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Whow, it looks like a great vehicle to drive
6 Apr 2006
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How Its Made Three-wheeled Vehicles
18 Jan 2007
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A video my buddy sent me of travis pastrana doing a backflip on a tricycle
2 Feb 2009
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This is part one of racing the mountainroad to Ouazzane in Marocco in the 2004 Amsterdam Dakar Challenge. I drive a threewheeled Robin Reliant Interceptor. I need to find a petrol station because i have no idea how much petrol is left in the tank. I have no reserve petrol anymore. I dared not to stop at a petrol station in Tetouan and Chefchaouen because i was chased by police. Between Ceuta (Sebta) and Tetouan i passed a speedtrap with app 135 km/h where the speedlimit was 60. I saw a policecar coming after me. (it was a Jeep Wrangler look-a-like. They gave up just before the city of Tetouan. You see some old mercedes W123's coming from the other side. And some nice views with pinetrees and nice mountains. I had to speed up and take ideal lines on the road because i was still about 4 days behind. I was happy that we had put the bigger (1100 cc, 70 hp) engine in the back of the car for better weight distribution. The car has only one front wheel. I could make turns at higher speeds than in an original Ro
11 Apr 2007
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In the Amsterdam Dakar Challenge in 2004 i drove through Mauritania in my Reliant Robin threewheeler. Here is an impression what Mauritania looked like by then. There is no vegetation, only sand. They started asphalting the Highway, but part by part, separated by sand. I heard that the road is ready by now and that there are petrol stations now. I had a guide and we drove from Nouadibou (the Maroccan border) to Nouakchott in one day. This video was in the beginning of the day. Later it got worse and we had to protect the laptop against sand and heat. When we nearly got to Noakchott we ran out of petrol. We bought some but it was not good. We got a tow for the last 60 kilometers. It was a Mitsubishi 4x4 pick up truck with 17 people. I believe it was a human trader, but i was lucky with his help. The cable broke nine times but we got to Noakchott in the evening. And in Noakchott was no petrol either... Still no contact with the world (no gsm network) and no money because the ATM do not accept my cards. I still believed i was behind the others in the Challenge, but they just entered the Mauritanian Sahara. The next day i was able to phone at Union Money transfer and got some money, i went with a taxi to another petrol station to get petrol and at 16.00 h i went of to Senegal....
24 May 2007
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