing. The realm of ideals has never been easier to manifest.<br><br>With the Internet, anyone anywhere can access any type music anytime of day...and usually for free. The Internet has provided the information on how to make music, the digital format to record music, and a distribution channel for music. The Internet is not only replacing the conventional promotion and distribution channels used by the traditional recording industry, it is DISSOLVING the recording industry. Top down distribution is being replaced by peer to peer digital distribution, mostly without the knowledge of industry professionals.<br><br>This is a documentary from the front lines of the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Rock scene. This is a discovery of the present and a dialog on the future. In this footage, I interview the musicians I meet along my journey (my peers) to promote discussion about having the power to generate "media content" and it's place in the current time. As an observer and a participant in this epoch of time I hope to expose and demonstrate my findings.<br><br>In the first episode I take the camera to the 7th annal Bands 4 Bands awards ceremony. The band I play guitar for, Swaybone, had been nominated for "Best Band" award. I brought a camera along to see what I could discover. In this installment I interview Theo Ceder, lead vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter for Swaybone on our walk from the car to the venue the ceremony is held. He too has thoughts and opinions on the time we live in and how "content" is disseminated.
29 Mar 2007
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History of myself or history of selfportraits, by Yves Calmejane A fortieth self portrait ? There are many things left to discover about one of the most famous painters in the world. A young art lover, Jules Petroz, has recently discovered in a flea market a portrait which could be dated from the Parisian period of Van Gogh. If it was a self-portrait, it would be the fortieth. The small painting has character; dark coloured and the gaunt face could correspond to the artist’s look when arrived in Paris, he was sheltered by his brother Theo. He arrived broke from Anvers and physically diminished. Very little is known from this period, most of what we know being based on the brothers’s reciprocal letters. Although it is not technically early Parisian period but Vincent Van Gogh changed so often style during this epoch. After quarrelling with girlfriend Agostina Segatori, (the ‘Tambourine’ holder, a cabaret in Montmartre where Vincent had hanged most of his latest works), he came back to collect his works; alas! The cabaret had shut down, the lady gone and the paintings sold for a few francs to a junk dealer… Did some of these paintings survive? The painting is here reproduced so the reader can make himself an opinion. And for art sake.
9 Apr 2007
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Collapse of the Old Order Episode 2 In the last episode, we heard Swaybone front man Theo Cedar's thoughts and ideas about file sharing and the Internet as the medium for music distribution. He illuminated some ideas on how conventional means of musical enjoyment are becoming more participatory and added some ideas of his own (encoding hyperlinks in mp3 files). Then you saw Swaybone (Theo, Tresdawg, and I) present the award to best drummer to John McFab of the Funkanauts. We accidentally dropped the plaque on the ground by accident and John was not present to receive the award (it was later reviled that John was fighting aliens in another dimension when the award was being presented). Prior to receiving the award for "Best Drummer", John McFab and the Funkanauts put on a riveting performance at the 7th annual Bands4Bands Awards Ceremony. I particularly grokked some of the comments Mr. McFab made on stage. He expressed sentiments of fraternity among independent musicians, a sense of unity in the struggle for self-expression, and a love for the creative and inspirational energy of music. So I was naturally curious what he and his band mates would have to say about the current state of the music world and what they were doing find their place within it.
12 Apr 2007
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Joey and Jason get coaxed into a wilderness hike by Theo... so very TJ Weekly.
15 Jul 2007
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Segundo comercial para o Ford Ecosport feito pela JWT ============================== Cliente: Ford Motors Brasil Produto: EcoSport Criação: Fábio Brandão e Theo Rocha Direção de criação: Ricardo Chester, Fábio Brandão, Theo Rocha Planejamento: Daniel Tomazo e Paulo Macari Direção de planejamento: Ken Fujioka Mídia: Ricardo Breves, Rosane Rocha e Maura Ruiz Direção de mídia: Ezra Geld Atendimento: Carolina Rocha, Rafaela Nocciolini, Marcela Megale Direção de atendimento: Sérgio Silveira Aprovação cliente: Jorge Chear, Antonio Baltar, Rodrigo Lourenço, Maurício Greco e Rode Alves Produção de RTV: Anna Böhm Direção de RTV: Anna Böhm Produtora: Nuclear e Lobo Diretor: Oscar Rodrigues Alves e Mateus de Paula Santos Fotografia: Lito Mendes da Rocha Direção de arte: Paulinho Ribeiro Computação gráfica: Lobo Produção: Nuclear Montagem: Rogério Ferreira e Oscar Rodrigues Alves Finalização: Vetor Zero/Lobo Produtora de som: Saxsofunny Locução: André
29 Oct 2007
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