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Lessons to all you exotic dancers/table dancers/go-go dancers/strippers/hoes/wannabes, here is what to NOT do. Watch this fat chick falling down stairs, treadmills, tables, So (I love my big girls) home girl tries to put on a show, wanna hop on table like she's skilled and falls, busts her ass, laid out, flat, and keeps crying :D (FUNNY VIDEO, STRIPPERS, HOW-TO, DANCE MOVIES, HOW TO STRIP, SEDUCTIVE MOVES, FAT GIRL, BIG GIRL, THICK, THIGHS, THICKNESS, VOLUPTUOUS, LINGERIE, STRIPPER BOOTS, HEELS, OUTFIT, SEXY, SLUTTY, WHORISH, SKANK, HOE, COMEDY, FUNNY, LMFAO, ROFL, LMAO, HAHA, BOSSIP, BLACK GOSSIP) *****NO DISRESPECT TO ANYONE INVOLVED IN THE MAKING OF/PRESENT IN VIDEO. _______________________________ Song: Year of the Lover - Lloyd big girl falls off table fat girl dancing on table big girl falls black girl falls fat girl table dancer thigh boots big girl fall fat girl falls off table fat girl falls black girl falls off table negro nappy head singing singer single ladies beyonce scarlet busts her ass. scarlet tumbles. scarlet fat black girl falls. takes a tumble
1 Dec 2008
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DOWNLOAD KEEP IT TRILL ************/us/album/keep-it-trill-single/id620247430 HOOK I'ma Keep It Trill I still represent for these streets Don't nobody rep the city like me Mane I'ma Keep It Trill I hustle 7 days of the week Won't stop my whole family gotta eat I'ma Keep It Trill Real G's don't fold under pressure We hustle for the most and not the lesser Mane I'ma Keep It trill I still represent this streets Don't nobody hold it down like me I'ma Keep It Trill VERSE1 Ain't shit changed I still represent these streets Still will murk a whack rapper on a beat Still a G So I'm still yelling out motherfuck the police RYD born and raised So you still don't want beef Money, Power, Respect Still the words that I live by You violate They'll be the same words that you get killed by A hustler Stay grimy Don't get It twisted I'm still fly Still like my bitches with a fat ass and thick thighs Still shut the club scene down when we hit your city Stunt on them Haters All the bad bitches they ride with me This for my gangsters and my thugs My independent dimes popping bottles in the club Yeah they show me luv King Trill Nobody do it like I do Been running these streets for years I ain't brand new Them boys hate the fact I made it Can't wait to see me fall Guess what they still waiting But I'ma Keep It Trill VERSE 2 I'm just trying to put my city on I rep my city strong will get off in your ass if you talk about my city wrong From the land of hard hitters and gorillas Thieves and wig splitters hustlers all about their skriller King Triller Prolly the realest you done heard My lyrics are testimony to my life on the curve This for my people in the projects still flipping them birds I'm well connected in these streets mane So fuck what you heard If you ain't talking bout money whats the topic Ain't no logic in nonsense All that hate you need to stop it Might see me in your hood Riding in something real exotic Invisible roof That means my foreign bitch topless I've been in it for a minute I perfected my grind I'm haterproof That means you lames can't block my shine Can't conversant if you ain't talking dollar signs You need to stay out of mine And that's the bottom line But I'ma Keep It Trill VERSE 3 I still keep a tool for you snitches Hard pipe for all you fake bitches Risking your life fucking with me So don't play with me KING TRILL (SCREWED) The city is mine You thinking of over throwing me You'd better increase your grind I run these streets like a hobo Got swag by the boat loads Ain't never heard about me Guaranteed that your hoe know Picture fresh Like a high school photo Whole click get money Mane you'd better check my logos Self paid Been a hustler since the first grade So the game will never change me Cause I've been made I'ma certified boss Getting money is the issue I'll never take a loss Stay on my grind at all cost Make your bitch get wetter everytime she see me floss The definition of real Let them other boys hate But I'ma Keep It Trill
22 Mar 2013
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