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tarian tari Tualang Tiga ditarikan oleh golongan remaja perawan untuk dipersembah di hadapan perwira-perwira kampung pisang di Tualang Tiga sebagai dorongan semangat untuk pergi berjuang di medan perang menentang keganasan orang minyak..Wachaaa..!eya,eya,eeeiii...
9 May 2007
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Cool Ultraman Tiga Playstation 2 fighting game in action & storyline.. nice edit/made video. Music by V6. Song title: 'Take Me Higher'. i hope you all enjoy it ok.. ;) Thanks..
7 Oct 2007
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Song-Madu Tiga Fr film-Madu Tiga Sung by-P.Ramlee
26 Oct 2008
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Lagu Tiga Kupang OA: A. Romzi
1 Mar 2009
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Lagu yang Madu Tiga ciptaan P Ramlee dinyanyikan semula oleh Ahmad Dhani Dewa 19 dari Indonesia.Semoga Terhibur...Jgn lupa bagi rating ya...
19 Jun 2009
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24 Dec 2009
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my friend remove aircond unit from train...
7 Mar 2007
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(Empty description)
16 Apr 2008
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Lagu nyanyian semula oleh Fiq.Tentang kecurangan seorang kekasih yang akhirnya membuahkan penyesalan tidak terhingga....
29 Dec 2008
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1 May 2011
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Playstation Network Game Pain Could Feature Sliding Rate Scale For Dynamic In-Game Advertising Placement; HSN Shop By Remote Platform Converts Viewers To Buyers; Studio Tiga Shows Off Wares With Free Santa’s Showdown Game; Domain Thieves Move Fast.
17 Dec 2007
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3 Sep 2008
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'''►► - ''' see also this home made hexabot robot who cutting 3d face A product made in mituba variable field magnet motor Solar Car ashiya tiga
25 Nov 2008
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Malaysia(Malay) Classic Malay Film 'Madu Tiga'
26 Oct 2008
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cast: botchie, tarok, idol pawikan, idol rizal, elias, alfonso, bunog, tatskie, kirat, brad, john prats, clyde, pluto, rasi, tiga, dyosa ai2x, sica, ate tinai, kk, winz'k............pooch
28 Oct 2008
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cast: botchie,radz, billy, jason, tarok, idol pawikan, idol rizal, elias, alfonso, bunog, tatskie, kirat, brad, john prats, clyde, pluto, rasi, tiga, dyosa ai2x, sica, ate tinai, kk, winz'k............pooch
28 Oct 2008
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