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The clip Milk's family Part 2 from This Is England (2006) wanna come round for something to eat, you have to come to my grandma's to get something to eat. Yeah? Yeah, man. She'll cook some rice. She'll cook some peas. She'll cook some chicken. She sounds dead lovely, don't she? Serious, man, then you come home for some ackee and swordfish. That'd be nice, wouldn't it? Ah, seriously, man, cos... I'd love for you to do that. I'd love for you to do that. That'd be nice. Serious, come and see how we... how we live. Know what I mean? Even on a bad day, there'll probably be... a couple of my uncles and about seven... Fucking hell. You've got everything, haven't you? What? You've got the whole lot. You've got the whole fucking perfect package. Fucking hell. Got everything, you, didn't you? Fucking hell, man. So... What... What do you think makes a bad dad? I don't know, mate. I'm not a dad, am I? I know you had a good dad, like, but, be honest with me, what do you really think makes a bad dad, though? I don't know, man. What's with the questions, man? I feel like I'm being interrogated. What do you reckon?
28 Nov 2011
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