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No Action...From the Album..The Mind Of Robert Cooper...Form.Of The Three-Six Mafia
16 Nov 2008
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another three six mafia hit
24 May 2009
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Archive of John Pennington and Jim White describing Nathan McCullum bowling to Yusuf Pathan during the Twenty20 International between New Zealand and India in Christchurch on February 25th, 2009. The batsman struck three sixes before he was brilliantly caught by Jacob Oram on the boundary. The pair were commentating for Cricket World Radio®.
17 Aug 2009
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Buy the MP3 at: ***********/I-Got-Explicit-Album-Version/dp/B001B1AJLC/ref=sr_f2_9?ie=UTF8&s=dmusic&qid=1235962429&sr=102-9 See more clips at: *******espn.go****/ All the huge hits from the year put together into one video... a Must see! Audio Rights: Three Six Mafia "I Got" Video Rights: ESPN, NCAA, CBS, CSS, FOX
18 Sep 2009
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"The Clapping Song" was recorded by Shirley Ellis in 1965, shortly after she hit it big with a similar song, "The Name Game". The song made it to the top ten on the charts. "Three, six, nine The goose drank wine The monkey chewed tobacco on the streetcar line The line broke, the monkey got choked And they all went to heaven in a little row boat"
13 Nov 2009
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*******RightBrainMath**** Math multiplication table tricks using patterns on Tic-Tac-Toe Squares for the Threes, Sixes, and Nines. MisterNumbers math tricks will rock you as you learn multiplication for the 3 6 and 9 times tables in this video and the Sevens, Fours, and even the whole times table on other videos. This is fun for homeschool math or in a classroom. Teachers and parents will find this lesson for math times tables fun for students and for the Teacher. See other Mister-Numbers videos to see right brain ways to learn the multiplication times tables using overviews, math patterns, and visual puzzles. *******RightBrainMath**** *******RightBrainMath**** Math times table created from fun patterns as a way to learn multiplication tables for Threes, Sixes, and Nines. This video also teaches place value. This video has the student create worksheets where they can learn the times tables. This is useful for teaching math in a classroom, at home, as part of homeschool or as fun homework. Right Brain Math can teach Elementary Students. Curriculum Review magazine calls it a revolutionary approach to introducing math. It is also very effective for remedial math for students who have fallen behind in math. Learning the multiplication tables are crucial for a student taking algebra. The Right Brain approach has helped many kids who have a negative attitude about math or numbers. *******RightBrainMath**** Right Brain Math is an easy, effective, visual method of teaching multiplication as well as addition, subtraction, or division. It also helps students learn factors. Because it uses visual and auditory patterns as a teaching strategies, it appeals to many learning styles because it emphasizes patterns and puzzles and overviews. Kids see the big picture of the multiplication tables first, and then understand how the individual factors relate to each other. *******RightBrainMath****
14 Dec 2009
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Three six mafia Feat Tiesto, sean kingston
2 Mar 2010
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Sachin's 200 runs......Creates History Sachin Tendulkar scored one-day international cricket's first double century to set up a 153-run win and a series victory for India over South Africa overnight. The opener smashed 200 not out off 147 balls to help the home side post 3 for 401 and take a winning 2-0 lead in the three-match series. South Africa was bowled out for 248 with AB de Villiers hitting a defiant 114 not out in the day-night match at the Captain Roop Singh Stadium in Gwalior. Tendulkar struck 25 fours and three sixes on a ground with short boundaries in a spectacular innings that combined power, timing and enthusiasm with stunning stroke play. Indian captain MS Dhoni praised Tendulkar's 50-over innings. "Even when he was tired and he couldn't play big shots, he used the pace of the bowler quite nicely," he said. South African stand-in captain Jacques Kallis said Tendulkar had a fantastic innings. "He took advantage of the conditions. He's a world-class bat and he proved it again today," he said. The 36-year-old Tendulkar reached 200 with a single off Charl Langeveldt in the final over. The capacity crowd erupted in joy as Tendulkar looked skyward, kissed the crest of his helmet and raised his bat.
30 May 2010
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Sachin Tendulkar became the first man ever to score double hundred in one-dayers. The former India captain reached the landmark with a single off Charl Langeveldt in the final over. India won the match by 153 runs to take a winning 2-0 lead in the series after bowling out the tourists for 248. The 36-year-old hit 25 fours (a world record) and three sixes in a stunning 200 off 147 balls. It passed the previous best of 194, set by Pakistan's Saeed Anwar in 1997 and Zimbabwe's Charles Coventry in August 2009. Anwar made 194 against India in May 1997 while Coventry hit the same total not out against Bangladesh. His previous best one-day knock was the 186 not out scored against New Zealand in 1999.
