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Amazing what you can do with a kitchen knife. There were 30 knives all placed one by one. What a ------ nightmare! Nobody was hurt in the filming of this?????
17 Mar 2017
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One of my many Sketch Books Set to the music of The Original Krista D Song Clearly from the Album Janes World Just do a Search for Krista D, janes world on Spotify cdbaby bandcamp or sonicbids or see her other music and art work here kristaacheson dot com theoriginalkristad dot com please enjoy
26 Mar 2017
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he he heee yep baby greed can do it. Mine chokin baby greed neck he will simply backfire on your mind and take control of your body. He lift you into the sky and throw you a way. So fast a way. In to the sky.
14 Mar 2017
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Skin Care Review, Skin Care At Home, Anti Aging Foods, Organic Skin Care, Skin Care Products. 3 Diet Secrets To Creating Younger Skin From the Inside Out If you watch the beauty and anti-aging ads on TV and read them in your favorite women’s magazines, the cosmetic industry would have you believe that beautiful skin is a result of slathering very expensive creams or serums on your face. But here’s something that may surprise you… True beauty doesn’t come out of a bottle. You won’t get the results you’re hoping for simply by putting something on the surface of your skin. That’s because the single best way to get beautiful skin is to nourish it from the inside out. When you give your body the right amount of nutrients and antioxidants, it can effectively combat and destroy the damaging free radicals in your system, and then your body can start working immediately to repair and revitalize your skin. The right nutrients also give your body what it needs to bring your hormones into balance so you can achieve that beautiful, healthy glow. So how do you give your body what it needs? You can start by following these three tips… #1: Get rid of overly processed foods. You ever hear the saying, “garbage in, garbage out”? That very much applies to your skin. When you eat sugar and processed junk foods, it throws your hormones out of whack and doesn’t give your body what it needs to nourish your skin. To avoid this negative effect, you’ll want to focus on eating “close to nature.”
23 Mar 2017
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Gift Rush 2 is a lovely physics-based puzzle game in which you help a spider to impress his beloved one with a box full of flies. In each stage you must find a way to get your target into the gift box, hurry up and throw your spider silk to platform to swing forward.
27 Mar 2017
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This is the most amazing throw I've ever seen. Through the whole court. Amazing.
10 May 2006
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Guy throws a plane and it comes back like a boomerang.
4 May 2006
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One guy throw cat poop at his Sister and they both laughing.... different people different hobbies....
18 Jun 2006
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Jordan Free Throw with his eyes closed.
30 Aug 2006
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Ever wanted to learn the correct way to throw a curve ball? This show by Marc McDonnell, lead instructor from AllStar Dugout, shows how to do it. Find more expert training on a wealth of topics at
6 Dec 2006
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Pitcher throws a strike, just not over the plate.
22 Nov 2006
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When you Throw Your Dog As A Bowling Ball, he will come back automatically,just funny looking!
7 Dec 2006
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a flip throw- a flip throw used in soccer/futbol is when a player does a front handspring with the ball and then launches the ball as much as 40-50 yards. A flip throw can be used as a cross in a game and are sometimes even better than a cross with a foot
30 Dec 2006
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Learn how to throw a card very far in minutes. MUst watch
14 Jan 2007
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How they manage to throw the guy until he reach to catch the leaf.......
15 Jan 2007
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How to throw an ordinary playing card
24 Jan 2007
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