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Check out this hot asian girl and see what happens when nobody is watching
28 Nov 2007
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The ability to vanish into thin air would definitely come in handy while evading police. Just ask the guy in this unbelievable clip.
21 Aug 2006
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Using only one common chemical, completely remove the zinc core from a modern US penny, leaving just a thin copper shell! An amazingly simple, cheap, and stunning experiment. Sure to impress your friends and family. If you would like to see more videos like this one from ARC Science, please leave a comment below! Thanks, and enjoy!
7 Apr 2008
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wonderful teen girl has turn around at escalator with sleep position an spin for long time ever done by other people before
25 Jun 2008
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17 Jun 2007
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Check out my site: www.YouWantFunny**** Stop worrying about being bald, I found the solution that is fast, simple, cheap and most importantly looks great!
11 Mar 2009
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The new innovated nokia 888 bracelet. [[*******www.metacafe****/watch/3092283/viagra_for_ed_treatment/ viagra]] It is thin like paper and flexible.
18 Jul 2006
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What does it mean to be a transhumanist? A human Cyborg? Scott Pierce explores the thin line between humanity and robots.
24 Aug 2011
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FlatWire is a technology, not a product. It's an innovative new approach to wiring that will change the way consumers, designers and contractors think about home makeover and renovation and its applications are global. Install a pair of sconces on either side of the master bed; "float" a flat screen TV; easily add a surround sound system or new home theatre all without breaking through walls to hide bundles of unsightly wires and cables. FlatWire is a paper-thin wire that adheres flat to the surface of walls or ceilings and becomes virtually invisible when covered with paint or wallpaper. No costly, time-consuming in-wall install. Do-it-yourself or have it done. It's that simple. This revolutionary new wiring technology removes many of the physical barriers to renovation caused by existing wiring systems.
25 Apr 2007
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Torrie wilson in her best best stage show..... bloomer guys :) must watch it and this is not adult so plz dont dissapprove i by saying thins is and adult because its 100% non adult anyways enjoys guys see yaaaa!
6 Feb 2008
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Watch As These Hoverboards Glide Through Thin Air ! Rarely Seen Footage !
20 Dec 2007
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One Of My best Techniques to change a fat women to a hot babe
12 Aug 2007
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