15 Jul 2010
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8/8/10: Whew, finally wrote a real description. Well, I think I may've been the first person to make something like this for Generator Rex, but omegabrainstorm601 might have beaten me to it. IDK, the dates are pretty much the same in the desc. thingies. So, uh...yeah. I tried anyway. -.-' Um...Episode Two is not really in progress as of yet, but I have some ideas. I just want to get some other stuff done first because it'll take less time and I really want to finally finish them. Plus, school starts back TOMORROW and I am always freakishly busy during the school year. I have a lot of E.C.A.s and I organize fundraisers sometimes, I play sports and I go to the gym year round so I have to balance that in of course. You know, gotta stay fit and healthy. And stuff... So, I'm not sure when Ep. 2 will be out. If you actually just read all of that rambling, then thankyou. And, uh, subscribe and comment and all that fun stuff. It means a lot. Oh, and just for fun, if you comment put the word PEPPERMINT in your comment. Plus, that way I'll know if anyone actually read this. Okay, um... Oh! Also got the audio and songs up. =) Starting with the title sequence and ending with the credits, here they are: 1. Olay!--Bouncing Souls 2. Lovesong--The Cure 3. Cooler Than Me--Mike Posner 4. James Bond Theme (Instrumental) 5. Cruella De Ville--Selena Gomez 6. Sexy Bitch--David Guetta ft. Akon 7. Best Damn Thing--Avril Lavigne 8. Lace and Leather--Britney Spears 9. No Daddy--Teairra Mari 10. The Great Escape--Boys Like Girls 11. Magic Carpet Ride--KSM 12. I Like It--Pitbull ft. Enrique Iglesias 13. Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)--The Offspring 14. Jerry Springer--Weird Al Yankovic 15. Actual Generator Rex audio and something I got a LONG time ago (so I don't remember). 16. Cool Whip--Family Guy (but the scream is real GR audio) 17. U + Ur Hand--P!nk 18. I really don't know. 19. Same place as 18. 20. Feel It--Three Six Mafia
10 Nov 2010
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My Fighting-Boxing Workout Music. Hate if you want i dont give a f** Final Version : ***********/watch?v=VigCJerggco Tracklist : Brasco - Uh Oh FlipSyde Ft. Akon - Champion Dr.Dre Beat - Floyd Mayweather Theme Song Roy Jones Jr. - And Still Kray One - Round 1 Body Head Bangerz - Walk With Me Ludacris - Undisputed Roy Jones Jr. - Yall Must Have Forgot Nelly - Heart Of a Champion Roy Jones Jr. Cant Be Touched Papoose - Born To Win Body Head Bangerz - Go Hard Or Go Home Sean Biggs Ft. Akon - Never Gonna Get It Body Head Bangerz - U Know My Kind Three SiX Mafia - Its a Fight Dipset - The Best Out
15 Sep 2011
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Just a Video showing both of them in the ring :) Music: The Young Punx & Count Bass D - Ready for the Fight Three Six Mafia - Its a fight Roy Jones JR - Go hard or go Home
20 Oct 2011
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Official FB Page ; *******www.facebook****/pages/Doc-Lello/206025526098112 Swedish House Mafia One VS. Tiesto & Three Six Mafia - Feel it DJ Lello Mashup/Bootleg PS: this is not the final version, plus the vocals are misplaced (on purpose + my dj drop) so wannabes out there won't be able rip off my bootleg of youtube, this is the only way to avoid them, im just sharing an IDEA I came up with & please dj's do not ask me to send you a diff version + without my dj drop, I DO NOT SHARE MY OWN WORK. THANKS.
