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Break out the Zydrate and get ready to testify because Mother's day has come early at This Week in Horror as we highlight our favorite 'Scary Mutha's' in honor of our prolific guest, Darren Lynn Bousman's soon to be released film 'Mother's Day'. Co-hosts Matt Raub and Staci Layne Wilson delve into how Darren got his start in the 'Saw' franchise and whether Darren would return to the 'dead' franchise. We then turn our attention to everyone's favorite Genetic rock opera :Repo! and pick his brain on why he thinks it has become an overnight Cult hit. As Darren starts discussing his various projects in the works it becomes clear he may be the busiest director in Hollywood right now with a slate of sold scripts and three films scheduled for release over the next year it's surprising he has time to sit down with us at all. First up is the eagerly awaited re-make of Troma's 'Mother's Day' which he assures us should finally be out in June and then we preview his apocalyptic thriller '11.11.11', which Darren claims was the spookiest and most seemingly cursed set he has been on. Finally Darren spills early news on his world record seeking serial killer flick 'Ninety' and you won't believe who was almost cast in the lead. Darren isn't the only 'Saw' filmmaker we interviewed as Staci braved a certain Magical Castle to interview the team behind the new film 'Insidious', Director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell, who give us the exclusive on creating a seance scene like you have never seen before. While not strictly a horror film James 'Slither' Gunn's new superhero film 'SUPER' is really, really dark. So Matt asks 'Why so serious?' and can we expect him to return to the horror genre. For more information, show notes, and upcoming schedule, go to www.thisweekin****.
18 Aug 2011
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