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This is it.. I'll call my love Melinda That's what I'm going for If rap pays Melinda Then that's what I'm flowing for If I'm falling for her Man I'm lovin autumn All these nice things I'm Batman cuz I got them ballin in the studio Looking like Rubio Might take you to Rubios She's not a groupie though When rolling up the doobie She's rolling with blue jeans on Drivin a new Nissan Don't worry if it kicks Vikings got a new season Thinks I'm playing tricks Thats never the true reason I want you to believe in me I trust she wont cheat on me Her thrusting is teasing me But if I bust she's leaving me So I keep it it together If she'll sleep here forever Ill treat her like the NBA And I'll be Craig Saiger With you through it all I got every spot I'll pick up every call Win or lose a tight spot What we got Do you paint the picture Should I be more clear I love that soft whisper When the smoke clears My girl grips me She knows the point My girls a hippy And blows my joint Pass the joint in rotation Why am I so patient Treat me with the medicine Don't treat me like a patient I live in my own place I got my own rules You can't fix my pain With your home tools Don't even try to lie with me If you talking bout privacy You've seen every side of me I do more than get high with these Homies that I started with Slow down don't start your shit I promise not to start my shit There's nothing left to argue with It is just to hard to split One night stay another I promise not to start this shit She says I'm too obsessed With trying to be the best If we stopped having sex What would happen next Wow she stumped me You're denying I'm hungry But I'm loaded with money We can't talk birds and bees If you take my honey Cuz now I'm a carpenter I'm stronger I've been starving here But if I work I'm promised To get my living honest Let the song hit
29 Aug 2017
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look me how to thrust her
6 May 2008
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First and foremost, credit for this video goes to T2J ( the2jakes ) I found this lurking on Google Video and thought I'd bring it here seeing as there seems to be a high level of interest for all things Thrust SSC related.......and a far higher user-base.
12 Jun 2008
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How to thrust an egg in a bottle
3 Aug 2008
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*******www.epicfireworks****/ The 25 shot Dr. Thrust from epic fireworks. Full of colourful stars and crackles. This barrage is fast firing and very very loud - Go to epic fireworks for the largest range of fireworks in the UK - and all fireworks less than half price. Open 7 days - buy online
30 Jul 2009
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This idiot decides it would be a good idea to film himself doing squat thrusts, gets stuck, and screams for his mom to help him.
27 Oct 2008
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Absolutely amazing aerobatic maneuvers thanks to 3D Thrust Vector Control and fully functional canards - see how everything works at the end of the clip.
29 May 2009
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"Kundalini: The Thrusting Vessel in Chinese Medicine" Answered by Tao Semko of KundaliniAwakeningProcess****. Dr. Glenn J. Morris's Improved Kundalini Awakening Process Tao Semko's website: *******TaoSemko****
24 Aug 2011
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✚ ******* ▶ Click Here to Watch "CALL OF DUTY INFINITE WARFARE NUKETOWN TEASER! - By Mako Gaming!" ✚ DIRECTOR: Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Commentary By Mako Gaming! ▶ CHANNEL: ******* ✚ ABOUT THIS VIDEO: ▶ Mako Gaming Discusses The Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (#CallofDuty #InfiniteWarfare #COD2016) Reveal Trailer That Shows Some Sort Of Thrust/Boost Jumping In The Campaign, Flying Spaceships Plus Another Planet? What Do You Think? ▶ INTRO MUSIC: Artist: UnderwaterBeats Song: Formless License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Source: ************/watch?v=wgfQBtkMZxg ▶ BACKGROUND MUSIC: Instrumental produced by Chuki: ***********/user/CHUKImusic ▼ THEDIRECTORSOFGAMING LINKS: BECOME A DIRECTOR ▶ ******* WEBSITE ▶ ******* YOUTUBE CHANNEL ▶ ******* YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE ▶ ******* GOOGLE+ PAGE ▶ ******* DAILYMOTION CHANNEL ▶ ******* ZIPPCAST CHANNEL ▶ ******* PLAYER.ME ACCOUNT ▶ *******
22 May 2016
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follow the instructions in the video and see what happens.
4 Sep 2007
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Tail view of 750+ mph run at Black Rock Desert in 1997 - very intense! First vehicle ever to go supersonic!
4 Jun 2008
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My Scratch built F-15 ACTIVE twin 55mm EDF
5 Jul 2009
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19 May 2010
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this is a tutorial video that shows how to build a water and preassure thrusted rocket. It's very simple to fallow, and uses materials that you can found in your house. If you have any inconvenient you can ask me. I'll be pleased to help you with clear instructions. Retihc^^.
7 Oct 2007
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(Rinse and Repeat on the other side) The Scorpion Thrust (a variation of the one-legged squat thrust) will work your lower back, fry your quads, hamstrings and of course your glutes. Tips - (1) As you kick your legs back pause briefly and squeeze the glute of the leg in the air. *NB* Please consult a doctor before starting any new exercise programme.
17 Jul 2008
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Step by Step instructions explaining how to perform Lying Leg Thrusts, a great exercise to include in your workouts for developing firm abs.
22 May 2008
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