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facebook****/djkno123 soundcloud****/djkno123 Bookings/contact:djkno123gmail**** No copyright intended. Playlist: 1) Thriftshop 2) One More Night 3) Right There 4) Roll Up 5) This Girl Is On FIre 6) Give Me A Reason Thank you.
17 May 2013
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Dancing is something that 100% of the time makes me happy and lifts my matter WHAT is going on in the world. I heard this song for the first time last week and HAD to come up with some choreo for my class cuz I knew it would be a fun one. I literally just taught this to my Co-Motion peeps 15 minutes before class and we filmed it after they had only done it twice!! Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the filming...I ALWAYS have a blast with you guys and am so thankful for everyone there!! (I do NOT own the rights to this song and this video is meant for entertainment purposes only.)
14 Mar 2013
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Another Thriftshop XL videomash. Went down a storm at Inernational B*stard, Trier, Germany a couple of years ago. Initially created for Glasgow's End of the Month Club night.
24 May 2009
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Another Thriftshop audio Mashup. This time though, the video was made by Thomas McNab - Cheers! Played copiously at Glasgow's End of the Month Club!
26 Mar 2012
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Babies are so expensive, only one place left for dad to shop! Original Thrift Shop Vid (Explicit): ******* Drew's new channel (GO SUB!) ***********/all4chordz Thanks to Macklemore for creating an epic video for THRIFT SHOP Buy The Song: ***********/us/album/thrift-shop-feat.-wanz-single/id556955707 ♥ CALL ME MAYBE PARODY!! ******* ♥ GANGNAM STYLE PARODY!! ******* Thank You to all of the awesome families that filmed with us! Even though you are "professional" Stanford/Harvard grads, you are also extremely funny!! Thank You to the Council Thrift Shop for letting us crazies in Thank You to Connie for making the epic capes Music by Drew (on that broken keyboard, don't ask me how) Music mixed by Brent Morgan ***********/brentmorganmusic FIlmed by Sebastian Lee & Elle Thanks Dad for making your first appearance on WhatsUpELLE! Like Presley's Hair Bow? Learn how to make one!! ***********/watch?v=x2NKev7AtNY Facebook: ***********/whatsupelle Twitter: *******www.twitter****/whatsupelle Instagram: *******instagram****/whatsupelle
11 Mar 2013
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I find it :) For like and for a subscription I would be happy :D ! Macklemore-"Wings"00:01 -5:27 Macklemore-Can't Hold us 5:30-9:58 Macklemore-Irisch celebration 10:00-14:47 Macklemore-ThriftShop Feat. Wanz 14:47-18:30 Macklemore-Make the money 18:30-22:11 Macklemore-Otherside Remix Feat.Fences 22:11-26:59 Macklemore-my oh my 27:00-31:30 Macklemore-And we danced 31:32 -37:29 Macklemore-Same love 37:31 -44:40 (New Pic,starts a new Song!) Macklemore Ryan lewis best off best anytime newest Macklemore live from macklemore test top 10 music hip hop rap bass bostet best rap anytime
21 Apr 2013
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BUY ON iTUNES: ************/us/album/new-radio-hits-2013/id644634899 The Thrift Shop Clean Mix Known for the lines "Twenty Dollars In My Pocket" and "I'm Gonna Pop Some Tags", Thrift shop is the next Gangnam style sensation. See song lyrics (below) THRIFTSHOP (Little Girl) Hey Macklemore can we go Thrift Shopping? (Macklemore) Wha (x32) (Wanzz) Im gunna pop some tags Only got 20$ in my pocket I-i-im hunttin lookin for a Come up This is fucking awesome (Macklemore) Walk into the club like what up, I got a big cock Nah I'm just pumped, I bought some shit from the thrift shop. The ice on the fringe is so damn frosty The people like, "damn that's a cold-ass honkey!" Rollin in hella-deep headed to the mezanine Dressed in all pink cept' my gator shoes those are green draped in a leopard mink girls standin' next to me Probably shoulda washed this-- smells like R. Kelly's sheets-- pissssssssssssss!... But shit! It was 99 cents! If i get caught in it washin' it Bout to go and get some compliments Passin' off in those moccasins Someone else has been walkin' in But me and grungie fuck em in I am stuntin' and flossin' n Savin my money and im hella happy that's a bargain bitch Ima take it grandpa style Ima take your grandpa's style No for real, ask your grandpa-- "Can I have his hand-me-downs?" (Thank You) Velour jump suit and some house slippers Dookie brown leather jacket that I found (Diggin') Had a broken keyboard? I bought a broken keyboard I bought a ski blanket then I bought a knee-board Hello hello my ace man my mello John Wayne aint got nothin on my fringe game (Hello) I can take some pro wings make em cool sell those The sneakerheads'll be like, "Ahhh, he got the velcros" (Wanz)(x2) Im gunna pop some tags Only got 20$ in my pocket I-i-im hunttin lookin for a Come up This is fucking awesome (Macklemore) Whatcha know bout rockin' the wolf on your noggin Whatcha knowin about wearin a fur fox skin Im diggin Im diggin im searchin right through that luggage One mans trash thats another mans come up Thank your granddad for donating that plaid button up shirt cause right now I'm up in her stuntin' Im at the Goodwill you can find me in the Im not im not im not searchin in that section Your Grammy, your auntie, your momma, your mammy Ill take those flannel zebra jammies secondhand i rock that mothafucka The built-in onesie with the socks on the mothafucka I hit the party and they stop in that mothafucka They be like oh! that Gucci, that's hella tight. I'm like Yo! thats 50$ for a t-shirt Limited edition lets do some simple addition 50$ for a t-shirt that's just some ignorant bitch shit! I call that getting swindled and pimped (Shit) I call that getting tricked by a business That shirt's hella dope And that be the same one that 6 other people in this club... is a hella don't Peep game come take a look through my telescope Tryna get girls from a brand and you hella won't Man, you hella wont (Little Girl) Goodwill! Poppin Tags! Yeah-ha-ha! (Wanz) Im gunna pop some tags Only got 20$ in my pocket I-i-im hunttin lookin for a Come up This is fucking awesome I'll wear your granddads clothes I look incredible I'm in this big ass coat from that thrift shop down the road I'm gunna pop some tags Only got 20$ in my pocket I-i-im hunttin lookin for a Come up This is fucking awesome (Little Girl) Is that your grandmas coat?
27 May 2013
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