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Rasheed Wallace throws his jersey out of frustration and ended up hitting the guy behind him.
1 Jun 2007
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WARNING: Language - Some kid kid throws something at rapper Akon while he is on stage. Akon has his body guards bring the kid to the stage then he throws him into the crowd!
23 Jun 2007
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America's #1 college magician Brian Brushwood chronicles life on the road in his weekly "Brian Brushwood on the road" vlogs and podcasts. In episode 2, you'll learn about card throwing, bacon, sleep deprivation, and why skymall catalogs are hilarious. To catch the latest BBOTR episodes, visit www.bbotr****
2 Jul 2007
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Heres a special way to throw a card... i threw it all the way across my street!!
17 Jul 2007
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Po Boy's Version of Rich Boy's-"Throw Some D's". Animated By WhiteWood Entertainment. ENJOY!
28 Jul 2007
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This is part 2 of the sambucus nigra syrup making vids, apart from that this is also a stand alone vid of barechested(lol) me throwing a knife on a dead(!) tree, while havin a beer. The throws i am practicing are not just knife throws, but i am trying out spinless knife throwing. It is a kind of special martial technique, where you try not to spin the knife. This way you can be more precise, get better and more accurate (sticking !!) hits. As you can see, it aint that difficult at all. Spinless throwing usually requires more 'body movement' put to it. I compared it to the effect of a karate kick (waki-...whatever) where u need to put ur hip behind it in the movement to generate extra momentum, and thus kick u'r opponent waay harder than without using the extra momentum of ur hip. Since i expect alot of shit about responsibility issues mainly regarding the beer+knife thing let me clarify some things: -I have a first aid kit with me, sufficient to treat knife injuries. -I am less than 1 km from civilisation. -I know this place like the back of my hand. -I have a cell with me. -I have a PSK(Personal Survival Kit) with me. -The tree is DEAD. -I am belgian, i grew up on beer. -Yes, i will lose weight, the beer helps with that :D -whatever -lol
15 Aug 2007
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Be careful when you throw
22 Aug 2007
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Throw A girl with water
26 Aug 2007
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Owner of property lets his dog crap on his lawn. He has a plastic sandwich bag on his hand. He picks up dog crap and walks to fence, then throws the feces onto neighbor's lawn
6 Sep 2007
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Ten Quarters Ten Glasses 1 Throw
6 Sep 2007
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This guy and all those around him think hes making a funny video by pretending the kid he's throwing up in the air gets stuck in the ceiling or something... The thing is, its just NOT funny though. --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
11 Sep 2007
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How better to throw ball to the basket? ha-ha
20 Sep 2007
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Circus family shows off knife throwing skills. Check Out More Free Videos, Pics, Audio, Text & Games at www***nsumptionjunction**** or at our myspace account www.myspace****/consumptionjunction
1 Oct 2007
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Dog owner picks up his little doggie's crap, throws it. It sticks to fence separating properties. He walks to fence and hefts it onto neighbor's lawn. then goes back and throws more dog feces across fence onto same property. LOCATION: Virginia Beach
2 Oct 2007
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Donnie on a nice day, throwing knives at a tree in the park by his house and chatting =)
2 Oct 2007
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Danny Bonaduce Throws Johnny Fairplay on his Stupid Face I didn't even know who Johnny Fairplay was before this, and I already hate him. Please, throw him on his face again. Or better yet, have this lady beat his ass.
4 Oct 2007
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