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The clip "There's no Grinch problem here!" from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000) with Bill Irwin, Jeffrey Tambor Boy, nothing beats Christmas, right? I guess. You guess? It's just, I look around at you and Mom and everyone getting all curbobbled. Doesn't this seem superfluous? Dad! Dad! What happened to you? It was the Grinch! Grinch? What do you want? I mean... "Grinch? Oh, no!" Did someone just say, "Grinch"? Hello, Mayor May-Who, sir. Lou. I don't need to remind you that this Christmas marks the one thousandth Whobilation. Whoville's most important celebration! And The Book of Who says, very clearly: "Every size of Who we can measure... "...knows that Whobilation is a time we must treasure." Now, Lou, please tell me that your boys were not up on Mount Crumpit provoking the one creature within a billion bilometers of here who hates Christmas! But it was the Grinch! No, sir, the boys didn't see any Grinch. It was, and he came after-- I think they were up on the mountain playing with matches, or defacing public property, or... That's a relief. All right, you heard the man: There is no Grinch problem here. I need it there by tomorrow.
16 Dec 2011
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