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I've had a few folks ask me how I can tell who's done this, so I thought I'd do a video demo to craft it out -
15 Apr 2008
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Is this fake? You guys decide... it's horrible and painful too...
11 Oct 2008
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Collective wisdom at your fingertips Free popSiren Daily and Weekly Video Podcast on iTunes: ******* Revision3 Facebook Fan Page: ******* For more visit: *******revision3****/popSiren
3 Oct 2008
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This is a video of N Fuego, Itsy Bitsy, and Evil Ira. Visit www.twfworld****
21 Dec 2008
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27 Jul 2010
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Another creative one from Virgin Mobile
17 Sep 2009
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legion of rock stars
7 Nov 2009
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Scott won the 8GB Sandisk Drive for $0.07 at BidsTick****
10 May 2010
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In which I humbly request forgiveness. Go easy on me. Thanks for subscribing! ThinkGeek, FREE SHIPPING! *******www.thinkgeek****/ Please leave comments and feedback. If you enjoyed it, push the like button! Today's Uncyclopedia: I saw her picking radishes by the riverside, I knew she was the one for me. For weeks I watched her from my vantage point, concealed in the rushes with my hand around the firm upright reed before me. It wasn't long before I had deduced that she lived alone; she never came here with another, to this place that was clearly as special to her as it was to me, where even her garlic scent was intoxicating. She didn't have much upper body strength, either, judging by the way she tugged at those thick, stiff carrots. And her lips... Her lips were as red as the onions that grow down the river all bloody and wild. I had to have her, and her radishes. There were tales of her around these parts. All the local taverns sold such stories with free mug of ale for any travelling menfolk that were interested. The kind of bars that'd only serve you a drink to break the tension that filled the room when you first entered, in metal jugs covered in the fingerprints of the person who'd last drank from it.
29 Nov 2011
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Traído a usted por The Queens Fansub: *******foro.21st-floor****/ Traducción al inglés: Royal Ace Subs ygladies**** - *******www.ygsecret21****/forums - *******www.ygladies****/forums Traducciones al Español: Nelebana Tiempo: Nelebana Typesetting: Nelebana QC & Encoding: Nelebana Este vídeo tiene todos los derechos reservados a sus legitimos dueños. Lo subtítulos los han realizado fans para fans, sin obtener ningún tipo de beneficio económico This video has all Rights reserved to their rightful owners. The subtitles have been made fans for the fans, not receiving any economic benefit
11 May 2012
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Pictures i made from Steamtrains
9 Jan 2013
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A scuba diver is feeding Giant Mora Eels near Phuket Thailand when one of the Eels mistakes his thumb for a sausage and bites it clear off. Later he had an operation to graft one of his big toes onto his hand. It looks weird but apparently works pretty well.
26 May 2007
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The man in the video shown cutting off his thumb responds to people who claim he is a fake.
30 May 2007
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This is the way I Thumb Draw.
12 Jul 2007
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Dude Ranch. Devils Thumb Dude Ranch, Colorado.Dude Ranch Travel Video Review. This is Kaleel Sakakeeny with your Travel Video Review Devils Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, Colorado is 800 acres of meadows, streams, hiking paths surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains But Devils Thumb is not really a Dude Ranch. It is more of a Ranch Resort or say a Ranch Vacation spot Accommodations at Devils Thumb are deluxe fully equipped log cabins with fireplaces and great mattresses And yes, wranglers Garth and Debs take beginners and experts out for long, happy trail rides. Big horses pull wagons full of guests, even the four legged ones. And at the end of the day, the ranch welcomes it s riders, hikers or the fly casting fisher people with a terrific wine cellar and a world class cuisine. For would be western types who end up with sore muscles or those wanting some pampering, Devils Thumb has a good spa with some basic but very satisfying massages and therapies. Devils Thumb is for those who like their cowboy or cowgirl experiences, but in rather luxury oriented doses Watch our other Travel Video Reviews and PostCards
15 Aug 2007
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How to Disable Thumbs.db file a simple tutorial rate this video if this was helpful to you !
5 Sep 2007
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