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The clip children are found from Thunderbirds (2004) with Soren Fulton Someone's there. Come on. Aaargh! Aaaargh! Run, run! No, jump. We can get through to the silos. Apparently, the island is not as secure as you thought. Children! Did you find any children? Here they are. Thunderbird 2 silo, in the loading arm. Seal them in. Hold on! The doors! You guys, let's go! Go! Go! This way. No! They've got us trapped. What now? If we can get to the Thunderbird 1 silo, we can escape through the service tunnel. But we need a plan, Alan. I'll use the Thunderizer on the door. 'Elevator, active. ' Get the goons with the Firefly! Alan! It's only to be used in an emergency. I guess this qualifies. Yeah.
22 Nov 2011
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