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This is the old version of my 2-Look OLL tutorial. I recommend watching the new version, as it is much clearer. Actually come to think of it... watch both. :D Okay, so I know I'm going to get some questions about the U2' thing. Yes, U2' is the same as U2 to a beginner, but us more advanced folks start to see that doing a U2 from the other direction is sometimes faster, which is why I included it as notation in some of the algorithms. The OLL images for the video were created by me. If you ask me really nicely I'll send them to you and you can use them. Feel free to modify them for other OLLs or PLLs too, just please give credit where credit is due. The images are no longer available for download. Sorry! My Website: *******www.blueknightcubing****/ ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... Special thanks to Bob Burton and Tristan Wright (Thrawst) for these algorithms. Between Bob Burton's OLL page, and Thrawst's website (www.thesixsides****) I found all the best OLL algorithms available, and I like them alot. Edit: The new video has better algs. Please keep in mind that these algorithms are perfect for me, but they might not be perfect for you. Check out all kinds of sites to find the ideal algorithm to fit your style. Also, if you find one you really like, please let me know about it via a comment on this video. Hope you guys enjoy, and I really hope this helps you get faster. Expect more cubing videos soon! My Website: *******www.blueknightcubing****/
23 Jul 2009
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Not just for April fools but also May and June and July etc. fools! It's a Meffert's 4x4, (it's not even turned once in this video for all you know it turns terribly why are you asking that?) Buy quality 4x4's and other great cubes at: *******shop.speedsolving**** My website: *******thesixsides**** follow me on twitter for some reason: *******twitter****/thrawst
4 Sep 2013
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