1 Nov 2011
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*******www.LouisianaRap**** - EVERYTHING about Louisiana rap. ******* Lil Boosie was born Torrence Hatch in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on November 14, 1983, he was bestowed the nickname Boosie by his family and was raised on W. Garfield St. in a ghetto in the mean streets of south side Baton Rouge (SSB). Growing up, Boosie was hardened by the many difficult experiences he was put through. His neighborhood, notorious for drugs and violence, was a place feared by the general population. To outsiders, it was a jungle, to residents, it was life. Boosie got very involved in basketball to stay off the streets, and was actually expected to move on to college level basketball. At 14 years old, Boosie moved in to live with his grandmother after his father was murdered over drugs. Growing up with no father figure and without a strong guiding hand, Boosie turned to drugs and crime. After being expelled from school, Boosie picked up freestyling and began to get serious about his music. Living in the 225, Boosie had no contacts, no real means of exposure. Lil Boosie teamed up with Baton Rouge rapper C-Loc in the late 1990s and made his debut on C-Loc's 5th album, "It's a Gamble", which also featured Three Six Mafia, South Park Mexican, and the rest of the Concentration Camp. This album was a saving grace for C-Loc, as he was slowly losing popularity. Releasing this album put him back in the spotlight, as he had a new young tallented rapper at his side. Baton Rouge couldn't get enough. Shortly afterwards, Boosie released his debut CD, "Youngest of the Camp", which sold over 10,000 units and featured fellow up and coming Baton Rouge rapper Max Minelli, which was exactly what boosie needed to jump start his career. The album spread like wildfire, every hood in Baton Rouge had flyers up for it, everybody was playing it. After the incarceration, Boosie once again turned back to the streets. Ultimately, his behavior led to him also being incarcerated. At this point, Boosie felt as though he was a failure. However, fate lent Boosie a hand, and Boosie had an opportunity to join an up and coming record label called Trill Entertainment aka Trill Ent which was backed by Pimp-C of UGK. Trill signed Boosie and assisted him in bring his legal issues to an end. Soon after, Boosie and Trill independently released the CD "For my Thugs" under TrillEnt. This release went on to sell over 15,000 copies. Later in the summer of 2003, Boosie co-starred with one of his label-mates, Webbie, on the album "Ghetto Stories" which also went on to sell well over 15,000 copies. Again paired up with Webbie, Lil Boosie's 2004 release, "Gangsta Musik" is what really gained him popularity. This CD featured the ever popular songs "Swerve" (which later made an appearance in the movie "Hustle and Flow"), "Give Me That", and "Bad Bitch". This was Boosie's first really popular album, actually penetrating the borders of Louisiana and reaching far beyond. Boosie's talent was now undeniable, and he caught the eye of some Universal Records representatives. In late January of 2005, Boosie signed a deal with Universal, and released the CD "Boosie Bad Azz". This album, backed and promoted by Universal Records, was his strongest yet. In early 2007, Boosie came with yet another hit, "Wipe Me Down". West to east, North to South... Everyone had heard of this one. This was Boosie's biggest break, and no one could deny it. Teamed up with Foxx, Webbie, and other members of the Trill Family, Boosie went on to release "Trill Fam: Survival of the Fittest" on May 22, 2007. Featuring such hits as "Wipe Me Down", "Do It Stick It", and "Adios", this album rocketed to #17 on the charts. Boosie continues to gain popularity at an astonishing rate, and shows no sign of stopping soon. He's just getting started.
7 Nov 2011
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The clip Montoya writes to Julie from American Me (1992) Puppet. Orale, Mundo. What's the word, mockingbird? Gonna fly the coop on us? Simon. You gonna take care of that business for us, right?. You brought your brother in. You gotta take him out. Santana was gonna talk to J.D. Come on, don't punk out on us, ese. If you can't take care of it, we will. Anybody that happens to be with him gets to go along for the ride. One-two-three, five! One-two-three, six! One-two-three, seven! Dear Julie... maybe the reason I learned how to read and write... was so that I could write you this letter. Here in this cage, behind these bars, I can read, I can learn. I can even make love, but it's distorted. I thought that what I had learned on the inside... was everything I needed to know... even on the outside.
19 Nov 2011
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The clip Lamont admires the Winchester from Winchester '73 (1950) This is Joe Lamont. Dutch Henry,Johnny and Ben. Looks like you might have been in Dodge City and left in a hurry! Was that meant to be funny? He's all right, Dutch! Just that he notices things like guns! You sellin' these? Yep! You a half-breed? I'm white, and you haven't got a gun! That's right! So I'll buy some of these! I might even get one that was meant to kill a white woman! or her kids! It's empty! How much you got? Less than $20! I left the rest in Dodge City at 5 to 1! You? Uh, 7.58, 9. I went for the whole kit. We'll take three six-guns and some 44-40s for my Winchester! What'll it be? $300! Three hundred? Why, you two-bit thief! I ought to wrap 'em around your neck!
21 Dec 2011
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